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OneAfricanChild #Backtoschool Project

OneAfricanChild (OAC) is a NGO that helps children all over Africa. Over the past year,they have reached out to over 2000 children across Nigeria and many more in 7 other African countries. Their mission is to empower young leaders to be independent and active contributors in the community they belong by providing the necessary resources they’ll need to achieve this goal. Their vision is to showcase the beauty of the African heritage through their activities. The #BackToSchool Project is to achieve this vision..They plan to use this as a means to empowers our future leaders who go to schools without books,who are willing to learn but don’t have the means to, these kids are our future leaders and this is to give them a brighter future.. They can’t do it alone….if you are willing to lend a hand just view and fill the link below,its simple and easy. Here is the link to donate and share with your contacts:

Thank you.

Bill Gates donates $50M to Nigeria, West Africa to fight Ebola Virus Disease

One of the richest men on earth, Bill Gates have donated a whooping fifty million dollars donation to Nigeria and other West African countries like Sierria Leone, Liberia e.t.c battling the outbreak of the deadly disease.

In a press statement issued today, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation said the money would be released immediately to the UN and other international organizations involved in fighting Ebola in West Africa in order to cater to the purchase of supplies and scale up emergency operations.

Bill Gates also gave out additional $2M for Ebola prevention and control management.

In addition, the foundation vows to work with organizations to help with the speedy production of vaccines so as to treat patients in a timely manner.

God bless this man oo.

German Man With 2 Horns & 453 Piercings, Rudolf Buchlolz Denied Entry Into Dubai

The strange looking German man pictured above
was refused entry into Dubai on the 15th of August,
He took to Twitter few hours later to express his
“I am at Dubai Airport, They let me not in the
country. The luggage is lost. I am ok
On the way back home. Dubai I will never come
At the end I got an answer why I can’t enter Dubai:
The immigration thought I am Black magic. Stupid
The 53-year-old Information Technology
professional entered Guinness Book of World
Records in 2012 as World’s most pierced man with
2 horns and 453 piercings. His name is Rudolf
He was billed to perform at an hotel in Dubai before the Immigration prevented him from entering Dubai.
He is looking a bit scary.

[Picture would be released soon]

Confession Of Edo Boy Who Slept With Five Dogs

An 18-year-old boy identified as Ighodaro who
hailed from Edo was arrested last week by Iguosa villagers in Ovia NE LGC of Edo state and handed over to the police after he was caught in the act with a dog in an isolated building.
His confession reads:

“I learnt welding around Iheya. I don’t know when I slept with the dog, I slept with dogs five times.
Some of the dogs bit me, I have been bitten two times and each time I have a dog bite my grand father will treat me”
“When I call them, I will be rubbing their head,
petting them so that they will feel free with me. I will be playing with them and they will follow me.
They will bark at me some times, and when I notice that it is serious I will leave them. Any one that is friendly with me, I take that one to an uncompleted building and have sex”.
“I had a girlfriend last year but we are no longer together. I started sleeping with dogs this year around March. I don’t know what is wrong with me.
None of my relations knows I sleep with dogs. In this particular case, the dog is very familiar with me; so it was easy to lure it away. While I was having sex with the dog, one man saw me and ran to inform the Odionwere. They now came to pick me and they asked the police to go and check me and see if I have any disease. I don’t know what is wrong with me”.
Speaking on the incident, the state commissioner of Police, Folusho Adebanjo, condemned the act, saying that Ighodaro will be charged to court
“It was the people of that community that arrested the boy and called the police.He was taken to Owotubu Division before he was transferred to the state Police Command Headquarters. What he has done is classified under Unnatural Offences, Section 214 Sub-Section Two which says that any person
who has carnal knowledge of an animal is guilty of a felony and he is liable for imprisonment for 14 years if he is found guilty. We are going to charge him to court. You can see that the guy is not denying anything. He made a confessional statement that he has been sleeping with dogs since March and he has done it five times. I was very worried because this is an unnatural offence and it can bring problem to any community. You can imagine a human being sleeping with a dog what will that dog produce in some months time; , you can see it is a bizarre situation. The boy looks normal unless if he has spiritual problem because I can’t imagine some body sleeping with a dog. He said he had a girl friend before; you can imagine if he decides to sleep with another woman what he will give the woman and that is how they spread
diseases particularly now that we have different diseases, It is really shocking that we experience this type of issue every day in our country. I am very worried but thank God that the community people have killed that dog because they said what the boy committed was a taboo”

Chei!!! Abomination of the highest order.

I have sex three to four times everyday-Maheeda

Whenever the name, Maheeda is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is controversy, sex, nudity and promiscuity.

Maheeda-3-250x350The goddess of X and Naija Bad Girl as she is fondly called by her fans isn’t afraid to go nude as she’s constantly releasing nude photos of herself online and sexually explicit videos.

Showtime Celebrity visited her studio in Dolphin Estate, Lagos, where she opens up on her sex life and more…

What have you been up to in recent times?

I’ve been bad, I’ve been naughty… You’ve seen Naija Bad Girl video and Lasgidi Chick. Now, I’m trying to see if I can drop one single before the end of the year. But I’m not sure that will be possible because I’m shooting the video in November. So, It could be next year.

What is the inspiration behind your “Naija Bad Girl” song?

I had this vision of what’s happening right now. Like I’m very bad, like I’m the baddest girl in Nigeria which is not true. So, my vision is actually to see my posters in people’s bedrooms and stuff like that. I want to be that sex symbol one can imagine of.

Why do you want to be a Sex symbol?

Because it works abroad. It could work here too. I had my challenges. They are still there but there’s no stopping me because I know that for anything new you have to fight for it

But why are you leveraging on being a sex symbol?

Because sex sells. I want to make money and also, I want to make my name. It’s the only space in the Nigerian music industry that is just there, everybody is scared to tread on such a path, so I’m daring it.

You came back from Holland recently. What were you doing there?

I went to Holland because of my daughter. She’s about to enter High School and I don’t want her to go to school over there. My husband taught me a lot. He opened my mind to see a lot of things in different ways, so, I said alright foreign education would be very nice for my daughter. I actually sacrificed staying in Nigeria for my daughter.

What really made you start putting those videos online?

To attract attention. I knew it’s going to draw the desired attention to me. So, that’s why I did it and like I said, sex sells and that’s just one of the ways to show it off.

What message are you trying to convey with your nude pictures and videos?

I don’t know if I’m trying to convey any message or I’m just doing my business. I think I’m just entertaining my fans. Sometimes, you add your personal life and culture and stuff like that to it. But for me, its business right now.

Do you make money from it?

Right now, Yes. I have this Australian tour coming up and they have already paid me. I’m not going to tell you how much but imagine going online to buy tickets. So, you know how much already I’ve been paid.

What does sex mean to you?

It’s like food, it’s like shower. I’m trying to say it’s natural, it comes naturally. Your body would request for it. Sometimes my body would request for it like 4 times a day, maybe 5, maybe once but anytime sha, we go do am well

Like how much do you get paid for your sex stuff?

I also do modeling in Holland. If you change the money it would run into millions of naira.

How about guys who want to get down with you and pay you for sex?

I don’t do that. I do Modeling and Entertainment also, strictly business. Some people just want you to be a waiter and they want you to look sexy, that also goes.


Have you ever been approached by someone who is willing to pay to have sex with you?

Yes, a lot of them all over the world. But I turn them down because of my husband.


But your husband won’t know about such game?

My husband is a very nice guy and I think I owe him that, at least. I’ve done a lot that not all guys can really tolerate. I owe him that respect.


Do you believe prostitution should be legalized?

Yes, because I’ve been there. I’ve been with these girls and I know what they are going through and I’ve been to Holland where I think prostitution is legalised. I see the way they handle it. It won’t be bad here because it’s everywhere anyway and they’re not stopping it, so why not just legalise it and let’s just know its happening. I mean it’s everywhere.

As a woman, what turns you on sexually?

Appearance, a little bit rugged and strong presence. Also, character is part of it. He has to have a good heart.


Is it a must for you to have sex every day?

Yes, it’s a must. It’s necessary… If it doesn’t happen, that means I’m travelling or something like that.

Let’s assume your husband is not in Nigeria?

I’ll masturbate. I will use my sex toys to satisfy myself.

Would you compare it to the real thing?

Not at all, it’s impossible. You can’t even compare wearing condom with the real thing but it’s necessary.

What do you consider your selling point?

I think it’s my body and now it’s becoming my life story also. People are beginning to really want to know more about me, about Caroline not even Maheeda


How often do you have sex as the goddess of X?

Early in the morning, maybe late at night but when my husband is not in town then I’ll try the dildos. I have a lot of dildos, different colors and different types. I’m even thinking maybe I should just open a sex shop, it’s even better

Are you addicted to sex?

I love sex, everybody is addicted to sex. Why does everybody just think I’m the only one? If there’s no sex, I won’t be normal. Everything will just be sexy to me

Do you think there will be a time when you’ll stop having sex?

I don’t pray for that time. Till I’m old, I would like to have sex

How long have you been in Nigeria?

I just arrived the country this week.

Within this period, have you had sex?

Yes, my husband is in Nigeria. I had sex this morning.

Have you ever had a threesome?

I did that long time ago but now with my husband, no. I don’t want these girls to take him away from me.

What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom?

I was with a guy and he was really not good in bed. Suddenly, his brother came in, and I just had sex with him as well as his brother.


Was he in the same room with his brother?

No, but he disappointed me in bed. And since I needed it and his brother was available, so I had to do it with him. It was one after the other. People see me as a bad girl now, but I think it was before. It was just unbelievable.

Would you say you love sex or it’s just because of the money issue?

Don’t you love sex? The thing is sweet. But what I’m doing is not because I love sex but I mean, when God gives you lemon then you make lemonade. I love sex so I use it and it’s all the same. That’s why it’s natural and it’s working for me.

You were once a gospel singer, why did you decide to switch over?

Gospel wasn’t really working. Moreover, inside me, I was like I don’t think making money in the name of God is really what I wanted to do. They try to justify it, that it’s okay. You can sing and make money in the name of God but deep inside me, it wasn’t working for me then. So, I said if I wanted to make money, let me just make money without carrying the Bible.

Does your conscience ever prick you?

No. If you look at my neck, I have ‘Grace’ tattooed there. That is what is keeping me going. I believe its grace. Even the pastors sin, so I believe it’s just grace that is sustaining me and allowing me to do what I’m doing today. That’s just what I believe in, and I try not to judge myself and I don’t judge people too.

What’s your view of religion?

For me, if it’s not love, if you don’t speak with love then forget it. I don’t want to be a part of it. It has to be love. If you want to kill me because of religion then I don’t think you have love inside. May be, it’s wrong but that’s my belief and I believe people should respect other people’s beliefs

Has your daughter watched your nude videos?


What’s her reaction?

She’s proud of me because the way you train your children here is different from the way children are trained abroad. In abroad, you have people doing soap adverts and they’re completely naked. They just hide what I was hiding also and it’s normal

What if she decides to do what you’re doing?

Right now, she’s under my care. I won’t allow her but when she’s up to 18 and she might say “mommy, I saw what you did and I want to do the same.” I’ll say it’s your choice. People have to make their choices. I mean my mom wasn’t a nudist or whatever, she was a very nice woman but look at me today. I’m not saying I’m not nice but I’m trying to say she didn’t go showing off all her body everywhere. Nobody even knew her but look at me. I mean pastors’ children also end up in club so you can’t really say because of what mommy is doing, that means the daughter would do the same. I don’t believe that.



Chelsea Brings Back Didier Drogba From Galatasaray FC

Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has completed a transfer deal from Galatasaray FC to his former club, Chelsea.
The 36-year-old first moved to Stamford Bridge in
2004 for £24m and helped the Premier League side win their first ever Champions League in 2012.
According to the Cote d’Ivoire striker, Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho offers to bring him back to the club and he accepted the offer.
“It was an easy decision – I couldn’t turn down the
opportunity to work with Jose again,” he said.
“Everyone knows the special relationship I have with this club and it has always felt like home to me.
“My desire to win is still the same and I look forward to the opportunity to help this team. I am excited for this next chapter of my career.” – Drogba said on Instagram

Re: I Injured Ronaldo Spiritually Using Charm – Kwaku Bonsam, Stop Disgracing Ghana

It is most unfortunate that international media have picked up on the narcissistic ramblings of a Ghanaian spiritualist who evidently prefers enriching his own coffers
and embellishing his own name to the
wellbeing and reputation of his nation. I am referring to Nana Kwaku Bonsam, touted to be Ghana’s foremost spiritualist, who haphazardly decided to besmirch Ghana’s name before the eyes of the world by claiming his ‘devilish powers’ are behind the current injury of Portugal star and
arguably the world’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo. According to reports, Bonsam claims to have conjured a special powder from his gods which was placed around an image and caricature of Ronaldo, rendering
his present injury untreatable by
conventional medics and leaving his World Cup hopes tattered.
My grouse with this report, apart from its clear ludicrousness, is the impression it will undoubtedly create in the minds of people towards Ghana – as a nation crawling in ‘fetish priests’ with ‘black magic’.
With such reports being bandied about, if Ghana excels in the tournament, some will unscrupulously attribute it to some ‘juju’ at work. If the Black Stars do overcome Portugal come June 26th, people will
unfortunately play up the influence of devilish power rather than the skill, determination and prowess of our boys.
My question to Kwaku is this – if indeed you are so ‘powerful’, why can’t you empower the current Ghanaian squad to face their opponents? What is your business with
CR7 alone when there are plenty of other stars capable of inflicting defeat on Ghana? What of Mesut Özil or Thomas Müller from Germany’s formidable squad in Ghana’s group of death? The regrettable saga brings
to mind the tale of a team in India that was banned after the ridiculous score line led officials to investigate the use of ‘charms’ by the team. Perhaps Bonsam is furtively advocating for a similar sanction
for Ghana! I am expecting Appiah and
Ghanaian officials to debunk this report and disgrace this self-styled magician – unless Bonsam really is the Black Star’s ‘spiritual advisor’ as he has previously boasted. If this is the case, Ghana deserves nothing more than the ridicule and perhaps reprimand that will accompany such
superstitious garbage.
On a related note, isn’t this the same witchdoctor who visited the Vatican City a fortnight ago with the expressed purpose of reporting Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua to
Pope Francis? If there is anyone Bonsam should destroy or inflict injury upon, it should be Joshua since they are operating with evidently opposite forces. Kwaku is
‘powerful’ enough to spiritually inflict Ronaldo thousands of miles away in Portugal but can’t travel a few miles across the border to wreak vengeance on his Nigerian adversary T.B. Joshua??? Nonsense. I cannot
but conclude that Bonsam is nothing more than a rambling popularity seeker who is using Cristiano’s predicament to advertise his counterfeit cures, unashamedly tainting the name of his nation in the process.
Ghana is greater than any individual. If we do well in Brazil, it will be due to skill, hard work and unwavering commitment to God
and the mantra of fair play, not the
sacrificed dogs of a scarred herbalist whose mouth is bigger than his means.

About the author: Tawia Acheampong writes from Accra, Ghana

Old Enough – Rio Ferdinard leaves Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand has announced that he will leave Manchester United this summer after a glittering 12-year career at Old Trafford.

The 35-year-old defender joined United in 2002 from Leeds United and made 312 Barclays Premier League appearances, scoring seven goals, and winning six League titles in 2002/03, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2010/11 and 2012/13 He also won one UEFA Champions League medal, two League Cups and a Club World Cup.I have thought long and hard over the last few months about my future and, after 12 fantastic years playing for what I regard as the best club in the world, I have decided the time is right for me to move on,” Ferdinand said in a statement on the club website.

“I joined Manchester United in the hope of winning trophies, and never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how successful we would be during my time here. There have been so many highlights, playing alongside some great players who have become good friends, winning my first Premier League title and also that fantastic night in Moscow [when United beat Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League final in 2008] are memories that I will cherish forever.”

Ferdinand, who also made 127 appearances for West Ham United in the Barclays Premier League between 1995 and 2000 and 54 for Leeds United over two seasons, made his final Man Utd appearance in Sunday’s season-ending 1-1 draw against Southampton.



Alicia Keys & Husband Swizz Beatz Expecting 2nd Child

The popular African American singer and her husband, rapper Swizz Beatz are set to welcome their second child any moment from now.
Alicia Keys is heavily pregnant with her second baby for the popular rapper.

This is how MTO reported it:

“CONGRATULATIONS . . . to Swizz Beatz and his wife ALICIA KEYS. A little birdie told us that the couple is expecting their SECOND child together.”

We wish her a safe delivery.

Genevieve Nnaji Unveils New Model Look

Nollywood star actress Genevieve Nnaji has released her latest photos of the year 2013.
The drop dead gorgeous mother of one has unveiled her new look as she ventures into modelling career.
She surely looks good for her age.
For the records, Genevieve Nnaji turned 34 on May 3rd, 2013.
She is one sexy mama! Chimebuka must be really proud of her.

Hollywood Actress Kerry Washington Pregnant For Nigerian Husband Nnamdi Asomugha

Scandal star actress Kerry Washington who married a Nigerian NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha in June 2013 is pregnant.
According to Hollywood insiders, Kerry Washington’s due date is May 2014.
Paparazzi caught up with Kerry on Tuesday but she did her best to hide the growing baby bump.
Last year, the duo met each other at a social function and after months of dating, they tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Hailey, Idaho on the 24th of June.
During a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Kerry said she prefers to keep her romance out of the spotlight. She kindly turned down pregnancy related questions.
So Hollywood actress go born Igbo pikin, nice to know.

Video: Jim Iyke’s Deliverance From Demonic Spirits At TB Joshua’s Church

As earlier stated in our previous update,Nollywood actress Jim Iyke allegedly got delivered from a demonic spirit that possessed him at TB Joshua‘s SCOAN church today.
The video of Jim Iyke’s deliverance has surfaced.

To watch the video CILCK HERE

As at the time of this report, the actor is yet to update his Twitter profile.

Guess he is recovering from the deliverance.**wink**

Boko Haram Gunmen In Army Uniforms Killed 95 In Borno & Abuja Attacks

…….8 killed in Abuja

A gruesome attack by Boko Haram insurgents disguised in military uniforms in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno has killed at least 87 people, a state government official said
The Islamist insurgents also burnt scores of homes and buildings in the late Tuesday attack in the town of Benisheik.
They set up checkpoints and gunned down motorists who tried to flee, according to multiple witness accounts.
“Eighty-seven bodies were recovered in the bush and our people are still searching for more,” Saidu Yakubu of the Environmental Protection Agency in northeastern Borno state told journalists.
He briefed reporters who accompanied Borno’s Governor Kashim Shettima to the scene of the massacre.
Details of the attack in the town which has been previously been targeted by Boko Haram first emerged Wednesday.
The phone network in Borno has been down since the middle of May when Nigeria imposed a state of emergency across much of the northeast amid a military offensive aimed at crushing Boko Haram’s four-year insurgency.
In another development, Unknown gunmen in army uniform struck in Gudu District of Abuja on Friday and killed eight people. 15 others were also reportedly injured in the attack.
The invasion by the gunmen, who purportedly dressed in Nigeria Army camouflage, has created panic in the Federal Capital Territory.
Residents of the area panic when it was apparent that the attack took place behind the Apo Legislative Quarters, which houses many Senators and members of the House of Representatives.
Eyewitnesses said the incident occurred occurred around 3.00am in an uncompleted building owned by an army general.
The building was being occupied illegally by truck pushers,scavengers and water vendors known as ‘mai ruwa.’
According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen overwhelmed Sabo Barkin Zuwo Street at about 12am.
NE could not authoritatively confirm if the people who carried out the shooting are Nigerian soldiers but An insider who pleaded anonymity said that the dastardly act might have been carried out by the owner of the building. Also, the name of the
Army General could not be ascertain as at the time of this report.
Meanwhile the scene of the incident has been condoned off by the men of State Security Service (SSS), soldiers and police.
The police public relations officer in Abuja, DSP Altine Daniel,told SaharaReporters confirmed the shooting but said they have no further information information about those responsible for the killings, stating that investigations has begun on the matter.
Soldiers, policemen, operatives of the State Security Service (SSS) and rescue agencies had been drafted to the scene as at press time.

[Sources: Sahara, PM]

Deeper Life Pastor Kumuyi Disowns Heaven Vs Hell Video By Sister Linda Ngaujah

Do you guys remember the story of one Linda Ngaujah who claimed to have died and saw vision before coming back to life!
The popular video testimony is now selling like hot cake in Nigeria when Alaba boys laid their hands on it.
According to PM News, Pastor William Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry has disowned the controversial video and that of others who claimed to have died, gone to heaven and came back to narrate their extra-terrestrial experience.
In the controversial videos being sold all over Nigeria, two women and a boy claimed they died, went to heaven and came back to narrate what they said God showed them.
One of such CDs is that of a Sierra Leonean woman, simply called Sister Linda Ngaujah. Linda said she died and was shown happenings in heaven and hell and that many of the members of a large church on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway are on their way to hell and that the founder of a leading church in Lagos should repent as he allegedly acquired his powers from the devil, saying that a Bishop of another large congregation and his members are not even recognised in heaven.
She added that women who used rubber and wool to plait their hair will go to hell as it is a sin and that the only way for people to be prepared for heaven is to go back to the old Deeper Life Bible Church’s method of dressing.
The video CDs released by Linda is causing serious controversy in the church of God as some women in Deeper Life, who plait rubber hair have vowed never to do so again as they want to get
to heaven.
Some female worshippers have even shaved their hair in one Christian Assembly in Ikorodu, saying that they don’t want to have anything to do with attachment as they want to get to heaven.
Another person who claimed to have gone to heaven said she saw the late wife of Kumuyi, Biodun, in heaven and narrated her encounter there.
Other CDs were released by Margaret Amure from Church of God Mission, who also claimed to have gone to heaven and another 10-year old boy from Edo, named Samuel.
Reacting to this development on Sunday during the church service, Pastor Kumuyi warned members of his church not to have anything to do with such CDs as these are the last days where many people would come up with different things to deceive the church of God.
Kumuyi urged members of the church not to waste their money on such CDs, saying that the church should not rely on purported CDs of people who claimed to have gone to heaven to come back to produce CDs to sell to people narrating their
He referred to Linda’s CD which said people need to dress like Deeper Life to get to heaven, saying that “if you dress like Deeper Life without salvation and sanctification, will you get to heaven? These are the last days.”
The man of God emphasized that dressing like Deeper Life would not take anybody to heaven but that righteousness and holiness of heart are the keys to getting to the kingdom of God and warned members to desist from lwatching such CDs.
Kumuyi further said that one of the people who claimed to have gone to heaven said they saw Mummy Kumuyi in the kingdom of God, saying that he did not need such CD to know that his
wife was in heaven and that the word of God has told us the criteria for getting to His kingdom.
According to him, such people were merely deceiving the people, saying that when Apostle Paul was translated to heaven and came back, he did not produce CDs about what he saw in heaven and began to sell them.
“When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus did not go about telling people that this was what he saw in heaven. We should rest on the word of God to tell us what we need to know about heaven and how to get there. How do you know that they have actually gone to heaven? These are the last days. Don’t waste your money on buying these CDs,” he stated.

Kcee Ventures Into Oil Business With Millionaire Brother, Emmy Okonkwo

Limpopo crooner Kcee is not ready to follow the path of his colleagues buying big cars, and expensive jewelries.
The new MTN ambassador told Instagram fans he is ready to venture into a multi-million naira oil business with his wealthy brother Emmy Okonkwo.
The new business partners have already ordered oil lifting equipments which they plan to rent out.
Emmy & Kcee plan to have their own oil vessel very soon.
Kcee also made his plan known to Twitter fans.
Check out his tweet below;

This Photo Made Kanye West Fall In Love With Kim Kardashian

This sounds funny but it true

Can this believe true love or obsession.

The above photoshoot Kim K took with Paris Hilton back in 2006 was the picture that made rapper Kanye West fall in love with her.

In a recent interview with Kris Jenner, Kanye West said the moment he saw the above photo of Kim with Paris Hilton, he fell in love with her.

He further said because Kim K loves to date footballers, he considered becoming one in order to get her.

‘I just dreamed about being next to her. I keep saying it… I don’t want to start jumping up and down on the couch or anything…‘ Kanye said

Kim Kardashian’s mother, Jenner said Kanye West drew a photo of himself next to Kim in the family Christmas card in order to profess his love for Kim.

‘He would take the photo when he saw it online and would Photoshop himself into the card and then share it with Kim,’

Kris told the audience(Spot him besides Kim?)

This man don kolo.

Hope their love last.

NTA10 Staff, Nigerian Journalist Killed In Car Accident Buried (RIP Kafayat Odunsi)

Kafayat Odunsi, one of the 3 Nigerian journalists who passed away in a fatal car accident in Osun state on Friday has been buried.
Before her death, Kafayat was a staff reporter at Nigerian Television Authority, NTA 10.
She was laid to rest at the Oke Suna Muslim Burial site in Lagos state Nigeria this evening.
The tragic car collision claims the life of 3 Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) officials on their way from a meeting 2 days ago in Ilesha.
May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Nigerian Gay Men Protest The Arrest Of Homosexuals In Anambra State

Litigants and witnesses at the Atani Chief Magistrate Court in Ogbaru local government area of Anambra State Wednesday witnessed a mild drama in the court premises as some people who claimed to be homosexuals nearly disrupted court proceedings in solidarity with two suspected homosexuals standing trial for allegedly committing same sex offence.

As early as 9 .00am, a large number of men with feminist outlook started gathering at the court premises to the surprise of the people around and it was only then that information filtered into the area that they came to identify with two of their members who were arrested by the police and charged to court for same sex violation related offence.

[Source: Vanguard]

“Linda Ikeji Why Don’t U Have A Husband, Are U A Witch?” – Tonto Dikeh Retweet

This crazy tweet has been circulating Twitter since it started on June 8, 2013 from a Twitter user with handle @Ajayphem.(See the tweet below)

The above tweet was re-tweeted by Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh and other notable figures yesterday after the popular blogger refused to wish her a happy birthday.
The whole witch thing started with a beef Nollywood actor Jim Iyke had with Linda Ikeji last year over a false publication.
In the Twitter war of words, Jim Iyke called Linda, a hermaphrodite witch… Well said Tonto Dikeh but are you married yourself?

May be she be winch winch too **wink**