“The Pro & Cons Of Marrying An Handsome Nigerian Man” – 80- Year-Old Grandma Speaks

Pictured above is 80-year-old Naija
Grandmother, Mrs Sarah Adeyinka who was born in Ifo LGA of Abeokuta back in 1934.
In a recent chat with Motunrayo Joel, the grandma narrated the joy and struggles in her marital journey.

Read the interview excerpt below:

When did you get married?
I got married at a young age. I was 20 years old when I got married. That should be around 1954 but I can’t really remember the exact date. Back then, once one had found a potential partner or spouse, there was no need wasting time. I didn’t see myself as being too young to marry. I loved my husband and he loved me too. There was no need pretending otherwise to ourselves.

How did you meet?
I met him through my brother; he was my brother’s friend. The day he saw me he just liked me and he told my brother that he wanted to marry me. He was based in Lagos while I was based in Ogun State, but we used to visit ourselves regularly. If he wasn’t coming over to see me, I was the one travelling to see him. We courted for two years before getting married.

What qualities attracted him to you?
He was charming and good looking. I
liked his physique . So many men had
approached me, seeking my hand in marriage but I wasn’t attracted to them. My husband caught my attention the first day I saw him. Till today, I love him; my love for him hasn’t changed. I still remember our wedding day, it was a beautiful day; we danced until we had no more strength left in us. We were so happy and I can never forget that day.

What challenges have you faced in your marriage?
I have a sweet marriage and I still love my husband till today. The only issue I have is his weakness for women. He ended up marrying three more wives after me. When I realised that I couldn’t handle his having
other women in the house, I moved out to be on my own. I’m someone that doesn’t like stress; I prefer staying on my own so I can enjoy peace.

How many children do you have?
I have seven children. Some are based in Lagos and others in Ogun State. They are all doing well for themselves.

Are you still married to your husband?
Yes, we are still husband and wife but we live separately. I live in my house here in Lagos while he lives in his house in Sagamu, Ogun State with his younger wife.
He came for my 80th birthday. We rekindled our love for each other that day.

How do you mean when you said
rekindled your love for each other?

I mean we re-read our marriage vows.

How was it like?
I was happy. We danced together just like the day we got married

How did you support your husband in raising your children?
I supported him with the money I made from my business. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. I’m happy that all my children have a means of income and are doing well for themselves.

What is your view on men marrying more than one wife?
It is not something every woman wishes for;
I accepted it as my fate. My father also had more than one wife, so I see it as a weakness that is common among men.

What is your advice to young couples?
Life is about patience, there is no reason to rush into marriage. Young women should make sure they go into marriage with their two eyes open. They should also pray very well and listen to their parents’ advice.

(Source: Naijagists)

Confession Of Edo Boy Who Slept With Five Dogs

An 18-year-old boy identified as Ighodaro who
hailed from Edo was arrested last week by Iguosa villagers in Ovia NE LGC of Edo state and handed over to the police after he was caught in the act with a dog in an isolated building.
His confession reads:

“I learnt welding around Iheya. I don’t know when I slept with the dog, I slept with dogs five times.
Some of the dogs bit me, I have been bitten two times and each time I have a dog bite my grand father will treat me”
“When I call them, I will be rubbing their head,
petting them so that they will feel free with me. I will be playing with them and they will follow me.
They will bark at me some times, and when I notice that it is serious I will leave them. Any one that is friendly with me, I take that one to an uncompleted building and have sex”.
“I had a girlfriend last year but we are no longer together. I started sleeping with dogs this year around March. I don’t know what is wrong with me.
None of my relations knows I sleep with dogs. In this particular case, the dog is very familiar with me; so it was easy to lure it away. While I was having sex with the dog, one man saw me and ran to inform the Odionwere. They now came to pick me and they asked the police to go and check me and see if I have any disease. I don’t know what is wrong with me”.
Speaking on the incident, the state commissioner of Police, Folusho Adebanjo, condemned the act, saying that Ighodaro will be charged to court
“It was the people of that community that arrested the boy and called the police.He was taken to Owotubu Division before he was transferred to the state Police Command Headquarters. What he has done is classified under Unnatural Offences, Section 214 Sub-Section Two which says that any person
who has carnal knowledge of an animal is guilty of a felony and he is liable for imprisonment for 14 years if he is found guilty. We are going to charge him to court. You can see that the guy is not denying anything. He made a confessional statement that he has been sleeping with dogs since March and he has done it five times. I was very worried because this is an unnatural offence and it can bring problem to any community. You can imagine a human being sleeping with a dog what will that dog produce in some months time; , you can see it is a bizarre situation. The boy looks normal unless if he has spiritual problem because I can’t imagine some body sleeping with a dog. He said he had a girl friend before; you can imagine if he decides to sleep with another woman what he will give the woman and that is how they spread
diseases particularly now that we have different diseases, It is really shocking that we experience this type of issue every day in our country. I am very worried but thank God that the community people have killed that dog because they said what the boy committed was a taboo”

Chei!!! Abomination of the highest order.

How Kidnappers Use Pretty Girls Pictures On Badoo.Com To Lure & Kill Men

April 19, 2014 – How Kidnappers Use Pretty Girls
On Pictures Badoo.Com To Lure & Kill Men Members of a five-man gang of kidnappers, including a lady, have given a gory detail of how they lure men through a popular online dating website known as Badoo to a lonely spot where they attack and rob them of their valuables while the unfortunate ones will be strangled.

The suspects, Micheal Eneji, his brother, Emmanuel Eneji, Chukwu Chibueze, Gift Princess, and Lekia Emmaden Isaac, were apprehended by the Rivers State police command days after the family of one of their latest victims, Shola Olaseinde reported the victim missing.

He was later found in a decomposing state in a bush, close to a deserted pipeline area at Eleme, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Few metres away, was also the decomposed body of another victim, who was later identified as Mr. Progress Benin Disi, a staffer of Shell Oil servicing company whose family had also reported missing since March 7, 2014.
On their arrest, the state Commissioner of Police,
Tunde Ogunsakin told Saturday Sun that the command acted on the complaint by the family of one of their victims, Shola Olaseinde who got missing on March 26, 2014.

“When his family waited for him and could not reach him, they lodged a complaint and I instructed the officer in charge of anti-kidnapping, CSP Akan to hunt for the missing father and husband.
“Through intelligence gathering, we were able to arrest the gang of four men and a lady. They led us to Ebubu, Eleme, Rivers State, at an abandoned shell pipeline borrow pit where the corpse of Shola was lying in a decomposed state. Few metres away was also the decomposed body of another victim, Mr. Progress Benin Disi, a staffer of Shell Oil servicing company.”
Explaining the gang’s modus operandi, CP Ogunsakin said: “Normally they pose as women on most of these dating sites. As soon as they lure their victim, they would arrange a meeting. The lady’s duty is to meet with the men who are normally very rich. As soon as they get them, she will lure them to a secluded place and alert members of their gang. They will overpower
the individual and tie the person up while they
withdraw money from his account through ATM.
“I hope that Nigerians will learn a lesson from this and realise that in as much as great and useful information can be got on net, it is also an avenue for fraud.”
At the police station, the leader of the gang, Michael Eneji, a 27-year-old footballer confessed to the crime and said that his gang didn’t know that the late Shola would not be able to escape from the forest after dispossessing him of his valuables.
In his words: “When I couldn’t afford to pay my school fees, I decided to go into love dating scam. I dwell mainly on Badoo chat that most Nigerian men visit regularly. I surf the net and select pictures of black models and impersonate them. As soon as they see this picture, some will send a message and I will reply.
They will ask for my number and I will give them. I also have a Tecno phone that has a special voice prompt that allows a man to sound like a woman.
Once I establish a contact, I will go to the next step which is to convince them that I will satisfy their sexual urge.
“Pretending to be a big girl, I will tell them to meet me at a Conoil petrol station, before the trailer park along Eleme road while one of my boys, Chibueze will go there and meet them as my domestic servant and direct them to my house. To convince them to come, I will claim that I live in one of the estates alone and it
will be safer to meet there so that they will not be caught.
“In their car, Chibueze will tell them to drive towards a deserted place where we will lay ambush. Dressed in police uniform, we will stop them and demand to know what they are doing in such a deserted place. We will overpower them and tie their hands and legs while we take their valuables, including their ATM cards.
“Two of us will go to the bank and withdraw money from their account through their ATM. If there is no money in the account, we will loosen the rope and disappear. This will enable the person to untie himself and go home.”
According to Eneji, they have fleeced so many men before they were arrested. “I never knew that Mr. Disi and Shola did not escape till I was arrested. I can only recall that both of them had so much money in their accounts, so we decided to keep them for some days to enable us to withdraw enough money from their accounts”, he added.
On how he lured their latest victim, the suspect said:
“Shola showed interest in having an affair with the lady he saw on my Badoo display picture. He demanded to see her, so I told him that I am free around 7pm and he told me that it was the perfect time to hang out.
“At about that time, he drove to the spot with his driver and Chibueze, who was on ground, joined him. He directed them to the spot and we took over the car, tied him and the driver up. He did not have much cash with him unlike the others. When we got to the bank, I realised that he had about N4.5 million in his account.
Blindfolded, we took him further into the bush and
decided to keep him there for some days to enable us to empty that account while the driver must have escaped from the initial spot where he was tied. Few days later, we were arrested. I never knew that he did not escape alive,” Eneji narrated.
Continuing, he said: “The second victim, Mr Disu was not my contract. It was Elijah the leader of another group that contracted me to help execute the job. I became interested when he told me that the maga (the late Disu) works with Shell company. All I did was to lure him to visit by promising him good sex. I do not know if they killed him because of the huge amount that was found in his account. The truth is that we do
not kill, but rob them of their valuables. We will sell the car, withdraw as much as we can from their ATM and disappear. We know that such crime might not be reported because the man will not tell his family or the police why he was robbed to protect his image. It is unfortunate that they died; we left them there still breathing. The only difference is that we did not loosen the rope so that they can easily escape.”
On the role of the lady in their midst, Eneji said: “She is my fiancée and I normally use her to further convince our target to assume that we are real. If the target insists that I should come and see him, I will send my girl to go and meet him. She will be the one that will lure them to the spot where we can take over.”
He also revealed that he is known in Badoo as Cindy and Empress. “Once you search for beautiful models on Google search, you will have so many options. If you want so many toasters, select the ones that expose their breasts. I am terribly sorry that these men died in the process. We found out that it is easier to collect money in exchange for sex.
“I dropped out of school because my rich relatives refused to help my mother to train us. I can only get money from them if I send a woman to go and seduce them. I am terribly sorry.”
Another suspect, Lekia Emmaden Isaac, corroborating Eneji’s story, said that it was his duty to tie victims up.
“We have done that severally and when we return, we will realise that they have gone back. I did not kill Mr Shola; all I did was to tighten him up very well so that he will not escape immediately. I was shocked when I heard that he was found dead. It is possible that snake attacked him since he was kept in a deserted area.”
Yet another suspect, Chibueze, 17, who acted as
Eneji’s domestic servant, said his duty was just to take the victim to the spot where he will be attacked. “I did not participate in the main robbery; all I did was to take the suspect to the point where he will be robbed. To convince the victim that I am not part of the set-up, they will also beat me up and I will run away. After the
operation, they will give me my own share of the loot.”
The only girl in their midst, Gift Princess claimed that her service was only needed if there is need to see the man in question or speak with him further on phone.
“During Shola saga, he called requesting that I should direct him. I then told him that my domestic servant will wait for him at the agreed spot. He later called back complaining that he was not comfortable with the route that they passed through. Unfortunately, he was already at the spot and my fiancée, Eneji and others
took over from there. I was only helping my husband to raise enough money to pay my bride price,” Gift confessed.

[Saturday Sun]

Confession Of A UNILAG Runs Girl “Why Ladies Sleep With Different Men”

A lady who identified herself as Lady D just sent us an email on why students sleep with different men.

Read the content of the letter below:

I just want to tell you that it’s not our fault that we go about servicing all kinds of men for the sake of money.
Many guys do yahoo and armed robbery to survive but ladies can’t do all that and since we are aware that these men will always need women to enjoy their money with them, there is nothing bad if we make ourselves available for you men and we get paid for our professional services.
Or can you people stay without a woman for one
month? We are just helping men with our body…
Times are hard. My parents can’t raise enough money for my school fees and my accommodation in school, so how will I feed, buy clothes, make-up and look good like other girls if I don’t help my self? Many ladies are doing it here in my school and even other schools. It is condition that caused it.
People should understand that everything has
changed! – Lady D

Do you agree with her?

“Nigerian Youths Are The Saddest People In The World” – Int’l Youth Foundation

According to a recent survey put together by IYF,
International Youth Foundation and CSIS (Center for strategic & Int’l studies), Nigerian youths have been ranked world’s #1 most unhappy people.

The Youth Wellbeing Index released on the 4th of April, 2014, interviewed youths from 30 different countries between ages 12-24 years old using 6 aspects of their lives.

Nigeria ranked last in education in the countries
surveyed; 29th in healthcare only better than Uganda; also ranked 29th in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT); came last in providing safety and security for its youth; 27th position in the area of economic opportunities for youth and 17th position in citizen participation.

According to the survey, Australian Youths are the happiest in the world.

Married Man Slumped & Died After Sex Romp With Stranger In Benin Hotel

The insatiable quest for sex by a 44-year-old
businessman, Julius Iyenakpe has led to his early death as he allegedly slumped and died in a hotel room in Benin, the Edo State capital while making love to a woman whose identity is still unknown.
The incident is coming barely eight days after another 70-year-old man died in a hotel room in Benin while making love to a married woman.
Iyenakpe, father of three who hailed from Agenebode, Etsako East local government area, was said to have commissioned his new house in December last year.
Family sources said the deceased hurriedly left home last Tuesday around 9 a.m after refusing the breakfast prepared by his wife, but ended up at Edesogie Hotel, located at No. 2, Obanor Street, off Dumez Road with his unknown lover.
It was learnt that two hours later, the lovers who paid for one hour short time duration failed to come out of the hotel room.
This was said to have prompted the hotel attendants to force the door open, only to discover the lifeless body of Iyenakpe, indicating that the unknown female lover had absconded.
Besides sperm allegedly seen all over his body, a
packet of sex-enhancing tablet, Viagra was also
allegedly found in Iyenakpe’s pocket.
It was learnt that policemen from the Ugbekun police division who recovered his lifeless body allegedly recovered his Toyota Pathfinder SUV, his mobile phone and a cheque of N20 million said to have been issued in favour of the deceased by one of the palm oil companies in the state.
Confirming her husband’s death, Mrs. Iyenakpe said it was when she called his phone that a woman after inquiring if she was the wife, informed her that her husband had an accident and requested her to report at Ugbekun police station where the news of his death was broken to her.
She said she had on one occasion fought her husband at a hotel when she learned that he was there with another woman.
Edo State Commissioner of Police, Foluso Adebanjo, confirmed the death of the man in Benin when contacted yesterday.

[Reported By Tony Osauzo, Sun News Benin]

Cultists On Rampage Killed Student At AAU In Ekpoma

Pandemonium struck in Ekpoma yesterday after one student of AAU (Ambrose Alli University) was shot dead during a rivalry war involving cult members.
Meanwhile, soldiers and battle ready mobile policemen took over the university, yesterday, following the crisis which was as a result of the Students Union Government (SUG) election.
Edo State Police Commissioner, Mr Foluso Adebanjo, who confirmed that one person was shot dead, disclosed that about seven persons had been arrested and vowed to crack down on the perpetrators of the violence.
According to Sunday Vanguard, the crisis stemmed from the battle by rival cult groups in the university determined to impose their members as leaders of the SUG. Some armed students were said to have started the shooting at about 5pm on Friday at the university gate.
The fight later moved to the university town as
members of the rival cult groups commenced house to house search of their targets. It was in that process that one student was shot dead. The shooting continued prompting the Edo CP to deploy more policemen to the area.

Gay Boy Who Raped Primary School Students In Jigawa Arrested

Nigeria Security & Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC officers in Jigawa State have arrested a young boy for allegedly raping under aged boys in the state.
Muhammed Gidado, Jigawa NSCDC’s Commandant
announced his arrest during a press briefing in Dutse yesterday.
Gidado said the suspect, identified as Sule who resided in Tsada, Dutse LGA of Jigawa allegedly lured his under-aged victims with N20 and raped them.
“The suspect was arrested after he raped an eight-year-old boy (name withheld) of the same area”.
“The suspect committed the crime severally, giving his victims N20 each as token,” Gidado stated.
According to him, the interim medical report from Rashid Shekoni Specialist Hospital, Dutse, confirmed penetration of the little boy.
He alleged that the suspect confessed committing the crime during preliminary investigation on the matter, adding that the suspect claimed that he was introduced to the act (homosexualism) by his fellow students, Usman and Aliyu and three others, who used
him and gave him N100 as token”.
Gidado further said the suspect would be charged once investigation concludes.

Benson Idahosa University, BIU Student Raped To Death Buried In Benin.RIP Deborah Bassey

Ms Deborah Bassey, a 22-year-old sickle cell patient and a student of BIU who was recently raped to death by an unknown person has been laid to rest.
The lifeless body of Deborah, a 300-level Accounting student and a devout Christian, was recovered from the road at the Upper Adesuwa area of Benin city, Edo state.
On the fateful night, Deborah had gone to the Sickle Cell Centre on Reservation Road, Benin City to receive medical attention. At some point, she reportedly told the staff at the centre to open the gate for her, maintaining that she wanted to go to the church. That decision proved fatal. She never got home, neither did she return to the hospital alive.
Recounting how she received the news of the death of her daughter, Deborah’s bereaved mother, Mrs. Felicia Bassey said the young lady had said she was going to the hospital for medical attention, adding that Deborah was always going to the hospital by herself.
“So, after waiting for some time in the house, I decided to go and meet her in the hosiptal. Before I got there, one of the staff said my daughter had left the hospital in the night, that my daughter said she was going to the church.
“So, I now quickly rushed to the church. When I got there, they said they did not see her in the church. They said I should sit down, that they would look for her. The pastors now rallied round before they told me that they saw her on the road, that she had an accident.”
Mrs. Bassey gave thanks to God for the life her
daughter lived before she died, revealing that two days to her death, Deborah went to the Ring Road (Kings Square), Benin, with tracts in her hand to preach the gospel to people.
“The second day, we just heard that she died. I thank God because she served God. Everybody knows about it. In the church they know her, at school they know her, in the compound they know her. I give God the glory and I know even though she is dead now, she is in the hands of the Lord. Praise God,” Mrs. Bassey said.
She insisted that “vengeance belongs to God,” adding that she would not seek revenge.
Deborah’s immediate elder sister, Mrs. Pearl Godswill, an artiste who resides in Lagos, said she received the news of her sister’s death with shock.
“I was in Lagos when they called to say my sister was dead. I last saw her in February when I came. I was told she was sick, so I had to come down to rush her to the Sickle Cell Centre and later returned to Lagos.
“To my greatest surprise, they called me to say that she had a crisis, that she was rushed to the hospital.
The next thing I heard was that she left the hospital that same night, that she was disturbing them that she wanted to go to church, and that the nurse there allowed her as she was disturbing her.”
Mrs. Godswill confirmed that Deborah’s body was
recovered somewhere at Upper Adesuwa Road, and that a test carried out on her “confirmed that she was actually raped.” But the rape aspect was not disclosed to Deborah’s mother by family members.
Corroborating her younger sister’s story, another elder sister to Deborah, Ms Edna Bassey who lives in Abuja said injuries were found on their late sister’s body.
“The only thing that I want to say is that it’s a pity that she went so soon. It’s so painful and disheartening. Her dream, everything is gone. But she is still in our memory and we say good night.”

May her soul rest in perfect peace (amen)

Police Rescued Underaged Prostitutes In Ibadan; Hotel Owner Arrested

Detectives from Anti-Human Trafficking section of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Oyo State Police Command stormed Sharp Corner Hotel, Orita Aperin, Ibadan on Wednesday February 26 and rescued four girls being used for prostitution, two of who were discovered to be under-aged. A couple, Mr Temitope and Mrs Helen Falusi, who were running the
brothel, were arrested.
Briefing journalists on Friday at the police
headquarters at Eleyele, Ibadan, the state
Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Indabawa said that the command received information that the woman and her husband were bringing the young girls from Benin, Edo State to her brothel in Ibadan for prostitution.

“Our detectives went to the brothel at about 5p.m. on Wednesday, February 26 and rescued the victims.
They confessed that they were being exploited and made to sleep with different men for a fee, out of which they would pay Helen a fee as rent,” the commissioner said, adding that though the girls gave ages that were above 18, it was discernible that at
least two of the four victims were below 18; with the age of the youngest put at 14 or 15 years.
Speaking with Crime Reports, Mr Falusi (45) from Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State said: “I got married to Helen in 2007 and we have one daughter. She had been running the brothel before I married her but because of the
love I have for her, and the fact that I didn’t have the wherewithal to change the business, I did not stop her. But I told her to heed the warning of the anti-human trafficking section of the CID that she
should not harbour under-aged girls as s*x workers.
“When the two girls said to be under-aged came on Sunday and Monday respectively, I noticed that they were young, so I told her to send them back to Benin.
We were to send the girls back on Thursday when detectives came to arrest us on Wednesday evening.
I don’t run the brothel but I am together with my wife. When the girls come around, they always tell us they are above 18 years.”

Edo-born Helen Falusi also stated that “I started the brothel in 2006. I rented the place and I operated a beer parlour along with the brothel. I don’t allow under-aged girls because of the warning handed over
to me by detectives from State CID. Immediately the girls came and I saw they were young, I made up my mind to send them back to Edo State. They were sent to me by their people.
“I don’t collect the money they make from them. All I take is N1000 rent every Monday and if they don’t get customers, they beg me to bear with them. They usually know they are coming to ‘hustle’ because that is the question I always put across to them when
they first arrive. They would reply that they are aware of what they are in Ibadan to do. One of them is even a mother of three.”

Princess Igbinedion

I was told I am 20 years old and I was given the name ‘Osas’ when I came to the brothel. My father is dead but my mother is in our village in Edo State. I came to Ibadan on Sunday. Back at the village, I went to a friend’s party where I met a young man. He
asked if I was interested in travelling to the city and I answered in affirmative.
He never told me I was coming for prostitution; he said the person he would take me to run a beer parlour. When I got to Ibadan on Sunday, February 23 and called the number I was given, someone came to
pick me at the motor park. In the evening, I noticed that everyone was putting on skimpy dresses. I was told to go and take my bath and dress up in the skimpy dresses I was given but I did not. I could not even come outside. I slapped a young man who entered my room to have s*x with me.
However, one man eventually slept with me and he gave me N1,500. Aunty Helen had already told me that I would be paying N1000 every Monday as rent fee. She also has a book where she writes what we

Favour Nosakhare

I am known as Tina in the brothel. I am 23 years old but I don’t know the year I was born. My friend, Jennifer, introduced me to prostitution. She told me there is a brothel where a beer parlour is being operated. I agreed to follow her to Ibadan but after
taking me to Aunty Helen’s place, she left me and I did not see her again.
Aunty Helen told me to be assisting her to sell beer and I started working as a commercial s*x worker. I was doing the job because I have no father again and there was no money to even pay as apprenticeship fee where I was learning fashion designing. My customers used to pay N1000 for short time and between N1100 and N1500 if I am engaged till day break. We don’t allow our customers to have s*x with us without
protecting themselves with condom.
The Commissioner of Police said that investigation would continue, after which the girls would be handed over to NAPTIP for rehabilitation.


“I’m Gay & Homosexual” – Ugandan President’s Daughter Confesses After Father Passed Anti-Gay Law

Few days after her dad passed Uganda’s anti-gay bill into law, Diana Kamuntu has revealed her sexual orientation.
On a radio talk show yesterday in Mbarara town, Diana said she is gay.
She said though she honours and respect her dad but she doesn’t agree with the new anti-gay law and will fight against it.
“I am gay, I am homosexual. I have known this since I was a little girl. Also, I have been Christian all of my life, so I will not tolerate any law of this supposedly democratic nation, that will place hate on any person just because of what his or her sexual orientation happens to be,” said Diana.
“Now that I finally revealed my sexual orientation, I put myself in front of this new law and I will let our people decide what to do with me,” Diana adds, as her voice breaks down while on air.
Moments after her startling confession, the live radio broadcast was shut down.
Last Monday, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda signed an anti-gay bill banning homosexuality in Uganda into law after calling it a disgusting act.
Now that his daughter has confessed, what will he do?

Another Boko Haram Attack Kills 39 In Borno, 91 Killed In A Day

39 people were brutally murdered last night in Borno state village of Mainok, 60km away from Maiduguri, the state capital, where a twin blast had killed at least 52 on the same day, security sources and witnesses said.
An officer at the Department Security Service, who asked not to be quoted as he was not authorized to speak said the attack on Mainok also left the farming community completely razed down.
Mansur Buba, a commercial cab driver in Mainok said he participated Sunday afternoon in the burial of those killed in the attack.
“I was so lucky to escape the attack because I had to convey passengers to Maiduguri and pass the night there; the attackers arrived Mainok less than an hour after I left, but sadly some of my cousins were not lucky. The gunmen rounded up the village and began to
shoot, setting fire on buildings. Many people were injured as well; some are fleeing as I am talking to you now. I had to quickly leave Mainok for Maiduguri because there is fear everywhere”, said Mr. Buba.
Borno state Police Commissioner, Tanko Lawan, did not respond to calls to his phone.
Many travellers from Maiduguri are said to have shelved their journey as Mainok lies on the highway leading to Kano the largest city in northern Nigeria.
It shares same Local government with Banisheik which is just 10km further.
Both Mainok and Benisheik, located West of
Maiduguri have suffered several attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents especially within last year.
The attack on Mainok coincided with the twin blasts that rocked Ajilari suburb of Maiduguri on Saturday evening.
A PREMIUM TIMES reporter who visited the scene of the blasts was told by witnesses that 51 persons died as a result, while several others got injured.
A Red Cross official confirmed that children made the top list of the casualties.
A leader of the Civilian-JTF, Hassan Ali, said the bombs detonated from two different vehicles.
“The first blast came from a pickup van carrying firewood, and the second from a Volkswagen Golf Salon car,” he said.
Mr. Ali said the first driver drove into a street called Bintu-Suga and packed, and then hurriedly moved into one of the shops as if he was trying to buy something, then the pickup exploded. Few people including the driver died and many were injured.
“As we were trying to rescue injured persons, then boom, the second one went off but this time killing and injuring more people,” he said.
Close to the scene of the blast was a cinema where a DJ was also playing music for fun seekers at a wedding reception.
Some of the youth who laboured all night to rescue the victims trapped under rubble insisted that there were people under the fallen walls but have no facilities to dig under, Mr. Ali said.
Another eyewitness said the second bomber in the Volkswagen Golf was seen abandoning his car and snatching a tricycle from a spectator, with which he attempted fleeing.
“Everyone was confused thinking the man acted out of fear, but in less than 30 seconds after, the car he abandoned exploded, so we then saw him abandoning
the tricycle and continued fleeing on foot. That was when some of us raised alarm and rounded him up,” said a Civilian-JTF member, who identified himself as
Isa Adamu.
The Maiduguri blasts has angered the youth who now accuse the government of weakening the Civilian-JTF by training some of them and giving them uniforms under the government scheme called Borno Youth
Empowerment Scheme (BOYES).
The angry youth argue that paying some few members of the Civilian-JTF stipend as BOYES officials, had dampened the spirit of the “real Civilian-JTF” who would in the past go after members of Boko-Haram.

[Premium Times]

Video: 3 Girls Who Steal Panties At Accra Mall In Ghana Sued Shop Owner

You must be living under a stone if you haven’t heard about the 3 girls who allegedly stole panties and female stuff at Mr. Price at the Accra Mall and were humiliated by the shop owners by letting them kneel down and crawl outside of the mall.
They told their story to MyJoyOnline.Com, Listen to the audio below. Shaken and subdued, three ladies humiliated for shoplifting at the Accra Shopping Mall have said they are considering legal action against
their oppressors at Mr. Price for the inhuman
treatment meted out to them.
The ladies [names withheld] admitted to shoplifting after they paid Ghc150 for some clothes but said they preferred being handed over to the police to going through the experience one of them described as “equal to lynching”.
Narrating the incident, the ladies said they had gone to Mr. Price to buy some clothes but took more than they paid for after trying them on.
Caught and faced with embarrassment, they
apologised to the staff but their plea for forgiveness was not taken. Their offer to go home and get money to pay was also not taken.
A good Samaritan’s attempt to pay for them was shot down by Miss Roberta, who warned him not to come any close to their shop.
They said Miss Roberta, a manager at Mr.Price made them kneel down for at least 25 minutes before barking orders at them to crawl amidst verbal and physical abuse.
She is said to have also encouraged others to join in smacking them as they crawled four minutes from the shop to the exit
“If anything they should have sent us to the police station..it’s not fair,” one of th traumatized ladies said.
The ladies — two SHS graduates and one a student of the University of Ghana — said they were traumatized and are huddled together at home since last night.
They have not stepped out of the house since the incident which occurred Monday evening.
According to them, a man claiming to be a policeman apologized to them and asked them not to report the incident to the police station.
A lawyer, Samson Ayenini is backing their decision to sue arguing “the question of the presumption of innocence of any person charged with a criminal offence is so
fundamental, it found its way into our constitution”.
He said despite their admission to shoplifting, “unless and until a court finds them guilty or they have pleaded guilty to a court, they are supposed to be presumed innocent”.
The incident is “most embarrassing” not only to the shop but Ghana’s image as a law-governed country, the lawyer noted.
He condemned on-lookers who did nothing to prevent a glaring abuse of the rights of the young ladies.

[Source: MyJoyOnline]

Hijab Banned In Lagos Nigeria Public Schools; Muslim Students Protest

Muslim Students Society of Nigeria members on Saturday did a march against the ban of hijab in all public schools in Lagos.
The female students were spotted at majors streets in Lagos yesterday holding a peaceful procession with placards and inscriptions condemning acts of immorality, while others encouraged the wearing of hijab by female Muslims.
The leader of the Lagos chapter of the Muslim association said they plan to seek a legal action to protect Muslims’ rights.
She called on Lagos State Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola to permit female students to wear hijab freely in all public schools
She stated that if hijab was not allowed in public schools, they might be forced to mobilse Muslim youths against anti-Islam governments in 2015.
Primary and secondary school students marched from Maryland to Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota to protest the ban and to celebrate World Hijab Day that started by Nazma Khan, a New York resident.

LASU Closed Down Over Riot: Lagos State University Shut Down Indefinitely

Hours after a violent riot that almost killed the Vice Chancellor of Lagos State Nigeria, Professor John Obafunwa, the school management has decided to close down until further notice.

LASU management few hours ago released a bulletin titled LASU management Closes University indefinitely and it reads:

“In the wake of the violent protest by some affected students of Lagos State University (LASU) over the closure of the university portal for registration of courses for rain semester 2012/2013 examination, the university management has decided to shut down the university indefinitely. Also, examinations have been put off till further notice. With this decision, students are expected to vacate the university premises until further notice”.

The violent riot was caused by the Vice Chancellor’s harsh decision that prevented some students from registering for their second semester courses.
Meanwhile, I hear the VC sustained some injuries in the riot and he is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.
LASU management didn’t mention the name of the hospital for his safety.

Canada Cancels Nigerian President Jonathan’s Trip Over Anti Gay Law

Jonathan & Steve Harper

Jonathan & Steve Harper

The scheduled visit of Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to Canada next month has been cancelled until further notice.
The Canadian government has informed the President not to bother coming through Nigerian Ambassador to Canada, Ojo Madueke.
This is as a result of the anti-gay bill President Jonathan signed into law banning homosexuality in Nigeria.
The law carries 14 year jail term for gays, lesbians and sexual minorities in Nigeria.
The meeting scheduled for February 13th and 14th aimed at strengthening diplomatic relations between Canada and Nigeria has been cancelled over the anti-gay law.

Sharia Law: Nigerian Gay Man Flogged Outside Bauchi Court, Death Sentence Cancelled

A Muslim man is very happy to suffer public beating instead of death sentence in Bauchi yesterday.
20-year-old Mubarak Ibrahim who was previously sentenced to death for practicing homosexuality has been flogged in the public and fined.
Mubarak Ibrahim received 20 lashes with a horse whip before a large crowd outside the Sharia court in the northern city of Bauchi.
“The court ordered that (he) be given 20 strokes and ordered him to pay a 5,000 naira ($30) fine,” Alhassan Zakari, an official with the Bauchi state Sharia Commission, told AFP.
“The judgment was based on the prosecution’s submission and testimony of witnesses… that the last time the convict committed a homosexual act was seven years ago and has since repented.”
The conviction came after it was confirmed earlier this week that Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan had signed a bill outlawing gay marriage and same-sex unions.
The law, which carries a maximum 14-year prison term for anyone entering such unions and up to 10 years in jail for supporting gay groups and clubs, has provoked international condemnation.
Ibrahim’s case was tried, however, under Islamic law, which runs parallel to the state and federal justice system in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north.
Sharia prescribes the death penalty for homosexuality but Zakari said the prosecution would not appeal against the sentence.
Ibrahim himself said he was grateful to the court for not imposing the maximum punishment.
“It has been a huge relief and I thank the court for the leniency it showed in sentencing me to 20 lashes instead of the death sentence I had anticipated,” he said.
“I had given up and surrendered to death while in custody waiting for judgment. I was confused and did not know what to do.”
The defendant claimed that he had been “deceived into sodomy” by a school teacher who promised to support his education financially.
“Since them I have never set eyes on him and have never engaged in homosexuality again because I have since repented,” he added.
Ibrahim was one of 12 men arrested under Sharia on suspicion of breaking the law banning homosexuality. The remaining 11 are in custody pending further hearings.
Five men appeared in court in Bauchi on January 6 after an allegation that they formed a gay club with $150,000 funding from the United States.

[Sources: AFP, PM Lagos]

“Nigerian Gays & Lesbians Pester Me For Sex” – Hairy Queen Okafor

As earlier reported, Nigeria’s hairiest woman, Queen Okafor has become a celebrity due to the abnormal hair growth on her body.
Looking at her, one would think she is a man, but she is a full blooded woman.
In a recent interview conducted by Christian Agabide of The Sun, 26-year-old Queen Okafor talked at length about her encounter with homosexuals who pester her for sex.
Narrating her experience, Queen said she started noticing the hair at unusual places at the age of 21. According to the Anambra State born lady, she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly because of her abundant hairs.
She said she has become the cynosure of all eyes wherever she goes, sometimes to her utter embarrassment. At one time, she narrated how a gay person approached her to have anal sex with
her, promising to pay her a princely sum of N500,000.
She said this was the most terrible encounter she has had on account of her hairs. She, of course, refused the offer. She said even lesbians also “toast her” to hangout with her because they
found her attractive in both ways, both as a man and as a woman.
When this reporter met Queen in a bus going to Oshodi from Mile 2, in Lagos some months ago, passengers were starring at her embarrassingly. As the lady tried to hide her face, more eyes were on her, thus arousing much interest from co passengers.
Queen eventually opened up to this reporter, maintaining that she was not using the story to beg for money or as a form of publicity stunt, but only to draw the attention of NGOs to fight for women with such rare disability as hers. Queen believes that she is a normal person with unwanted recognition from the society.

She told Sunday Sun: “My name is Queen Nonyerem Okafor. I am from Anambra State. We are five children from our parents, three girls and two boys. I inherited the hairs from my mum and
it runs in the family. Once you get to 21 to 23 years in our family, you start experiencing hair growth. I am 26 years old now, when I was in secondary school, much hairs were not on my body. It started when I finished my secondary school. I am not granting you this interview as if I need help or money, no! I want to tell my story and what it means to be a hairy woman.
All I need is for an NGO to take up my case as a woman with abnormal conditions and also to act in the movie industry.”
She revealed to Sunday Sun that the change on her skin initially made her uncomfortable, but following advice from good people, her confidence was boosted. In her words: “The first time it started to grow on my body, I was ashamed, but
someone advised me that I shouldn’t bother, that it is a blessing not a curse. The person told me that I am unique, besides, wherever I go, I would be recognised. She advised me that I shouldn’t be ashamed, rather that I should be proud of myself. It was her that gave me strength and boosted my self esteem.
Some people think that I am a man. Some think I fixed my breast to deceive people.
Men especially find it difficult to believe that I am a woman. It was when we interact that most men are reassured that I am a woman. It has made me to be very popular and recognised in public. It has boosted my confidence to socialize. People want to
identify with me to know the stuff I am made of. Some want to find out where this girl is coming from. People call and dash me money because of my hairy nature, but I don’t beg for money.”
Queen said she tried to stop the work of nature by applying all sorts of cosmetics and native substances, all to no avail but it turned out to cause more harm than good. “Before the advice
came, I was asking God why all these now? I was thinking of what to rub to clear the hair from my skin. I rubbed tortoise faeces and a lot of things people recommend for me to use, but it didn’t remove them, rather it caused more harm than good as I started growing bumps and sores while the hair was still coming out.
So, I stopped rubbing those things. I suffered those lumps trying to stop the growth,” she narrated.
She revealed that her worst time comes when the weather is too hot and during the dry season. “When there is much heat, I feel terrible, it doesn’t itch but it really inconveniences me most
times. That`s why I have to wear or put on light cloths because sweat soaks my dress when I go out.
Once you see me, you know that heat is dealing with me as a result of my hairy skin. I used to shave it off but if I want to shave all, it will cause me lumps all over my body. She said she had not taken the medical option seriously. “I have not gone to hospital. I don’t care anymore because it is from within my blood and it is hereditary. I don’t need it because I can`t be using my money on something that refuses to free me. A doctor
had advised that surgery can remove it, but not in
Nigeria.Maybe outside the country, but I am not interested.”
Queen revealed that her hair has not changed anything in her love life, neither does it stop men from admiring her, rather it has turned many heads to look at her.
“A man that is meant for me will come when the time comes. It is not a problem. I will get married, after all, there are other disabled people that are married despite their condition. When I was 18 or 19 years old, I was supposed to have married, but it was just that the man was a hot tempered person. He was my suitor and we ended it there. He was seeing the hair coming little by little. People are appreciating me and a lot of people are still coming for my hand in marriage.
I have been seeing many men coming to ask me for relationship, even one claimed he is from a Europe that he came back to Nigeria to look for a woman to marry. But most men just want a fling, they don’t want serious relationship. I was doubting if he was real or not. I have admirers just like every other girl. Most times, I have admires more than normal girls. But most men are not sincere, my mother would say that love is not by lip service.
I have been hearing things like, I want to marry you, but after sleeping with you, the man will end up dumping you for another woman. My boyfriend likes me the way I look and I have not
been dumped because I am hairy. Men don’t break my heart. I don’t trust men easily because I wouldn’t allow myself to have emotional breakdown. I can`t wait for my heart to be broken. In my village, an old woman has advised that she knows that I am not yet married, but I should believe that my own person is coming.
She said that when my husband will come, I will find it difficult to believe that the man is my own. She told me that is how her own daughter looks. But now I have come to appreciate how I am created,” she said.
Narrating her most embarrassing moment in high density locations like market places, she disclosed that people crave to see her face.
“I came to Lagos last year to see whether I can stay in Lagos or not. Other times I have been coming and going. But the truth is that I have been enjoying my stay in Lagos now because
something good is happening. Anytime I go out, people will notice my presence and look at me. For instance, the first time I went to Ladipo Market, people besieged me, both traders and touts snapping me with their phones and video.
You would be shocked how they gathered and caused chaotic situation that day, you would have written it as big news, to the extent that I went to a shopping complex and they started clapping for me, calling me Eze Nwanyi, which means Queen.
They were hailing me so much. It was the most embarrassing day of my life. The traders and touts left what they were doing to follow me around and saying all sorts of things, if not for one man that offered to give us a lift, we wouldn’t have escaped
those boys. There was a time I went to Alaba International Market with a sister and traders were peeping through the window to see my face and they were saying, ‘she is all hairs oh!’ Someone has stepped down from a bus because of me, a
lady. Both of us were entering a bus at Mile 2 and immediately she glanced at me she changed her mind and immediately alighted from the bus despite that the bus conductor was urging her to enter, that was the only time someone refused to ride in the same bus with me.
Queen whose dream is to become an actress, said she was forced to resign because of sexual harassment from her employer.
“If I have the opportunity of becoming an actress, I can do that but it is to get the right person to help me. I need somebody to help me because I am perfect in everything I do. I need someone to put me through but people tell me that for some producers or directors, all they are after is to sleep with you. I have not encountered that yet, but people have been telling me to be careful. People get easily attracted to me.
The dark complexioned Queen shocked the reporter with her revelation on how homosexuals plead to take her to bed. She also explained why she pierced her nose. “Why I pieced my nose was because it is fashionable, though I know I look weird already, I don’t give a hoot. It is my body, I accept the fact that I am strange. A woman has toasted me at Elegushi Beach while I was there with my friends. On that day, she called me and gave me her complimentary card and begged me to hop into her car, but I refused. She insisted and begged to be my friend, but my mind told me that she is a lesbian and she was inviting me to Ajah. I turned her offer down because I know that most
lesbians are into cultism. Some women will see me and extol my qualities, saying that they see women with hairs but that my own is the highest. In fact, one said I am the queen of hairy women.
I met a guy at a supermarket and he was obsessed about me, before you knew it, he started telling me that he liked me, that I am beautiful and all that. Normal toasting, I thought he was like every other man as usual, but after the toasting, he went straight to the point, to tell me that he would like to have sex with me through my anus, promising to give me half a million naira. But I rejected it immediately, God forbid! I can`t tamper with my
anus. I stopped seeing him and refused to pick his calls. I can`t do that.
Another man begged me to bear him a child that will look like me, also promising to reward me handsomely. When I am praying, I plea with God to help me overcome them. Nobody can rape me because I am fearful, but men see me and get
sexually aroused because I look special because of the hairy skin, but I have not been embarrassed or raped. Being hairy gives me protection as people see me and get afraid of me.
Those guys who attack people see me and hail me. They will not like to do anything bad to me.

[Interview By Christian Agadibe Sunday Sun]

Photos: Hairy Nigerian Woman Who Looks Like A Man, Queen Nonyerem Okafor

Meet Queen, a 26-year-old lady from Anambra state Nigeria.
The unique woman has a special feature and it is the abundant hair growth all over her body.
Though she was born like a regular woman, she started noticing the excess hair five year ago.
Queen Okafor has taken so many medical steps to put an end to the abnormal hair growth, but nothing is working for her.
Check out more photos of Queen Nonyerem Okafor below:

What do you think about her look?

Poor Woman Killed Baby Boy In Lagos Over Inability To Raise Him

A Lagos-based squatter, petty trader named Titilayo Odedele has been charged for killing her 2-year-old baby boy over poverty.
She was charged with the murder of her own son at the Ebute- Meta chief magistrate court, in Lagos, western Nigeria. Her plea was not taken today.
The woman, a squatter in one of the white garment churches in Ajagunro-Imota Ikorodu in Ikorodu local Government area of Lagos state was alleged to have killed her two year-old son due to her inability to raise the boy alone.
The woman claimed she had not seen the father of the boy since his birth. She was caught by a herbalist while she was strangulating the boy in a bush very close to the church. The herbalist was said to be working on a farm. The man arrested
the woman and raised an alarm. The woman was later handed over to the police.
Odedele was thereafter arraigned before the court on a count charge of murder under section 221 of the criminal code.
She has been ordered to be remanded in Kirikiri prisons pending the advice of the director of public prosecution.
Her case has been adjourned till Feb 3rd, 2014 for hearing.