Twitter Admits Failing Rape Threat Women

Twitter tells Sky News what it is doing about online abuse following vicious tweets directed at a feminist and a woman MP.
Twitter has broken its silence over a growing row about abuse on the social media site, telling Sky News it has failed women who have faced rape threats.
Twitter’s head of safety, Del Harvey, said: “I think that any time that someone feels we weren’t responsive, or weren’t reactive or we didn’t care then, yes, we failed in that instance and we need
to do better.
“And that’s something that we have definitely had highlighted in terms of the need to educate people about what we’ve done and to get feedback on what we need to do better.”
A series of rape and death threats were made against feminist campaigner, Caroline Criado Perez, and the MP Stella Creasy,in recent days.
Twitter was criticised for not taking stronger and swifter action against the abusive messages. It insisted it took the issue seriously.
The allegations were reported to the police and an investigation was launched into the string of messages sent to Ms Criado Perez after she headed a successful campaign for a female figure to appear on UK banknotes, and the Labour MP for
A 25-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of harassment of the two women and earlier in the week police questioned and released on bail a 21-year-old man in connection with messages sent to Ms Criado-Perez.
Speaking to Sky News from San Francisco, Ms Harvey revealed that Twitter had spoken to police about abuse claims.
She also said “automated and manual systems” were already in place to prevent abuse and Twitter was now working on a further solution that will allow users to tap on a tweet and report it as abusive. Tweeters will then be asked to answer a series of questions about the abuse they have reported.
The ‘report abuse’ button, already available on its
latest iPhone app, will be extended to other platforms.
Her comments came as Ms Criado-Perez, who has
criticised the microblogging site’s security policies,
described how the online attack left her feeling “under siege” and terrified in her own home.
Ms Criado-Perez, 29, also said Twitter needs to “get a grip” on security, as it emerged bosses were likely to face a grilling from MPs.
She said the social network was ill-equipped to
handle episodes of sustained abuse and needed to
work more closely with police.
Ms Criado-Perez met Twitter directors on Monday
night along with Ms Creasy, who received a similar torrent of abusive messages after she offered support to the freelance journalist.
“This will have been a wake-up call for Twitter,” Ms Criado Perez said.
“It will hopefully have led them to realise that they are not equipped to deal with this kind of thing properly.”
The campaigner said the police also needed to “step up”.
Twitter bosses look set to face questions from MPs when the Culture, Media and Sport Committee examines issues surrounding child protection in the autumn.
Committee chair John Whittingdale said: “I would have thought it very possible that the committee might want, in the course of our inquiry, to talk to Twitter.”
He added: “It isn’t that the law needs to be changed; the question is how you identify people and how you prevent them (from abusing others online).
“That is the big question and it is one we would wish to explore with internet companies to determine whether they are doing as much as they can or whether they should do more. I think that’s
a very live issue.”

Child marriage: Tonto Dike curses at Senators

The actress wrote on her Facebook page…

‘Is so shameful that our so called st*pid OgaAtDtop ar trying to bring back Under age marriage to our gra8 country Nigeria,how can u sit ur stupid a** in dat God 4saken chair calling ur selves Senators and u talkin like bounce on idi*ts, ya kw me I dnt hide ma feelings, u al ar f**ls aka ol*do, m*mu, if u dnt kw youth ar the light of the world make their light shine n stop talking abt teen marriages, n start talking abt better things like (Good roads, electricity, good schools, etc) pals let’s join hands 2geda n support Mrs Stella Damasus on dis campaign SayNoToChild Slavery! My name is Tonto Charity Dikeh I’m a true Nigerian n I’m not scared to say my mind #poko’ Tonto joins a growing number of celebrities protesting the bill.

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Uche Jombo: “If My Husband Cheats, I’ll Turn Him Into A Slave For Life”

In this recent interview about her upcoming movie, Nollywood actress and movie producer Uche Jombo who married a Mexican-American man, Mr Kenney Rodriguez last year is speaking publicly about him since their low-key wedding.
When queried on what she’ll do if she catch her husband cheating, Uche Jombo said she will turn him into a slave for life.

Interview excerpt below

Interviewer: So you believe your husband will or should not cheat on you?
Uche Jombo: I don’t have control over what someone will do, I’m not God. I’m talking about me, how I conduct things. It’s not an option that it will happen, I will not tolerate cheating.

Interviewer: Are you saying you will not forgive the man who cheats on you and is manly enough to say I’m sorry?
Uche Jombo: oh God! You are going to slave for me for life. And do you know any man that will want to slave for a woman for life, answer?
Chai! these are very strong words…. Mr Kenney beware o.
I wonder what Uche Jombo will use to turn him into slave **wink**

Boko Haram’s Perception Among Nigerians: 88% Of Christians & 69% Of Muslims Consider Them As Bad Terrorists

Objective: Nigeria, Africa’s largest nation is plagued with eth­nic, political and religious tensions. Boko Haram, a terrorist labeled organization–operating out of its Muslim predominated north eastern states–is an existential threat to the peace and prosperity of the nation. Considering that all terrorism or rebel­lion is socio-political, this paper investigates the perceptions of
Boko Haram within the major religious groupings.

Method: Data were obtained from survey respondents who participated in a 2013 ENDS internet survey. 414 completed forms were used for the study. Muslims, Christians, “no reli­gion” and “other” were sampled with 10 questions. The ENDS survey was published on several internet fora, with invitation emails sent out to over 25,000 Proud Nigerian forum members.
The social media sites that participated include: Proud Nigerian,END, Nigerian Village Square and News Rescue.

Results: Analysis showed that 69% of Muslims considered Boko Haram bad terrorists, compared to 88% of Christians.
Muslims were more likely to support an amnesty for Boko Ha­ram, with OR 5.5 (P<0.0001). 32 Muslims voted for amnesty,25 rejected it. Of Christians, 238 said no to the amnesty, 24 said yes. 59% of respondents opted not to divide/disintegrate Nigeria to solve insecurity. 47% of Muslims and 30% of Christian res­pondents view Boko Haram as devil worshipers. 50% Muslims and 25% Christians see the government as being behind Boko Haram.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that virtually all Nigerians perceive Boko Haram to be bad terrorists. There is high suspicion across religious lines of government and political involvement. A large number of respondents categorize Boko Haram as devil worshipers. Muslims were observed to be more favorable to amnesty, though most rejected it; and most
Nigerians do not view a disintegration of the country as a solution to the security problems. Importantly, many Nigerians blame politicians and the political process for Boko Haram.

Citation: Brimah P; Adigun R.Perception of Boko Haram among Nigerians. RGUILD 2013;1(1)10002
[Report by Dr. Peregrino Brimah, founder of END]

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Funke Akindele’s Ex-Husband Kehinde Oloyede Blasts Her Fans “I’m Not A Tout Or Garage Boy”

The former husband of Nigerian actress Funke Akindele whom she dumped secretly few weeks ago has taken the case to Encomium magazine.
In a recent interview on Encomium, Mr Kehinde Oloyede popularly called Almaroof debunked online reports claiming he is an illiterate.
Mr Almaroof who claims he works as an Estate developer said he decided to let Funke go in order not to interfere with her career.
Kenny said his friends has advised him to ignore insults from Funke Akindele’s fans calling him an illiterate and all sort of demeaning names.
Check out what Funke Akindele’s ex-husband told
“She’s still married to me. They wrote that I am a tout, from what you are seeing here now, do I look like a tout or garage boy? They also said I’m a drop out, from the way you and I have been speaking, do I speak like someone who did not go to school? I have decided to follow the advice of those who said I should not join issues with her and her supporters. I am not a celebrity. I am an estate developer. She is the star that has her career to protect and I don’t want to be the one to spoil her career“.
Few weeks ago, Almaroof exposed the crack in their marriage when he took to his Facebook page to say he’s done with Funke.
Since then, he hasn’t let go of his ex-movie star wife.
In another interview he granted during the time of the crash, he said he’s still legally married to Funke.
Almaroof should just let the sleeping dogs lie.
Funke has made up her mind not to continue to with him, then let her be.
This is the time for the actress to be more prayerful.
May God deliver her.

President Jonathan Claims Nigeria’s Economy Is Growing, Admits Power Problem On CNN

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan had a face to face interview on CNN Talk in Asia few weeks ago.
This was done during his trip to China for bilateral talks with the country’s President.
In the interview, GEJ said the only problem Nigeria is facing now is the issue of power generation which he termed ‘road block’.
President Jonathan said apart from power generation problem, Nigeria’s economy is a green field.
Anyone agree with him?

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Bukky Ajayi Denies Death Rumour “I’m Not Dead, I’m Alive”

Popular Yoruba actress Bukky Ajayi who was rumoured dead in the wee hours of today has finally spoken up.
In the early hours of Monday the 29th of July, gossips took to their heels to spread the unconfirmed rumour that Bukky Ajayi is dead.
The story became so popular that it got to the hearing of the veteran actress who urged people to ignore the wicked rumour.
In a chat this morning, the actress said over 4 people have ringed her line over the death rumour.
The veteran actress said she didn’t take the matter seriously until she received calls from her daughter and husband.
“I’m hale and hearty, and nothing is wrong with me,” Mama, as the actress is fondly called, said
Though the actress was critically ill for a while but she has since recovered from her age-related illness.
The ex-village headmaster star has retired from acting but she still occasionally features in musical videos by invitation.

Nicki Minaj Flaunts 10K Diamond Engagement Ring After DJ Khaled Proposal (Pictures)

Days after a TV proposal to music idol Nicki Minaj by his label mate DJ Khaled, the singer has been spotted flaunting the 10K diamond engagement ring on several occasions.
Nicki Minaj who is currently engaged to marry her real boyfriend, hype-man Safaree is doing this to promote DJ Khaled’s new album.
According to her, she found the TV proposal a bit funny but she just has to play along in order to promote DJ Khaled’s upcoming album.
According to sources, the $500k Diamond ring DJ Khaled used in proposing to Nicki Minaj was rented from a popular jeweler in the US.
Check out the ring below;
Hope he enjoys the publicist while it lasts.

Taiwo Oyebanjo & CoolFM’s Dotun Ojuolape’ Traditional Wedding Pictures (D’banj’s Younger Sister Weds)

The younger sister of music star Oladapo Oyebanjo aka D’banj, Taiwo Oyebanjo has tied the knot traditionally with her fiance, Dotun Ojuolape of Cool FM.
The celeb-jammed wedding took place on Saturday in Sagamu,Ogun state, the hometown of Taiwo.
Their white wedding has been scheduled for next week Saturday the 3rd of August, 2013.
See more photos from Taiwo Oyebanjo’s traditional wedding below;

Nigerian Blessing Okagbare Wins 100m Race At London Olympics As Africa’s Fastest Woman

Nigerian athlete Blessing Okagbare has broken historical records as the fastest woman in Africa after winning African Women’s 100m race today at the London Olympic Anniversary Games.
She broke the record by coming first and winning in 10.79 seconds.
The talented Nigerian athlete just came back from an injury that kept her bound for months.
The race features winning 100m Olympic gold medalist Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce and luckily Okagbare beats her.
In 2009, Blessing Okagbare scored a 100 m/long jump double at the NCAA Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championship for University of Texas at El Paso, completing an undefeated collegiate streak that year.
In 2010, Blessing won the Nigerian 100 m title, running a time of 11.04 seconds, and stated that she was opting out of the long jump in order to save herself for the upcoming African championships.
What an achievement! Congrats to her.

OkikiJesu Olawuyi, Nigerian Baby Girl Born Without A Skull Gets New Head In The US; Parents Seek Donations

With much expectation, the world is waiting to see OkikiJesu Olawuyi grab a fitting place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Many across the world want to see this happen. And what that means is that a Nigerian child is well on her way to making history once she scales the mountain of surgeries standing in her path of life.
OkikiJesu Olawuyi was born without a skull but not without a will to live. Bones from her hands are being obtained to construct a skull bone to help her live. Amazingly, she is winning this battle for her life at John Hopkins University in far
away United States of America. There, the best hands the world can assemble are with her every passing hour fighting a medical war to give life to a miracle child who has announced to the entire human community that she has something different to offer. First grade surgeons-irrespective of colour, race and tongue are tasking their expertise to see that this wonder of the 21st century lives to tell her story and reports say that they are doing a great job to save her.
OkikiJesu is getting moral and material support from across the world to help her live. An avalanche of support is coming her way. Her parents are carrying the burden of pain and anguish with stoic patience. They are fighting to remedy a medical case they cannot tell how it all started. The child needs a lot more financial assistance to pull through, her father, Mr. Caleb
Olawuyi, says. He disclosed that she needed an additional $500,000 to undergo the final operation that would enable her live a normal life. Experts say that is possible and they can achieve that. While appealing for generous support from
government, corporate organizations and private individuals to help the baby live, Mr. Olawuyi, has equally urged government to set up funds to assist babies afflicted with critical ailments.
Speaking straight from the heart, he noted that one needed to be close to a child in pains to know how it feels.
Since news of the child’s medical condition was disclosed, the world has been aghast. She was born on May 11, 2010 with a rare birth deformity which means over 50 per cent of her skull doesn’t exist. The world has not seen anything of this stuff. In
recorded history, Sunday Sun gathered that this medical condition has never been reported anywhere. The child’s condition is one that appears to have turned medicine on its head, having thrown up tremendous professional challenge to the human race. Now, the very best the world has known are fighting a crunchy battle to overcome this, leaving many – particularly those with hearts of stone- wondering if there is nothing they can offer to help.
Now from the home sector, help is coming for three-year-old Okiki and her parents. Since the condition of the baby became public knowledge, a non profit organization had stepped in to assist. Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care (GIPLC) has been doing all it can to give life to the child whose medical condition is not traceable to her parents. With the assistance of the organization’s Coordinator and Project Manager, Mr. Nuhu Kwajafa, the child and her parents were on May 4, 2013, flown to the United States. There, she is currently undergoing skull reconstruction surgery at the John Hopkins University Medical
Now, the child’s and her father’s cry for help comes ringing through the airways asking Nigerians to help her live. Here is a child the world is interested in. The non-profit organization is doing its best at that level to help her survive. Sunday Sun gathered that while the world was a short while away from screaming uhuru at the wonderful breakthrough, an unforeseen complication arose after over 14 hours of surgery. This followed inconsistencies in her medical history. Besides, her case marked a maiden attempt in paediatric neurosurgery. This, therefore, led to a further accumulation of medical bills totaling
over US$500,000. This bill is spiraling every passing day OkikiJesu and her parents spend at the Johns Hopkins facility.
Specialists in the USA have identified the rare birth deformity which OkikiJesu is suffering, as Congenital Cranial Deficiency.
Before now, she had been to several hospitals but not cured, but luck flashed on her pathway when GIPLC, which is based in Abuja took up her case. Sunday Sun learnt that since then, the organization has recorded significant success in efforts to get medical care for her. Within just a week, it raised about $234,000, an equivalent of N37 million through kind gestures from individuals and groups for her treatment at John Hopkins Hospital.
Kwajafa , just back from the United States, told Sunday Sun that “prior to the complications which arose, what made a determination of the full cost of Okiki’s surgery difficult is that in modern times, it is an extremely rare (perhaps singular) medical condition with no precedence to draw estimates from.
“This latter fact also means that it is equally difficult to tell what other medical complications may arise. An example are fluids that were retained in her cranial cavity which have posed an
unforeseen challenge and may have led to a fatal infection.”
Kwajafa’s worry is that, “OkikiJesu may not be released from hospital until all outstanding bills have been paid. We and her parents are desirous of her condition being fully remedied before she leaves the hospital.” Against this backdrop, he said
“We would like to appeal to the global public to support our cause in ensuring that OkikiJesu Olawuyi lives.”
Medical analysts believe she will be a living testimony if she recovers. According to GIPLC, her case remains the only one of its kind in the world.
When OkikiJesu’s father, Mr. Olawuyi spoke to Sunday Sun on telephone from John Hopkins Hospital, he expressed optimism that the girl was doing well and had remained in stable condition. He said “We thank God that she is responding
positively to every operation performed on her. The doctors attending to her are also pleased with her present condition.
They said she is a miracle child,because she is so far the only child in the world with this kind of health condition.
“They told us that there is no case of her type in medical history at their disposal the world over. There are three renowned doctors attending to OkikiJesu and the experience is so great.
“They keep assuring us that everything will be fine soon. We are also hoping positively and asking God to deliver our child.”
In a voice laden with emotion, he appealed to Nigerians to assist the child to live through their generous donations, pointing out that with money available, the baby was sure to survive.
“But our greatest challenge here is the cost of her treatment in the hospital. It’s indeed a very tough experience for us as parents.
The medical bill keeps increasing daily and has since been piling up. The treatment has over-shot the initial bill that was given to us before we came, because her condition exceeded their estimation.
The major issue is the hospital bill and not really our up-keep,that is, myself, my wife and our 15-month old baby, (Okiki’s younger sister). She is currently at the intensive care unit (ICU).
This costs between $6,000 and $10,000 daily. Sometimes, two nurses are stationed to take care of her daily and it costs a lot of money.
“The good thing is that they are not taking any chance. They are all over her all the time. They are monitoring her regularly especially as she is an international patient. The bill is growing higher,” he lamented.
Okiki’s father further stated that for “every parent of a child with this critical health challenge, one only manages to sleep and to wake up hoping that the next day would be different. We have gone through this trauma all this while. Though, we have faith in God but every passing day, we are afraid for her life.
Here in the hospital, as critical as her condition is , we are living and sharing her pains more so that the bills pile up every moment.
“ We appeal to Nigerians not to give up on Okiki. With their support, God will not disappoint us because she keeps improving daily. All the operations have been very critical. They took bones from her hand and leg to construct her skull. And
she is doing fine.
“We appreciate efforts by all Nigerians including individuals, groups and corporate organizations. Everybody has been very
supportive. We thank the Nigerian government, the National Assembly, and particularly the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honourable Aminu Tambuwal and other kind-
hearted people and members of our family for their support.
“On behalf of our daughter Okiki, and other children and parents in this condition, we urge government to institute a Special Trust Fund to take care of such rare and critical cases in the country. This fund should be adequately funded to cater for such critical needs.
“For us, Okiki’s parents, we are in this condition but hope that one day God will deliver us.
“In this situation, we repeat our appeal for quick intervention from the government and other Nigerians. Our wish here is that others should be spared this experience. We plead further with
government to establish a fund to cater for such children in this condition.”
Your donations go directly to Okiki’s account with John
Hopkins Medical International.
For more info call GIPLC on 08089693240, 08163183797, 08085101664

[Report from DENNIS MERNYI, Abuja Sunday Sun]

Siobhan Riley: ABC12 News Reporter Draws Male Organ On Live TV

It’s not her fault she is just doing her job.
Above is the live sketch made by a female news reporter with ABC 12 News in Michigan earlier this week.
Siobhan Riley, a US-based news reporter with ABC News didn’t notice what she drew on the screen until after the bulletin ended.
Riley was doing this to illustrate traffic hold-ups caused by building construction works in the US.
A news viewer who noticed what Riley put on the screen quickly uploaded it to YouTube with over 300,000 views within 24 hours.
What was she thinking?

Personally Video: Michael Jackson’s Brother Thanks P-Square For Honouring Late MJ

Jermaine Jackson, the elder brother of late pop sensation,Michael Jackson has come out to appreciate Nigeria’s musical duo P-Square (Paul and Peter Okoye) over their tribute video to Michael Jackson.
The last single released by P-square titled Personally includes some dance moves that mimick that of MJ when he was alive.
The singers might not have expected this, but in a one minute video, Jermaine honours the twins for remembering his late brother

Latest News On ASUU Strike 2013: New Deal With Nigerian FG Rejected “We’ll Not Call Off Strike” – Officials

The ongoing strike by ASUU (Nigeria’s Academic Staff Union of Universities) seems to be taking longer than usual as a new deal with the federal government has been rejected by the officials.
The latest news is that the union has refused to call off strike after rejecting FG’S plan to re-negotiate their 2009 Agreement.
This was made known by Dr Ifeanyi Abada, the Chairman of UNN-ASUU while briefing newsmen in Nsukka after a congress attended by some national and zonal officers.
Abada explained that the union took this stand because government did not sign the agreement under duress.
He said UNN-ASUU and other chapters of the union nationwide were determined to withdraw their services until the federal government implemented the agreement.
“ASUU cannot be cajoled by any unbridled campaign or blackmail as being paddled by some federal government’s officials.
“The union is worried by the insincerity of government and condemns this perfidy in its entirety’’, he said.
Abada said ASUU was also demanding the removal of Prof. Julius Okogie, the NUC Secretary, for fanning the embers of hatred against members of the union.
“Okogie, who is supposed to mediate between ASUU and government, had regrettably morphed into another political valve through which universities were further demeaned and derailed.
“Okogie should be invited by government to account for over N100 billion Universities Stabilisation Fund.
“He has demonstrated that he has outlived his usefulness and bereft of innovative ideas and aptitude to turn universities around’’, he said.
He called on education stakeholders, the clergy and traditional rulers to prevail on government to respect the 2009 agreement it entered with ASUU to improve standards in tertiary institutions.
“We are not asking for government to fill our pockets with money, but that universities should be well funded.
“It is unfortunate that students in some universities take lectures in open spaces and in stadiums like in UNN.
“We are tired of producing half-baked graduates because of ill-equipped libraries, laboratories and lack of classrooms, while some politicians squander money meant to develop the country’’, he said.
Former UNN-ASUU chairman, Prof. Aloysius Okolie, decried government’s inability to allocate 26 per cent of its annual budget to education
He explained that that was the minimum percentage as recommended by UNESCO.
“This is an indication that government does not care about the quality of education in the country.
“Government should consider the future of Nigerian students and fulfill its own part of agreement it reached with ASUU.
“It is noteworthy that war torn Somalia and other smaller countries of the world who value education allocate above 26 per cent to education’’, he said.
Dr Chide Osuagwu, Zonal Coordinator, ASUU Nsukka Zone,comprising UNN, UNiZIK, ESUT, Anambra State University and Ebony State University, said ASUU had exercised enough
patience since 2009.
“ASUU will not attend any re-negotiating meeting called by government. If government had known it cannot implement the agreement, why did it sign it?’’
About 200 lecturers attended the UNN-ASUU congress, which lasted for several hours.
So when will this strike end?
[Report with PM News Lagos]

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Nigerian Women Reject Underage Marriage, Child Bride – Blasts Yerima & Other Senators

Women’s rights stakeholders today in Lagos called for Section 29(4) (b), the proposed constitutional provision by which female children would be marriageable, to be expunged from the Nigerian constitution.
Organized by the Women Arise Initiative for Change and moderated by a former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili,the stakeholders’ conference, which saw the assemblage of various advocacy groups and experts on child rights, criticized the idea and those who supported it.
The meeting was held against the backdrop of the widespread nationwide condemnation of the proposed constitutional provision, and participants, describing it as obnoxious, were
unanimous that it must be expunged from the nation’s constitution.
In a communiqué issued after the conference, stakeholders also called on State Houses of Assembly that are yet to domesticate the Child Rights Act to do so immediately and maintain the
marriageable age at 18 years.
They also called on Nigeria, as a responsible member of the international community, to immediately domesticate and fulfill her obligations with regards to all International and Regional
treaties on women such as CEDAW, without further delay.
Furthermore, the communique called for all known violators of the Child Rights Act and Laws in all the states of the Federation to be prosecuted to serve as deterrence to others.
According to Mrs. Ezekwesili, copies of the communique were immediately forwarded to the leadership of the Senate in Abuja.

The stakeholders’ communiqué is reproduced below:
Communiqué of the Stakeholders’ Meeting on the 1999 Constitution Amendment as it relates to Women and Girl Child’s Right organized by Women Arise at the Airport Hotel,Ikeja on July 25, 2013

A one-day Stakeholders’ Meeting on the Girl-Child’s right held today July 25th 2013 at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja at the instance of the Women Arise for Change Initiative against the background of the recent debates and votes in the Senate on the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Review on the 1999 Constitution particularly as it affect the provision of the Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The introduction of religion as a tool of confusion by Senator Ahmed Yerima which led to a second vote that ultimately defeated the popular votes that supported the deletion of the obnoxious provision of Section 29 (4) (b) is really worrisome and a cause for serious public concern. The stakeholders’ meeting was therefore called to mobilize existing popular public opinion against the actions of those that are bent of using the
platform of the Senate to advance the violation of the rights of the girl child . The objective of the stakeholders’ meeting of today is to mobilize public opinion, the National Assembly and the State Houses of Assembly to protect the rights of women
and the girl child.

Whereas the idea of reviewing the 1999 Constitution such that it can be genuinely be a peoples constitution is a welcome development and an important democratic enterprise;
Whereas Section 29 (4) (b) has always been part of the 1999 Constitution;
Whereas there was no bill proposing the legitimization of Child marriage;
Whereas the Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution in its wisdom rightly and patriotically recommended that Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution should be deleted;
Whereas Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution is a violation of the rights of the girl-child to the enjoyment of her youth, and her rights as guaranteed by International, Regional and National conventions;
Whereas the initial votes by Senators was favourable to the deletion of the obnoxious section of the 1999 Constitution Whereas based on the insistence of Senator Ahmed Yerima a second vote altered the previous overwhelming majority decision to delete Section 29 (4) (b).
After extensive deliberations on the above aforementioned, we the undersigned on behalf of ourselves and different organizations hereby at the Stakeholders meeting do resolve to do as follows:-

That we unequivocally demand the deletion of Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as originally proposed by the Senate Committee on Constitution Review.
That State Houses of Assembly that are yet to domesticate the Child Rights Act should do so immediately and maintain the provision of marriageable age as 18 years.
That Nigeria as a responsible member of the international community should immediately domesticate and fulfill her obligations with regards to all International and Regional treaty
on women such as CEDAW without further delay.
The Violence Against Persons Bill pending before the National Assembly and the Gender Equal Opportunity Bill before the State Houses of Assembly should be passed without further
All known violators of the Child Rights Act and Laws in all the states of the Federation must be prosecuted to serve as deterrence to others.
Women organizations and all supportive Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations, NGOs and Social Organizations shall form a broad coalition to continue monitor the National Assembly and the State House of
Assembly to ensure the deletion of section 29 (4) (b).
That Girls and Women issues that have come to the centre of public agitation should be mainstreamed into all aspects of public policy.
We adopt the letter delivered to the leadership of the Senate by Gender and Constitution Reform Network (GECORN).
[Culled from Sahara Reporter]

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Al-Mustapha Wanted To Kill & Hang Me Inside Aso Rock; How He Drove Me Into Exile In The USA – Alex Kabba

It is no longer news that the notorious Major Al Mustapha, the former Chief Security Officer, CSO, to the Late dictator General Sani Abacha drove me into exile in the USA. What is news
happened late last week when a Federal appeal court in Lagos,Nigeria freed Al Mustapha of all counts of Capital Murder of Kudirat Abiola, the wife of the late Chief MKO Abiola, whose annulled June 12 1993 election victory plunged Nigeria into political anarchy; which almost led to the break-up of the Country. During the reign of Abacha, Al Mustapha terrorized the country to no end. Even then, serving generals were afraid of him. Now a feckless appeal court and a bungling prosecuting team have freed this murderer, who wanted to kill me and hang my hide in ASO Rock for dart games is now breathing the air of freedom made possible by democracy, which he so persecuted us for because he wanted Abacha and the Military to rule forever.
Suspicion has arisen that this judgment which freed Al Mustapha may not stand the smell test. Consider what has happened since his freedom. The Military authorities in Nigeria have made it known that Al-Mustapha is still in the army and
will soon be decorated with a new rank of Brigadier-General presumably the rank of his mates (since denied by the military).
It cannot be said that the Military authorities will gleefully announce that a disgraced and fallen murderer would be promoted without ASO Rock having no inkling of the development. A man who pursued me in Abuja in 1994 to 1995 with Vengeance detaining me in Alagbon, (Lagos), Wuse, Kuje (Abuja), detention Centers and finally sending a 20-man Killer squad made up of soldiers, State security services , SSS,operatives and Policemen to arrest me and finish me off is now allegedly to be promoted to a two –star general for all the atrocities that he committed with his Boss, Abacha. Could this be a desperate political play by President Goodluck Jonathan’s
2015 calculations?
What do we tell the family of Bagauda James Kaltho, a Journalist Colleague of Mine at the Abuja Bureau of THE NEWS / TEMPO/ PM / News, who succeeded me as bureau chief after I fled to the USA, who was eventually murdered by
the goons of Al Mustapha and his body dumped at the Durbar Hotel, Kaduna and destroying his name by blood-labeling him as a bomber?. I cannot believe that a civilian government will
attempt to use a serial killer like Al Mustapha for any useful purpose in a democracy, which the Yobe-born Major fought so hard to abort. A military major who, on account of his activities,
dislocated my life and that of my family and barely escaped his killers by the grace of God. We wait to see what the powers that be in Abuja are planning with the schemed release and probable
elevation of Al Mustapha.
Since President Jonathan does not know history of those who fought for the democracy that he is enjoying now, I call on him to promote Al Mustapha to a four Star general and make him his chief of Army Staff so that he can make history to repeat itself.
A writer wrote that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
I hope Jonah is listening. Any role for Al- Mustapha so soon after his technical acquittal of murder of numerous Nigerians whom he killed in cold blood would make the Nigerian President an accomplice of Abacha and Al Mustapha, to be
spitting on the graves of the heroic Nigerian fighters for democracy, many of whom lost their lives, and many scattered in exile un-rehabilitated.
Al Mustafa’s quick rehabilitation in the book of President Jonathan taught me two lessons: this kind of swift rehabilitation of murderers and criminals is the reason why not many are willing to die for Nigeria and which is why Nigeria under
President Goodluck Jonathan has become one of open sesame of Looting, Kidnapping, and abuse of Presidential Power.
The Ingrates who inherited power have forgotten the blood and the suffering of the patriots who fought Abacha to a stand still to smoothen their way to Aso Rock and are now behaving like
drunks who do not know how democracy came to the country.
At the appropriate time we will tell them.

[Report by Alex Okiemute Kabba]

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Basketmouth Buys Honda Crosstour Car For Wife As Birthday Gift

Talented Nigerian comedian Basketmouth has just bought a brand new Honda Crosstour 2013 car for his wife, Mrs Elsie Uzoma Okpocha.
On the 14th of July, 2013, Elsie celebrated her birthday and to her surprise, her hubby left a car for her outside as a surprise birthday gift.
Last year, Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth bought a multi-million naira insignia car. He was the first person to own it in Africa.
Basketmouth don hammer big time. His gift has paved way for him.
Congrats to Elsie.

D’banj’s Sister Taiwo Oyebanjo To Wed (Pre-Wedding Pictures)

D’banj’s Sister Taiwo Oyebanjo’s Wedding For August; She’ll Marry Dotun Ojuolape Of Cool FM Taiwo Oyebanjo, the younger sister of Koko master D’banj and her fiance Dotun Ojuolape of CoolFM are set to tie the knot officially in August, 2013.

Their traditional wedding will hold this coming Saturday the 27th of July, 2013 while their white wedding has been scheduled for the following Saturday, August 3rd, 2013.

Check out more pre-wedding photos of the beautiful couple below

Dammn! D’banj’s younger sister fine o.

Taiwo Oyebanjo is the twin sister of Kay Switch.
Congrats to them..

Bird Turns Into A Witch Woman In Lagos State, Nigeria (Picture)

On Thursday the 25th of July , 2013, the area residents of Okokomaiko in Lagos state Nigeria experienced a real life spiritual transformation involving a bird and a woman.
According to eyewitnesses, three large birds were spotted over the sky on Afromedia st in the early hours of Thursday.
Few minutes later, one of the birds fell and landed in water.
To everyone’s surprise, the bird that fell into the water suddenly changed into an aged woman pictured above.
We used to watch this in movies and now it’s a real life experience.
According to another eye-witness, police officers were called in after the strange spiritual transformation and the woman was taken into custody.
While she was being interrogated on the spot, she confessed she is from Ikole town in Ekiti State and that they’re coming from a meeting when something suddenly hit her.
She was on a stand-still for several minutes before landing into a pool of water.
As we speak, the fate of the alleged witch woman is still unknown.
How will police officials handle this kind of spiritual situation?
May God help them.

Woman Sells Her Baby For N100,000 In Imo State “I Bought The Baby In Owerri” – Suspect

Imo State police officials are now investigating how a 27 year old housewife, Mrs Njideka Okorie eloped with six months pregnancy and went into hiding where she was later delivered of a baby girl which she sold to one Agatha Okoronkwo for N100,000.
Saturday Sun gathered that Njideka has been married to Samuel Okorie , for over 10 years. The marriage was already blessed with four children while they were expecting the fifth child, the wife eloped with six months pregnancy from their home in Orlu, Imo State.
The housewife also fled her matrimonial home with the other four children in March and returned four months after, precisely on July 5,2013, with the four kids, but without the pregnancy of their fifth child.
It was learnt that the inability of Njideka to explain what happened to their baby led the husband to lodge a complaint against her at the Orlu police station.
While confirming the development, the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Katsina told Saturday Sun that ,” I have to send my ‘Police Ambush Squad’ to arrest Njideka Okorie and she confessed that she delivered the baby on June 27, 2013 but that she sold it for N100,000 to one Agatha Okoronkwo . She said the child is a female and was sold when she was three weeks old.”The police boss stated that the police detectives travelled to Isieka Ihiala in Anambra State to arrest the suspect, Agatha Okoronkwo , a civil servant who allegedly bought the three-week old child.
The complainant, Samuel Okorie told Saturday Sun that,” I was shocked that before I came to the house, my wife has eloped with my four children and my six months old pregnancy she has for me.” He added that “suddenly, she appeared again after two months . She came with my four children . But I didn’t see the pregnancy again and there was no baby. I was not happy and reported the case to Orlu police station.”
Okorie explained that, “ It was when my wife was arrested by the police that she confessed to have sold a-three week old baby for N100,000 to a woman in Ihiala in Anambra State. Thank God that the police recovered the baby.”
“I didn’t quarrel or have any misunderstanding with her. We were living together in peace. I was surprised that my wife left the house suddenly “, he added. In her confessions on why she sold her baby, Njideka said “ It was the work of the devil. I
have never had any misunderstanding with my husband . I just left suddenly and I went to deliver the baby and later sold it for N100,000. I delivered the baby and sold it after three weeks.
“I came back to my husband’s house and with his four children and he asked me about the pregnancy but I didn’t say anything.
He later went to report the matter to the police and I was arrested. It was then that I confessed that I sold the child for N100,000. The police followed me to my father’s house and they recovered N78,000 out of the N100,000 I received from
the sale of the child.”
In her own explanation, Agatha Okoronkwo stated that “ It was when she (Njideka) contacted me and I needed a child. I work at the Red Cross Organization. I bought the child for N100,000. I
needed a baby and bought the three-week old baby from her in Owerri..”
The state police commissioner said his command had recovered the baby and handed her over to a rehabilitation home. He said the suspects will soon be charged to court after thorough investigation.
What a heartless mother!
After 9 months of pregnancy, all she could do is to sell her innocent baby girl.
God have mercy.
[Culled from Saturday Sun]

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