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OneAfricanChild #Backtoschool Project

OneAfricanChild (OAC) is a NGO that helps children all over Africa. Over the past year,they have reached out to over 2000 children across Nigeria and many more in 7 other African countries. Their mission is to empower young leaders to be independent and active contributors in the community they belong by providing the necessary resources they’ll need to achieve this goal. Their vision is to showcase the beauty of the African heritage through their activities. The #BackToSchool Project is to achieve this vision..They plan to use this as a means to empowers our future leaders who go to schools without books,who are willing to learn but don’t have the means to, these kids are our future leaders and this is to give them a brighter future.. They can’t do it alone….if you are willing to lend a hand just view and fill the link below,its simple and easy. Here is the link to donate and share with your contacts:

Thank you.

Mikel Obi & Olga Engaged: Nigerian Footballer Proposed To Russian Girlfriend Olga Diyachenko

Nigerian footballer Mikel Obi has taken his romance with the daughter of a Russian millionaire, Olga to another level.
He has pushed aside his family’s decision and has popped the question of a lifetime to Olga Diyachenko.
This was made known by Olga on IG few hours ago.
His papa and mama at home are heartbroken over his decision to marry an Oyinbo lady but Mikel Obi seems too determined not to let Olga go. Love is powerful!!.

Congrats to them.

Pictures coming soon

Kim Kardashian Battles Infertility Problem, Doctors Say She Can’t Get Pregnant Again

As the time of this report, controversial TV star and the wife of rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is a very sad woman.
According to TMZ, Kim K and Kanye have been trying to have another baby since April but all the fertility treatment they did failed.
Fertility doctors in the US reportedly told her having another baby may be impossible because her first child, North West is a miracle baby.
Recall that she told fans she was pregnant few months ago but she has lost the baby.
Before meeting Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has dated so many men in her short lifetime.

Ekiti State Teachers Cursed Fayose For Giving Them Tiny Christmas Chickens

It was an interesting sight yesterday as primary and secondary school teachers from all over Ekiti State converged on Agric Olope area of Ado-Ekiti to collect the chickens that Governor Ayodele Fayose promised them for Christmas.
As early as 9am, teachers had started to throng the distribution venue to collect their chickens. When Governor Fayose arrived with a deluge of security aides in his traditional short-sleeve T-shirt, he threw victory punch to the air with the supporters he brought in buses responding with shouts of Oshoko.
The whole stretch of Agric Olope of
Ajilosun was jam-packed with the vehicles of the teachers that came from all over the state. The other end of Agric Olope by Matthew Street was a no-go area as teachers, who parked their cars far away from the distribution venue, trekked long
By noon, the picture of what would emerge at the end of the day had started to take shape as teachers went home with pigeon-size chickens cursing the governor in unprintable words. Some left in annoyance shouting “Sai Buhari, Sai Buhari”.
When the governor saw the anger of the teachers as they shoved and shoved in an uncontrollable scramble to collect their chickens, he offered to decentralize the distribution, but the teachers had already lost their patience, as they left in anger.
One teacher from Omuo-Ekiti lamented that he had spent about N800 to travel to Ado-Ekiti to collect a chicken that sells for less than N1000. One of the friends of a teacher who parked his car about 400 metres away from the venue with a green Nissan Primera lamented ever wasting his time “for this nonsense”. The man was more angry as the car of his friend broke down with bad brake cable where they parked. As at 6:30pm, mechanics were still battling to bring the car to life.
Surrounded by four other teachers, one of them said that he knew the whole exercise would be a fluke immediately he learnt that teachers in both primary and secondary schools were lumped together for the exercise.
“I know it is going to be like this. More than half of the teachers won’t get the fowls. Elomirin a kari so dele loni leyin ugba kaan ba ruun kankan gba leyin kaan duro titi titi ninu orirun (some people will go dejected back home empty-handed after waiting long hours in the sun).
As teachers moved enmasse in anger from the place, the governor pleaded that they should come back, promising that he would add N2 million to be shared among the teachers. This angered the teachers the more, as they started shouting:”How much will one teacher get if N2m is shared among more than 18,000 teachers in both primary and secondary schools?”
As The Trumpeter tried to take the
photographs of the teachers as they were leaving in anger, some covered their faces to avoid being photographed.
To everybody’s chagrin, Fayose on his way to the office abruptly stopped at Matthew street junction along Ajilsun and sat at a phone vendor booth making phone calls while traffic built up heavily along the road.

[Reported By The Trumpeter]

“Desmond Elliott Is A Sierra Leonean Not Yoruba Nigerian” – Fan Accuses Nollywood Actor Of Lying For Political Ambition

Desmond Elliot is of the Oku tribe of
Sierra Leone, he is not a Nigerian and that’s the reason the name Olusola suddenly surfaced from nowhere and started claiming to be Yoruba. The Oku tribes are the remnant of Yoruba migrants of Sierra Leone who today have reintegrated with the Sierra Leonean society and don’t regard themselves as Nigerians but accept they had their roots from Nigeria.
Today, most of them bare Yoruba names like Akilapa, Tokunbo, Bola Mosunro, (of BBC) Mopelola etc. but are not Nigerians. Lagos happens to be a hotbed of all sort of people who easily claim to be what they are
not. Desmond Elliot knows this and has exploited it to the maximum.
He cannot get away with such a deception in upland Yoruba State’s towns and villages because, there; everybody knows everyone’s roots and family leaniage, starts from family compound name, to grand parentage
names and the local family names of parents and where the origin of family names and how they came to be known by such names, how they came to be residents of the towns and villages they reside.
Desmond Elliot has been allowed to get away with lies without being properly grilled and verified of his true citizenship of Nigeria.
Claiming to be Nigerian should just not to be enough especially when one begins to nurse a political ambition like Desmond Elliot is doing otherwise, someday Nigerians will find a foreigner ruling Nigeria like it happened in Peru, where an unverified Japanese politician, Fuji Muri rose from nowhere to become president of Peru, he was only discovered after ruling Peru with iron fists for decades and was
later indicted and charged for criminal offences while in exile.
Worst still, anyone can get a Nigerian passport if they have money.. Na wao.

[Written by Koleosho in response to Desmond Elliot promotional pictures]

Charly Boy’s Virgins, Angels Dt Talk To The Dead Are His Wife’s Sales Girls In Abuja

When I read the latest interview Zizi and Zaza, the alleged virgin angels of Abuja area fada Charles Oputa granted to Tribune, I LOL.
These University Undergraduates have
suddenly turned into underworld agent for Charly, the show Boy.

A source told us exclusively few months ago that the ladies are Charly
Boy’s wife, Diana Oputa’s sales girls in Abuja.
So how did they become his virgin angels…
Chei! Oga Charly lie lie no good o.

Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from a recent interview the ladies had with Tribune:

They call you the Virgin Angels, who exactly are you two?
We help Charly Boy communicate with the other world.

What other world?
The world where his father has gone to. We help to get in touch and communicate anytime he feels like talking to his father. This is a place where not every one can get to except people like us.

People like you? You mean virgins

Yes, only the pure and the unsoiled.

They call you Zaza, where is Zaza

Yes, I am called Zaza and I am from
everywhere. Some of us come from the sky, some of us come from the air even from the water.

Will it be right to call you Fairies?
You can call us anything you want. The most important thing is that we know who we are and we do our work when we are needed.

You said you communicated with Charly Boy’s late father, what’s the mode of your communication?
We communicate spiritually. We also
communicate by trans. We help him connect emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

How long have you girls been around?
It has been long.

How did the two of you meet?
You know that sometimes, two powers attract each other and they find a common ground where they would meet. It is not about what I see in my partner or what she sees in me,
it is about what we see in Charly Boy.

So, what’s the special attraction to Charly Boy?
He’s special. He’s wonderful. He’s in touch with spiritual side that we don’t see often. I think that was what brought us to him.

How did you meet Charly Boy?
We found each other physically.

Where would you like it to be?

You should tell me since you know
where you met him. I was not there.

We just found each other. Location does not matter as long as we are here and we are doing our work. Don’t let’s spend much time on that because we won’t get anywhere with that.

After seeing Charly Boy, who else have you found?
Charly Boy is the first of his kind. We have not found another person like him.
When we get, we will let you know.
You seem to be curious and you really want to know more about us. Don’t worry, you will be notified when we find another pure soul like that of Charly.

How do you want to reach me if you
find it, apparently I don’t have a
pure heart like Charly Boy, do I?

We will find you. Don’t worry. Whether your heart is pure or not, we will get back to you.

Do you have human feelings? I mean you are human, aren’t you?
How are you sure we are humans?Take a look at us again, do we look human to you? If we look it, then your guess is good as ours.
But then, let’s say we are what we are.

You said you are virgins, how did you discover that and who actually carried out the test to confirm your

Our virginity is an ideology. It is not the physical virginity that we are talking about. We are untouched physically, mentally and spiritually because like she said, we are medium to communicate with people outside this world, like we are currently doing for Charly. He went through
a sad period in his life and we had come around to help him get over that period.

What other things do you do for Charly aside communicating with his father?
We comfort him and heal him in our own way.
Not physically. We are always there for him as much as we can.

How long will your healing take and what part of his body are you healing.
We will heal him as long as it takes.
Healing does not have a time frame. It is a gradual process. Talking about what part of his body we are healing, we won’t want to disclose that to you.

You are young virgins and beautiful, after this process, do you plan to get married?
If we find someone worthy of us, we will get married.

I learnt you guys are still in the
University, what could you possibly be doing in school if you possess the
power you claim to have?

Yes, I am studying Library and Information Science but that does not stop me from assisting Charly whenever he needs me. We try as much as possible to work round things so that we won’t have to worry about
this or that. Zaza, my partner is studying Law. Charly tells us what he needs and we do what we need to do. Hopefully, I will be called to the bar next year and I also hope to sue people for fun. It will be interesting.

Why do people like you need to be
educated, do spirits go to school?

A part of us needs law and documentation.
There are laws every where even if you can’t see them. I mean law exists in everything we do. Even the Bible and Holy Quran are books of laws. So, we need law to co-exist peacefully.

After all this is over, what is your next journey going be like that?
Like I said, we don’t know for now where we are heading to but we are surely going to a new place for another mission after the completion of work with Charly. We are happy to have been part of history in Imo
State, Owerri when Charly Boy buried his father.

You witnessed when his father’s
remains were lowered into the grave,
what do you make out of that; do you
believe that something like that would happen to you one day?

Death is inevitable. We all must die. How we die or when we die does not matter in this matter. What matters is where you go after you pass on.

So, where do you go after you are no more?
Let’s wait till we die. We can’t tell you where we are going to now when are still here.

What exactly do you people believe in?
We believe in peace. We believe in
happiness. Follow your plans. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled.

hehehehe wonders never cease in this
country o

“The Pro & Cons Of Marrying An Handsome Nigerian Man” – 80- Year-Old Grandma Speaks

Pictured above is 80-year-old Naija
Grandmother, Mrs Sarah Adeyinka who was born in Ifo LGA of Abeokuta back in 1934.
In a recent chat with Motunrayo Joel, the grandma narrated the joy and struggles in her marital journey.

Read the interview excerpt below:

When did you get married?
I got married at a young age. I was 20 years old when I got married. That should be around 1954 but I can’t really remember the exact date. Back then, once one had found a potential partner or spouse, there was no need wasting time. I didn’t see myself as being too young to marry. I loved my husband and he loved me too. There was no need pretending otherwise to ourselves.

How did you meet?
I met him through my brother; he was my brother’s friend. The day he saw me he just liked me and he told my brother that he wanted to marry me. He was based in Lagos while I was based in Ogun State, but we used to visit ourselves regularly. If he wasn’t coming over to see me, I was the one travelling to see him. We courted for two years before getting married.

What qualities attracted him to you?
He was charming and good looking. I
liked his physique . So many men had
approached me, seeking my hand in marriage but I wasn’t attracted to them. My husband caught my attention the first day I saw him. Till today, I love him; my love for him hasn’t changed. I still remember our wedding day, it was a beautiful day; we danced until we had no more strength left in us. We were so happy and I can never forget that day.

What challenges have you faced in your marriage?
I have a sweet marriage and I still love my husband till today. The only issue I have is his weakness for women. He ended up marrying three more wives after me. When I realised that I couldn’t handle his having
other women in the house, I moved out to be on my own. I’m someone that doesn’t like stress; I prefer staying on my own so I can enjoy peace.

How many children do you have?
I have seven children. Some are based in Lagos and others in Ogun State. They are all doing well for themselves.

Are you still married to your husband?
Yes, we are still husband and wife but we live separately. I live in my house here in Lagos while he lives in his house in Sagamu, Ogun State with his younger wife.
He came for my 80th birthday. We rekindled our love for each other that day.

How do you mean when you said
rekindled your love for each other?

I mean we re-read our marriage vows.

How was it like?
I was happy. We danced together just like the day we got married

How did you support your husband in raising your children?
I supported him with the money I made from my business. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. I’m happy that all my children have a means of income and are doing well for themselves.

What is your view on men marrying more than one wife?
It is not something every woman wishes for;
I accepted it as my fate. My father also had more than one wife, so I see it as a weakness that is common among men.

What is your advice to young couples?
Life is about patience, there is no reason to rush into marriage. Young women should make sure they go into marriage with their two eyes open. They should also pray very well and listen to their parents’ advice.

(Source: Naijagists)

SCOAN Deaths: Court Trial For TB Joshua’s Church Tragedy Begins Oct 13

The Lagos State Government says the coroner it inaugurated to probe the circumstances surrounding the collapse of the six-storey building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All of Nations will commence sitting on October 13. Below is excerpt from the statement released by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice on Friday Oct 3.

“The coroner, to be headed by Magistrate O.A. Komolafe, is set up to determine the cause of the September 12, 2014 SCOAN building collapse that claimed no fewer
than 115 lives.
On the coroner’s witness list are the Lagos State Building Control Agency, the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, the Lagos State Ministry of Works, the Surveyor-General of the state, the SCOAN building contractors, the
Standard Organisation of Nigeria and the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism.
To testify are the National Emergency
Management Agency, the Lagos State
Emergency Management Agency, the Nigerian Red Cross Society, the Lagos State Fire Service and the Lagos State Transport Management Authority.
Others are the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, the Chief Medical Director of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, the
Chief Medical Examiner of the state and officials of the Emergency Centre of the Igando General Hospital, Lagos State.
Various print and electronic media houses such as The PUNCH, The Nation, Daily Independent, The Vanguard, P.M. News, the News Agency of Nigeria, Channels Television and Television Continental are also expected to testify before the coroner of
The General Overseer and founder of SCOAN, Pastor T. B. Joshua, families of the victims, an eyewitness, Lindiw Ndwande and the chairman of the Youth League’s International Relation Committee of South Africa, Mr. Rebone Tau, have also been listed as witnesses.
“Other members of the public who may have any information useful to the coroner and wish to give evidence or tender any material that will assist the court in its findings are also enjoined to indicate their interest by contacting the registrar at the Coroner’s Court, High Court premises, Ikeja, Lagos State between the hours of 8am and 4pm daily,” the statement

[Source: Punch NG]

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Kim K Didn’t Forget Her Baby Daughter North West At The Hotel, Kanye West’s Wife Speaks

Yesterday, a fan sent us photos of a story that hit the web like wildfire yesterday that Kim Kardashian forgot her daughter at the hotel during a recent trip to Paris France.
We didn’t put it up because it hasn’t been verified.
The false report claimed that Kim K instead went to her car to pose for Paparazzi
The mother of one took to Twitter few hours ago to debunk the reports.

In the message, Kim K said she only went to the car to ensure that the car seat was properly installed.

In her own words:

“Hear on the radio today some story I
forgot my daughter at our hotel as I’m leaving for the airport. Are you kidding me??? LOL
I went to the car to make sure the car seat was in because the day before we had a car seat issue.
Do u guys really think a 1 year old would be inside the lobby by herself! Oh wait she was waiting to check out lol” – Kim K laughed off the report via her Twitter handle @kimkardashian

No sane mother will ever leave her daughter alone in the hotel, fake stories travel faster than the speed of light.

Photo: Identity Of Liberian Diagnosed With Ebola In Dallas Texas Revealed

Meet Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who unknowingly imported Ebola Virus into the United States of America less than two weeks ago.
On August 20, Duncan traveled to Ebola-torn Liberia to visit his family members.
In Liberia, he had contact with several Ebola patients including an infected pregnant woman whom he helped to carry to the hospital 3 days before he boarded a flight back into the US.
The pregnant woman identified as Marthalene Williams,19, was his girlfriend back home.
She was eventually turned away from the overcrowded hospital but Duncan cared for her until her death.
The landlord of the infected woman and those who came in contact with her died of the virus.
When Duncan headed back to his base in Texas, he showed no symptoms of the virus.
He surrendered himself at the hospital when he started feeling sick but he was given antibiotics and sent home.
Eric Duncan then spent another 4 days at home getting sicker and sicker. He
reportedly came in contact with his
girlfriend’s children and friends.
He returned to the hospital when his
condition became life threatening and was finally diagnosed with the killer disease.
His contacts have been isolated for public safety.
Eric Duncan has been listed in serious but stable condition at the Ebola Isolation ward of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Confusion: False Prophet TB Joshua Says He Prophesied SCOAN Church Bldg Collapse

Controversial Prophet TB Joshua in a recent FB post said he prophesied the disaster that befell his church recently during a sermon and only those in the spirit will catch it.
He also warned those exposing his secrets to be careful of dangers that will befall them soon. **empty threats**

Read what he said on his official FB page:

“For those who are outside the Lord, they would not know. When you are outside God, you will not know what I am talking. When you are outside the light, you cannot understand what I am talking.
“For the three weeks before the incident, if you heard my message and sat down, you would know I was giving you a vision and prophetic word on how to handle the situation at hand. Trials and tests are for our belief. I go by the directives of God,”
“I have been on this journey for 27 years.
Do you think God can close His eyes and rubbish everything here? They are asking God to bring more evidence of whether He is the one who called me. Warn everyone to be very careful. This issue at hand is a delicate issue.
“People are using this to gain money and friends. This is a warning. Whatever people want to write let them write; they will be the ones to read it. I said our God would get back to them. He has started somewhere.
He is coming. If your brother is involved, unless he can resurrect the people who died, he will join them. If you can resurrect the people who died, you can go free.
“The servants, the people who sent them; the people who heard the stories all around and those who want to use it for themselves and to disturb my spirit, you may likely
join them. Be careful. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let us be very careful with our tongues,”.

I have received a number of mails from those claiming to be the servants of the self- professed prophet.

Dear Fatai Temitope Balogun Joshua,

Our God is not an author of confusion, if he shows you something as disastrous like the one that killed over 115 members of your church recently, he will give you a
clear direction on how to prevent.

[Read 1 Corinthians 14: 33 – For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints] and also

[1 Corinthians 10:13: There hath no
temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it ]
No matter how long lies prevail, one day the truth of the word of God shall come open.
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set your free. [John 8:32]
To all those under your control and
manipulations, one day the light of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will shine upon them and they will make amend.
I will not blame anyone still worshiping this controversial master, one day God will show them the truth.
My family and I know Fatai Temitope Joshua too well to fall for his lies.
His birth name is Fatai Balogun a Muslim by birth, there is no critical evidence on when he gave his life to Christ. But when he started his Synagogue temple, he adopted the name Temitope Joshua. I will not go into further details. Do your research and
allow God to minister to you.
Fatai Balogun’s fans, blast me all you can, THE TRUTH WILL SOON PREVAIL

My greatest prayer for you all is for God to open your spiritual eye to see the kind of bondage you are in.
I thank God for those that God has already delivered from his shackles.
End time is here friends.
[Mathews 24:24 – For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.]


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Bill Gates donates $50M to Nigeria, West Africa to fight Ebola Virus Disease

One of the richest men on earth, Bill Gates have donated a whooping fifty million dollars donation to Nigeria and other West African countries like Sierria Leone, Liberia e.t.c battling the outbreak of the deadly disease.

In a press statement issued today, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation said the money would be released immediately to the UN and other international organizations involved in fighting Ebola in West Africa in order to cater to the purchase of supplies and scale up emergency operations.

Bill Gates also gave out additional $2M for Ebola prevention and control management.

In addition, the foundation vows to work with organizations to help with the speedy production of vaccines so as to treat patients in a timely manner.

God bless this man oo.

Justin Bieber’s strip show

Justin Bieber is a documented fan of public shirtlessness and <a href='' target='_blank'>singing songs to his grandmother in the nude</a>. We can now also call the "Baby" singer a fan of the public striptease. At the charity event "Fashion Rocks," Bieber removed everything but his underwear right on stage with co-presenter Lara Stone, explaining that he just didn't feel comfortable unless he was in his "Calvins."

Most people need encouragement to remove their clothing. For Justin Bieber, boos from the crowd will do just fine.

The 20-year-old singer stripped down to his skivvies at 2014’s “Fashion Rocks” event on Tuesday night in Brooklyn, where he was greeted with a negative reaction from some in the New York audience.

As Bieber took the stage with model Lara Stone to introduce singer Rita Ora, there were some noticeable jeers mixed in with cheers.

Boko Haram & Ebola Virus: The Twin Devils Of The Season By Chris Okotie

“Like Boko Haram’s crazy insurgents who kill their victims and the soldiers who fight to protect them; the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), kills its victims along with some medical personnel who battle to save their lives. These are the twin devils of the season.
The twin scourges of 2014 share many other characteristics. Their roots date back to decades, but their ravages of human souls across the sub-Sahara Africa only peaked this year, even as a disbelieving world is left agape by their ferocity.
Advancing mercilessly against its hapless preys like jungle predators, EVD and Boko Haram kill with lightening speed, and have so far defied solution. It is no hyperbole to label Ebola as the Boko Haram of lethal, viral diseases, which still confounds the world’s best scientific minds.
These two crises have placed Nigeria on the world’s radar, with Ebola pushing the Chibok Girls’ abduction (a Boko Haram by-product), and some of our familiar maladies like corruption to the sidelines at the moment.
Prior to the arrival of the Liberian man, late Patrick Sawyer into the country, the epidemic of Ebola was widely reported in neighbouring Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, where it had claimed more than 900 lives. Our government ought to have known that given the free movement of people across borders in the ECOWAS sub -region, the chance of a carrier of the Ebola virus coming into this country is very high indeed.
Precautionary measures ought to have been taken to thoroughly screen ECOWAS passengers at our entry ports, and land borders. This was not done, even as the EVD recorded serial deaths in the worst hit countries nearby. This apparent policy failure on the part of government led to the spread of this killer epidemic to Nigeria, through contacts by health workers and co-travellers with the index case, the late Sawyer, who was reportedly under watch for EVD in his native Liberia, before he sneaked into Nigeria on that fateful day.
While one must commend the hospital staff who attended to Sawyer for their prompt diagnosis of the Ebola patient, and the government’s swift action in isolating him, these measures appear to be medicine after death as the damage of spreading the virus through unsuspecting primary and, possibly secondary contacts has resulted in the infection of ten people at the last count, and the death of one Nigerian health worker.
The fact that care givers themselves are at risk, makes Ebola such a monstrous enemy. This poses grave danger to our capacity to contain it, more so, when there’s still no known cure for the disease.
So, we now face the grim spectre of seeing anyone infected, living hopelessly on death row, unless the patient is saved by divine intervention, as the EVD is known to kill 90 percent of its victims.
Any time the Health Minister, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu appears on television to brief the media on EVD, he assumes the unenviable role of an undertaker, who announces the “obituary” of the latest infected victims. The figures keep growing.
Almost 180 people are now under surveillance. The sad part is that, we have no idea when a potent cure could be found. The promise of getting effective drugs on the shelf by next year is not cast in iron. For a disease that kills its victims within days, or at most weeks, this is very sad indeed. At the moment, we can only continue to pray and hope that a wonder drug would come sooner than expected by one stroke of medical miracle.
In the case of Boko Haram, we pin down its apparent success to poor timing response by government, and the obvious lack of effective coordination by the security agencies to the menace at its insipient stage, before it grew into hydra-head monster it is today. The Chibok Girls’ abduction, which spurned the “Bring Back our Girls” hashtag that went viral on social media, was the wake-up call that gingered our government into action.
Now, more than 100 days after the abduction of the girls, the multilateral intervention led by the United States, has not freed the girls as widely expected.
The initial widespread optimism that the American technology that destroyed Osama Bin Ladin would be deployed against the less sophisticated Boko Haram insurgents has turned out to be an illusion.
Today, what is coming out of the western media is that the Americans and the allies are reluctant to put their boots on the Sambisa forest ground because of the charge that the local war budget is being mismanaged by Nigerian commanders. Tales of extra-judicial killings of alleged Boko Haram being bandied in the western satellite TV networks are reasons for the lukewarm attitude of President Barak Obama and his colleagues in confronting Boko Haram, Ansaru and other Nigerian Islamists.
Realizing that Nigeria must now fight its own war, while America completes its unfinished business in the Middle East, President Goodluck Jonathan has requested for approval by the National Assembly for $1billion dollar foreign loan to re-equip our military to enhance its ability to meet the present security challenges.
However, people are asking; the Gowon regime fought the 30-month civil war on a shoe string budget, without borrowing a kobo from abroad. Why can’t we do the same with our multi-billion dollar earnings from oil? Until Mr. Jonathan answers this $1b question, this loan request may be another recipe for controversy.”

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Nigerian Doctor Stella Adadevoh Not Cured Of Ebola, She Is Suffering In Lagos Isolation Center

Earlier today, the Nigerian doctor who treated late
Sawyer in Obalende Lagos was rumoured to have
recovered from the life-threatening Ebola Virus
disease days after she tested positive to the virus
but as we speak, the reverse is the case.

Top sources in the Ministry of Health said her
condition has become critical in Yaba Isolation
center where she is currently quarantined.

The ministry of health also confirmed that the
person who recovered from the deadly virus
infection is a medical officer who worked at the
same hospital where Patrick Sawyer was treated.
The survivor has been identified as Ada.

Family of Dr Adadevoh said she is currently
suffering in the isolation center for Ebola victims
behind Mainland hospital in Yaba Lagos.

Wishing her and others a quick recovery.

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German Man With 2 Horns & 453 Piercings, Rudolf Buchlolz Denied Entry Into Dubai

The strange looking German man pictured above
was refused entry into Dubai on the 15th of August,
He took to Twitter few hours later to express his
“I am at Dubai Airport, They let me not in the
country. The luggage is lost. I am ok
On the way back home. Dubai I will never come
At the end I got an answer why I can’t enter Dubai:
The immigration thought I am Black magic. Stupid
The 53-year-old Information Technology
professional entered Guinness Book of World
Records in 2012 as World’s most pierced man with
2 horns and 453 piercings. His name is Rudolf
He was billed to perform at an hotel in Dubai before the Immigration prevented him from entering Dubai.
He is looking a bit scary.

[Picture would be released soon]

Confession Of Edo Boy Who Slept With Five Dogs

An 18-year-old boy identified as Ighodaro who
hailed from Edo was arrested last week by Iguosa villagers in Ovia NE LGC of Edo state and handed over to the police after he was caught in the act with a dog in an isolated building.
His confession reads:

“I learnt welding around Iheya. I don’t know when I slept with the dog, I slept with dogs five times.
Some of the dogs bit me, I have been bitten two times and each time I have a dog bite my grand father will treat me”
“When I call them, I will be rubbing their head,
petting them so that they will feel free with me. I will be playing with them and they will follow me.
They will bark at me some times, and when I notice that it is serious I will leave them. Any one that is friendly with me, I take that one to an uncompleted building and have sex”.
“I had a girlfriend last year but we are no longer together. I started sleeping with dogs this year around March. I don’t know what is wrong with me.
None of my relations knows I sleep with dogs. In this particular case, the dog is very familiar with me; so it was easy to lure it away. While I was having sex with the dog, one man saw me and ran to inform the Odionwere. They now came to pick me and they asked the police to go and check me and see if I have any disease. I don’t know what is wrong with me”.
Speaking on the incident, the state commissioner of Police, Folusho Adebanjo, condemned the act, saying that Ighodaro will be charged to court
“It was the people of that community that arrested the boy and called the police.He was taken to Owotubu Division before he was transferred to the state Police Command Headquarters. What he has done is classified under Unnatural Offences, Section 214 Sub-Section Two which says that any person
who has carnal knowledge of an animal is guilty of a felony and he is liable for imprisonment for 14 years if he is found guilty. We are going to charge him to court. You can see that the guy is not denying anything. He made a confessional statement that he has been sleeping with dogs since March and he has done it five times. I was very worried because this is an unnatural offence and it can bring problem to any community. You can imagine a human being sleeping with a dog what will that dog produce in some months time; , you can see it is a bizarre situation. The boy looks normal unless if he has spiritual problem because I can’t imagine some body sleeping with a dog. He said he had a girl friend before; you can imagine if he decides to sleep with another woman what he will give the woman and that is how they spread
diseases particularly now that we have different diseases, It is really shocking that we experience this type of issue every day in our country. I am very worried but thank God that the community people have killed that dog because they said what the boy committed was a taboo”

Chei!!! Abomination of the highest order.

I have sex three to four times everyday-Maheeda

Whenever the name, Maheeda is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is controversy, sex, nudity and promiscuity.

Maheeda-3-250x350The goddess of X and Naija Bad Girl as she is fondly called by her fans isn’t afraid to go nude as she’s constantly releasing nude photos of herself online and sexually explicit videos.

Showtime Celebrity visited her studio in Dolphin Estate, Lagos, where she opens up on her sex life and more…

What have you been up to in recent times?

I’ve been bad, I’ve been naughty… You’ve seen Naija Bad Girl video and Lasgidi Chick. Now, I’m trying to see if I can drop one single before the end of the year. But I’m not sure that will be possible because I’m shooting the video in November. So, It could be next year.

What is the inspiration behind your “Naija Bad Girl” song?

I had this vision of what’s happening right now. Like I’m very bad, like I’m the baddest girl in Nigeria which is not true. So, my vision is actually to see my posters in people’s bedrooms and stuff like that. I want to be that sex symbol one can imagine of.

Why do you want to be a Sex symbol?

Because it works abroad. It could work here too. I had my challenges. They are still there but there’s no stopping me because I know that for anything new you have to fight for it

But why are you leveraging on being a sex symbol?

Because sex sells. I want to make money and also, I want to make my name. It’s the only space in the Nigerian music industry that is just there, everybody is scared to tread on such a path, so I’m daring it.

You came back from Holland recently. What were you doing there?

I went to Holland because of my daughter. She’s about to enter High School and I don’t want her to go to school over there. My husband taught me a lot. He opened my mind to see a lot of things in different ways, so, I said alright foreign education would be very nice for my daughter. I actually sacrificed staying in Nigeria for my daughter.

What really made you start putting those videos online?

To attract attention. I knew it’s going to draw the desired attention to me. So, that’s why I did it and like I said, sex sells and that’s just one of the ways to show it off.

What message are you trying to convey with your nude pictures and videos?

I don’t know if I’m trying to convey any message or I’m just doing my business. I think I’m just entertaining my fans. Sometimes, you add your personal life and culture and stuff like that to it. But for me, its business right now.

Do you make money from it?

Right now, Yes. I have this Australian tour coming up and they have already paid me. I’m not going to tell you how much but imagine going online to buy tickets. So, you know how much already I’ve been paid.

What does sex mean to you?

It’s like food, it’s like shower. I’m trying to say it’s natural, it comes naturally. Your body would request for it. Sometimes my body would request for it like 4 times a day, maybe 5, maybe once but anytime sha, we go do am well

Like how much do you get paid for your sex stuff?

I also do modeling in Holland. If you change the money it would run into millions of naira.

How about guys who want to get down with you and pay you for sex?

I don’t do that. I do Modeling and Entertainment also, strictly business. Some people just want you to be a waiter and they want you to look sexy, that also goes.


Have you ever been approached by someone who is willing to pay to have sex with you?

Yes, a lot of them all over the world. But I turn them down because of my husband.


But your husband won’t know about such game?

My husband is a very nice guy and I think I owe him that, at least. I’ve done a lot that not all guys can really tolerate. I owe him that respect.


Do you believe prostitution should be legalized?

Yes, because I’ve been there. I’ve been with these girls and I know what they are going through and I’ve been to Holland where I think prostitution is legalised. I see the way they handle it. It won’t be bad here because it’s everywhere anyway and they’re not stopping it, so why not just legalise it and let’s just know its happening. I mean it’s everywhere.

As a woman, what turns you on sexually?

Appearance, a little bit rugged and strong presence. Also, character is part of it. He has to have a good heart.


Is it a must for you to have sex every day?

Yes, it’s a must. It’s necessary… If it doesn’t happen, that means I’m travelling or something like that.

Let’s assume your husband is not in Nigeria?

I’ll masturbate. I will use my sex toys to satisfy myself.

Would you compare it to the real thing?

Not at all, it’s impossible. You can’t even compare wearing condom with the real thing but it’s necessary.

What do you consider your selling point?

I think it’s my body and now it’s becoming my life story also. People are beginning to really want to know more about me, about Caroline not even Maheeda


How often do you have sex as the goddess of X?

Early in the morning, maybe late at night but when my husband is not in town then I’ll try the dildos. I have a lot of dildos, different colors and different types. I’m even thinking maybe I should just open a sex shop, it’s even better

Are you addicted to sex?

I love sex, everybody is addicted to sex. Why does everybody just think I’m the only one? If there’s no sex, I won’t be normal. Everything will just be sexy to me

Do you think there will be a time when you’ll stop having sex?

I don’t pray for that time. Till I’m old, I would like to have sex

How long have you been in Nigeria?

I just arrived the country this week.

Within this period, have you had sex?

Yes, my husband is in Nigeria. I had sex this morning.

Have you ever had a threesome?

I did that long time ago but now with my husband, no. I don’t want these girls to take him away from me.

What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom?

I was with a guy and he was really not good in bed. Suddenly, his brother came in, and I just had sex with him as well as his brother.


Was he in the same room with his brother?

No, but he disappointed me in bed. And since I needed it and his brother was available, so I had to do it with him. It was one after the other. People see me as a bad girl now, but I think it was before. It was just unbelievable.

Would you say you love sex or it’s just because of the money issue?

Don’t you love sex? The thing is sweet. But what I’m doing is not because I love sex but I mean, when God gives you lemon then you make lemonade. I love sex so I use it and it’s all the same. That’s why it’s natural and it’s working for me.

You were once a gospel singer, why did you decide to switch over?

Gospel wasn’t really working. Moreover, inside me, I was like I don’t think making money in the name of God is really what I wanted to do. They try to justify it, that it’s okay. You can sing and make money in the name of God but deep inside me, it wasn’t working for me then. So, I said if I wanted to make money, let me just make money without carrying the Bible.

Does your conscience ever prick you?

No. If you look at my neck, I have ‘Grace’ tattooed there. That is what is keeping me going. I believe its grace. Even the pastors sin, so I believe it’s just grace that is sustaining me and allowing me to do what I’m doing today. That’s just what I believe in, and I try not to judge myself and I don’t judge people too.

What’s your view of religion?

For me, if it’s not love, if you don’t speak with love then forget it. I don’t want to be a part of it. It has to be love. If you want to kill me because of religion then I don’t think you have love inside. May be, it’s wrong but that’s my belief and I believe people should respect other people’s beliefs

Has your daughter watched your nude videos?


What’s her reaction?

She’s proud of me because the way you train your children here is different from the way children are trained abroad. In abroad, you have people doing soap adverts and they’re completely naked. They just hide what I was hiding also and it’s normal

What if she decides to do what you’re doing?

Right now, she’s under my care. I won’t allow her but when she’s up to 18 and she might say “mommy, I saw what you did and I want to do the same.” I’ll say it’s your choice. People have to make their choices. I mean my mom wasn’t a nudist or whatever, she was a very nice woman but look at me today. I’m not saying I’m not nice but I’m trying to say she didn’t go showing off all her body everywhere. Nobody even knew her but look at me. I mean pastors’ children also end up in club so you can’t really say because of what mommy is doing, that means the daughter would do the same. I don’t believe that.