Wizkid Tops Nigerian Celebrities With Highest # Of Twitter Followers; Outranks Davido, D’banj & Others

Naija artist Ayo Balogun popularly called Wizkid is going popular on the social media front.
The CEO of Starboy Entertainment has every reason to beat his chest again.
Wizkid’s Twitter followers stat as at the time of this report is 724,488.
The 24-year-old music producer has outranked big names in the business like D’banj, 2face Idibia and his closest rival, David Adeleke alias Davido.
For sometime now, leading social media, twitter has been the litmus test to measure popularity, especially among entertainers the world over.

Hope he no dey do wuruwuru ‘cos I hear some celebrities do buy Twitter followers.

Ongoing Rivalry Fight Among Nigerian Pastors Exposed: Biodun Fatoyinbo Accused Of Adultery

This letter is an indication of the ongoing rivalry fight among Nigerian pastors.
The founder of God’s House, Pastor J has accused his colleague in the Lord, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of adultery.
Still unsure if this is a move to gain popularity but Pastor J of God’s House has released a lengthy letter on what he knew about COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo who was recently involved in a messy sex scandal.
The sex scandal controversy againt Pastor Biodun is still raging,we do not know when it is going to end. The young lady accuser Eze seems to have done her bit and left everything in the court of the reading public. So many opinions have evolved.
Majority slamming both the lady and the pastor. While some think that her revelations was a great one and should help dissuade others from falling victim to the likes, many others have accused her of being a devil sent from the pits of hell to
cause havoc.
So there’s division already, people taking sides and voicing out their opinion.
Just came across this stinker from a so called Pastor J of God’s House.
Please sit, relax and hear what Pastor J has to say and then ponder. We would not say more than that.
For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.”
Isaiah 9:16 . Let them alone: they be leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. Matt 15:14
I was going to be silent on this sad, pathetic but true (in many shades) allegation against Pastor B and his popular and trendy ministry. My silence was borne out of respect for the kingdom of God and things that pertain to God. But all this changed when I heard the horrific tales of people who had been through the mess of this blind man, and the fact that he had no moral motivation to deny or accept the allegation; all he showed on
Sunday was a demented swagger and perverse talk.
My sole purpose in writing this piece is to open the eyes of the world and believers to the hypocrisy and nonsense behind the pulpit, and to plea that these wolves and blind men stop deflating the faith of people who Christ died for. I am a Pastor, a
full time minister at that, and I shall not sit back while the name of my God, the ministry, and the works of other shepherds is brought to disrepute by the activities, action and inaction of a few blind men behind the pulpit.
I am tired of the nonsense of religion crying out, “touch not my anointed”; does this mean we cannot rebuke ourselves when we err, this much Paul did to Peter when he erred in Galatians 2:11
“But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed”. It is therefore pertinent that I rebuke the wolves in shepherd’s clothing’s. It is time to set the record straight, and please don’t sell me the bullocks of judge not, I haven’t said anyone is going to hell, but of course if they don’t change, they have only one path.
It is high time we told the truth, which is plain, simple and without coloration. The stories of Franca and Ese is not only true but they are just a few tales of the tantalizing sex escapades
of this clergy. This has been a recurring decimal in the ministry of the clergyman. This wasn’t the first time these stories will come forth, for those old COZA members, for those who were
there when he was in Ilorin, when the church moved to Pipeline Road, Ilorin, having left Kwara Hotel, they will remember there was a time when the Pastor was suspended from ministering by
his Father in the Lord, Rev Oset of Canaan Ministries. Rev. Oset sent guest ministers to the church every Sunday after that, but still Pastor B in his deceit will still minister in the pretence of
introducing the guest minister, while he exhorts for minutes. I therefore laugh in mockery when He says his wife loves him,the woman has no choice. His core circle of Pastor Wole (Ilorin
Chapter, the only man who maybe clean), and Pastor Flo (COZA, Lagos) knows of this fact, little wonder Ese said Pastor Flo said he knows about their adventures in that hotel room in
This is not the story of a hater; I don’t want or envy anything he has. He cannot ever have what I have and carry; neither do I
crave for what he has. I am sure no one in the city of Ilorin,
where this man started is bemused by these stories, no one who
finished from the University of Ilorin during the period of 2003-2008, and was not a blinded COZA member can be mightily shocked at these revelations. I have heard tales of many more victims, I even heard from a woman who knows five friends who were victims, I saw it online the other day of a guy who said he formally works for him and he knows up to 130 people, outrageous as it may sound that too is true. Rev Oset in
true conscience cannot deny the knowledge of these negatives.
But we are a nation of hypocrites and religious folks; we ask no questions of leaders, so they can hide under the canopy of religion, even when they are filthy. Anyone who asks is rebuked by those who say, the bible says pray. It is sad that those who say pray themselves have not prayed. But Pastor B is just a decimal in an ever mounting number of wolves in the Church of Christ.
Someone told me yesterday that this can’t be the end of him and
his tyranny, because even in Ilorin in those days, the allegation was rolled under the rug. On Sunday, August 25, 2013, the man leading certain blind men under the veil of religion and ‘spiritism’ said God told him not to say anything, he then said they are preparing a robust response. Who is fooling who? We must not keep quiet and watch the bride of Christ, the church,rubbed and undignified in mud and slime by a filthily rich pastor who thinks he can do anything and get away with it.
It is a pity that we run sensational press and media outfit in this country, and that our press is blinded by religion.
If this were to be ‘saner’ climes the press would by now be researching, there would by now be investigative journalism. The truth would be
dogged up and resurrected to life. For this is not about a mistake that a Pastor made, it is about a filthy man’s way of life.
And then about, “teaching a new level of grace’; please be reminded that Grace is not a license to sin, rather it empowers us to live above sin. Romans 6:1-2 says, “What shall we say then?
Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid.
How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” In my years of being a Christian, studying God’s word, preaching the gospel, listening to sound teachers, I have not heard of a
grace that gives permission to sin. Stop being deceived, grace is the new dispensation, according to Hebrew 8:6-12, and under grace we do not follow any written code, law or traditions. That
is done away with. The tablet of Moses is over with. But we are not reckless sinners; we are under a new covenant based on better promises. God’s law is written in our minds and hearts.
We live according to His dictates. The Holy Spirit and our conscience convicts and judges us respectively. This is the only way we live a holy life. God’s strength and empowerment is the
grace to do according to that written by God in our hearts and minds.
I write this with a heavy heart, though I wish I never had to write this, but I pray this madness stops. I know many who have stopped going to church, many whose faith has been derailed by the act of madness of this man, and many blind men
like him. If they are not going to heaven, let them stop taking men out of the straight and narrow. No one understands the pain in meeting a man, whose faith has been derailed by a man who
was supposed to help establish him. For such a man, words can’t bring him back, the best we can do is to pray and hope. I indulge the clergy to be of a higher moral standard.
My candid advice to the church at this end time is that the church must grow in knowledge; it’s high time we stopped bamboozling you. You must stop making idols of men. You must stop making men such as I, substitute for the Holy Ghost.
Honour us; revere us… but that is where it ends. Without the Call, the Oil, and the Holy Spirit; we are mere mortal. But know for sure that this too shall pass; only the truth of the Gospel of
the Kingdom abides forever.
For Pastor B and his sense making COZA people, remember the word of Christ in Matthew 15:14. How many of you even live life bearing the fruit of righteousness. Stop being blind, the ditch is close by. Look into this case, ask your pastor questions,seek genuine answers and not emotional rhetorics, hold him responsible, and do not forget the word of God, “then shall they know if they follow to know…” I am sure evidence abound.
Seek to know from some key PCU members (who may need to be deposited in Gods ICU). Its time you hear not only about grace, but HOLINESS without which no one will see the Lord.
Finally don’t bother praying against me, I can say like Paul, “For me to die is gain, to live is Christ”, but I cannot even go now, because I am yet to fully finish the task set before me.
Don’t waste your time using misguided scriptural interpretation.
This I write is true, and I am sorry if you don’t like it. Your Pastor, and every other wolf whose conscience is not seared knows it is the complete true.
God bless you.
God bless His Church.
God bless Nigeria
From Pastor J
God’s House

[Letter culled from Maestro]

Wetin be God’s House again, churches dey plenty for this country o.

Woman To Marry Her Own Son In Zimbabwe; Mother Pregnant With Son’s Baby

Betty Mbereko, a 40-year-old widow who has been living under the same roof with her own son, 23-year-old Farai Mbereko is set to marry him.
The mother and son who are madly in love with each other plan to take their romance to a new level considering they’re expecting a child together.
Betty from Mwenezi in Maswingo who is now 6-month-pregnant for her son confirms that she has decided to marry him because she does not want to marry her late husband’s younger brothers, whom she says are coveting her.
Betty stunned a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier.
She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it.
Lord have mercy.
What is going on in this world.

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Bianca Ojukwu To Sue Femi Fani Kayode Over Igbo Girlfriends, Dating Article

Weeks after an article released by ex-aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode on his affairs with the wife of late Ojukwu, Mrs Bianca Ojukwu, the now Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain has threatened to sue him.
In the article titled “Neither a tribalists nor a hater”, Femi Fani Kayode claims he once dated Bianca and two other igbo ladies.
FFK categorically said he once dated Bianca Ojukwu and 2 other igbo women.
Bianca through her lawyers have called for a retraction of the article or face a lawsuit within 7 days.
Here is what she said through her Wall Street Attorneys;
We have been briefed and our services retained by Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain to demand from you an unreserved apology and a retraction of a false and
malicious statement, which you published online and also caused to be published in the Leadership Newspaper of August 16, 2013.
“In the said article entitled, ‘Neither a Tribalist nor a Hater,’ you recklessly alleged, as follows: ‘I was not a tribalist when I had a long standing and intimate relationship with Miss Bianca Onoh…’, a statement, which you know is untrue and
unfounded, but only calculated to lower our client’s esteem and damage her national and international reputation.
“Our client has never met you, does not know you in person and has never had any official or private relationship with you how much more ‘a long-standing and intimate relationship.’
“Our client is therefore, outraged by your bizarre and scandalous allegation and the numerous mails and telephone calls she has received from friends, relations and admirers who are equally embarrassed and who seek to confirm the veracity or otherwise of your false and reckless publication.
“Your apparent lame and half-hearted attempt, as published in the Leadership Newspaper of 17th August 2013, to clarify your false and malicious allegation falls far short of a retraction and
does not sufficiently address the damage to our client arising from the widespread dissemination of your false publication and is therefore unacceptable to our client.
“In the circumstances, we demand, on the instruction of our client that you submit to her a clear and unqualified apology and retraction published in The Sun and Thisday newspapers in
addition to having the retraction published online.
“Take note that should you fail to tender the apology and publish a retraction of your false and malicious publication,seven days next after your receipt of this demand notice, our further instructions are to seek appropriate redress in court. And that shall be without further recourse to you. Be properly guided.”
Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Fani Kayode will soon reply.
Watch out for his own side of the story in the upcoming article.

Lagos Ranked 2nd Fastest Growing City In Africa & 4th Worst Place To Live In The World

Lagos has been ranked 4th on the list of world’s worst cities to
According to an independent economic advisory group named Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU, Lagos shares 137th position with the city of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.
Port Moresby & Lagos scored 38.9 % in the ranking.
According to the report released on Thursday August 29, 2013,Lagos was described as 2nd fastest growing city in Africa and the 4th worst city to live in the world.
“Rapid growth is not always a good thing because Lagos is now a magnet for two perpetual threats to peace: pirates and Islamist warriors.Boko Haram have a problem with cities like Lagos and also lots of weaponry. Pirates threaten trade and use kidnapping as a method of funding. Islamist terrorist groups such as Boko Haram (“Education is forbidden”) want to create their own version of heaven on earth by destroying cities such as Lagos
and imposing strict sharia law. Lagos has enormous potential but as yet little to show for it – hence its poor ranking,” the report said.
Economist Intelligence Unit claims Lagos has a long way to go economically, socially and politically before joining the emerging market club.

Nigerian Actress Lola Alao’s New Husband Arrested For Credit Card Scam In Kuwait

These are not the best times for Nollywood actress Lola Alao who recently got married to a Nigerian-American citizen named,Adewale Yakubu Ajibola.
Few weeks ago, Lola who is still legally married to her ex-hubby married Yakubu in Atlanta.
Unknown to her, the guy she married is a convicted fraudster.
According to E247 magazine, Yakubu was arrested for credit card fraud last year in Kuwait. He reportedly spent close to a year in prison.
Insiders claim this is not the first time the Nigerian-American big boy will get into trouble with the law.
Here is a detail report from E247 His claim to relevance and easy bait for unsuspecting women
who wanted love and affection, has been his American citizenship’s status and his dashing looks, a reference to what in Yoruba parlance is called Faworaja, (meaning a person who lives off his looks). When he was arrested in Kuwait for the
credit card scam, Yakubu, was able to answer the police questions adroitly, but the authorities were not convinced of his claim that he was innocent.
A ring of ‘scammers’ had some months before his arrival,operated in the same manner and went away with their loot in the Middle East commercial city. Unsuspectingly, Yakubu
walked into a booby trap. While Wale Yakubu Ajibola, the Nigerian-born American citizen served terms for one year, the Big Sam turned the other cheek.
Lola, who is hell-bent on getting a husband, was not too lucky last year when her hatched plot to marry another Nigerian based in Europe was thwarted by her first husband, Dare Ogunlana,
who unleashed a media attack on her. Meanwhile, Lola found a close ally in another actress, Bukky Wright, also married to a US-based Nigerian, Wale Onitilo.
Lola and Bukky seem to be best friends in real life because their chemistry comes through effortlessly.
Since her marriage to US-based lover and car dealer, Dare Ogunlana, broke up, the Kogi-born actress has met a few men but she has not been quite lucky to have one of them put a ring on it. Bukky, we reliably gathered has been concerned and busy setting Lola up on dates with non-famous friends and some buddies of her current hubby.
She wanted Lola to have her kind of relationship that will guarantee American citizenship status. When Yakubu walked in,it was a willing and desperate Lola he met and, trust her, she
quickly hung on tight. Sources disclosed that while he was cooling his feet in the Kuwaiti authorities’ cell, Lola scampered for his release by consulting marabouts widely. They were constantly in touch on phone and gradually they built the
On release some months ago, after serving terms in Kuwait for one year, she sent him a ticket to come home, made few appearances at functions that were private and they bonded before he returned to the United States to prepare for the
August wedding.
While Lola has taken the highroad by walking down the aisle with Yakubu, brimming with broad smiles that she has found love and a good match, observers of Nollywood marriages and the rate at which it dissolves, feel Lola may have finally found a big catch to perfect her plans for an American citizenship status.
Yakubu, has never been married but he has three kids, including a set of twins from two women among his strings of ladies.
From his profile, though he claimed to be an ICT expert, he is not quite buoyant financially and his recent incarceration in Kuwait has not helped.
There is no record of an apartment in his name; the newly married couple are guests in one of the hubby’s relations’ house in Atlanta. Prior to his ill-fated venture in Kuwait, he is said to have been living off his relations in California before life threw terrible storms at him and he moved to Houston. In his bid to survive, he crossed to Atlanta where he allegedly joined the credit scam racket popularly known as ‘Track 1, Track 2′.
For Lola, it has been a tortuous and lonely journey with her 10-year- old daughter,Omowunmi from her first marriage with
Dare. As she stepped out from the depths of despair to happily ever after, it is not clear if Dare will not sue her for bigamy as their marriage consummated in Nigeria has not been officially
dissolved. Lola and Yakubu are expected in Nigeria soon.

Kate Middleton Goes Shopping, Flaunts Post-Baby Body (Photos)

Few weeks after the delivery of her royal baby, Kate Middleton has hit the street for the very first time.
The 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wheeling a shopping cart around the streets of London recently.
A source told Us Weekly, “She’s hardly done anything to lose the weight . . . She looks incredible.”
“Kate is still breastfeeding and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off. She’s not dieting. After giving birth, she did continue with her yoga.” – The source
Though she maintained a good weight throughout her pregnancy, her post-baby body is even slimmer than her former look.
Fabulous body for a mother of one.

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Baby Girl Burnt Alive In Sapele House Fire;Parents Lock 9-Month-Old Child At Home

An innocent 9-month-old baby girl locked up in a house by her parents has been reported burnt to death.
The girl’s mother was said to have gone to the market to earn a living by plaiting peoples’ hairs at Sapele yam garage while the father was also at work.
The incident occurred at about 7.00pm,Wednesday. The whole building was brought to ruins as neighbours could not put out
the fire while men of Sapele Fire Fighting Service arrived late.
It was reported that the grand-father of the infant who was alerted of the incident was later involved in salvaging other parts of the building without knowing that his grand child had been consumed by the fire.
When Vanguard visited the scene, neighbours and sympathizers where seen wailing over the loss of the baby just as household items littered the place.
At press time, the cause of the fire was yet to be ascertained, but source at the Sapele Fire Fighting department, who preferred anonymity, confirmed that it was due to electrical spark from power fluctuation.

[Culled from Vanguard Metro]

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Nigerian Actress Dumps Husband, Escapes With N6m; Tosin Aderounmu’s Hubby Heartbroken

The husband of one-time Nollywood movie producer, Tosin Aderounmu has been left with a broken heart following a whopping investment of 6 million naira into her acting career.
The producer of Omi Ata, a popular Yoruba film has walked away from her marriage.
She allegedly escaped with 6 million naira & a Toyota Highlander jeep.
Her hotelier husband claims he sponsored her trip abroad and now she is paying him back by dumping him for a wealthy man.
Tosin Aderounmu‘s husband who confirmed the story said “well it is true that she left me but I leave everything to God which is all I can say about it for now.”
The actress has denied the allegation, she claims she didn’t dump him
“We’re only having a minor misunderstanding” – Tosin said

Woman Claims Evil Snake Lives Inside Her Stomach, Maria Tsotetsi Blames Ex-Boyfriend For Putting Reptile In Her Tummy

Meet Maria Tsotetsi, a 49-year-old South African woman who lives in Johannesburg.
Though she resembles a pregnant woman, Maria is not pregnant.
Her stomach is currently housing a live snake.
The woman said several prophets and herbalists told her she has an evil snake living in her stomach.
In 2011, Maria visited the hospital where doctors told her she had a form of growth in her belly. After an operation, nothing happened

“They told me I had lost blood and they wanted to operate on me but nothing happened after that. The nurses put me on drips but a few days later, they released me.”

Maria Tsotetsi said after she battled constant stomach pain, she complained to her boyfriend who later took her to one bishop.
The bishop told her to remove her clothes and gave her a muthi herbs to steam.

“The muthi was covered in a white and brown snake skin. The bishop said it would cure me,”Maria said.

Few days later, she realised there was something in her body and her teeth started falling out.

“I believe the muthi made me lose my teeth. My boyfriend then dumped me after 14 years and I’ve been single ever since.
“I want him to come and remove the snake he put in my stomach.I believe he’s responsible for this.”

She said she sometimes has her period for two weeks and it’s so heavy she has to use nappies.

An herbalist named Ntisimbi Ngema told Maria she is a victim of jealous lover.
She was told there is no way she could have a new boyfriend because her ex-lover has planted an evil snake inside her stomach.
Doctors said Maria Tsotetsi is currently suffering from all sorts of medical conditions like kidney stones, severe indigestion and others.

OMG may the Lord heal this woman.

Now it’s time to run to God, she needs to stop going from one herbalist to the other.

UK Stella Magazine Disses Omotola Jalade “She Scored Zero On Hollywood Scale & Meant Nothing To Movie Devotees”

After going through this interview transcript, I noticed Nollywood actress was tagged the biggest movie star of all times by UK Stella Magazine but when you go further, you will notice this;

“She scores a zero on the Hollywood Richter scale. She has never starred in a major motion picture. Her most recent film,Last Flight to Abuja, means nothing to devotees of Netflix and LoveFilm.”

Is this an achievement or a way of bashing her?
Just thinking out loud.

Is this a way to honour a star? Oyinbo people na wa o.

Thankfully the interviewer later recognized her achievements.

Check out the full interview transcript below;

“Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, aka ‘Omosexy’, is the queen of Nollywood. She’s appeared in more than 300 films, pulls in 150 million viewers for her reality-television show and has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
When she sat next to Steven Spielberg at a Time magazine dinner earlier this year he didn’t know her name. Yet Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was attending that dinner because, like him, she had been honoured in Time’s 2013 list of the 100 Most
Influential People in the World.
Alongside Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and Beyoncé. The star of more than 300 films,Omotola – or “Omosexy”, as she is known to her legions of fans – is bigger across the African diaspora than Halle Berry.
Her reality-television show, Omotola: The Real Me, pulls in more viewers than Oprah’s and Tyra’s at their peak, combined,and she is the first African celebrity ever to amass more than one million Facebook “likes”.

Omotola Jalade is working very hard to build a global recognition after her appearance on Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world but the lady must take it easy o.

Jay Jay Okocha Produces Majek Fashek’s Life Movie; Nigerian Footballer Joins Nollywood

Report coming from Nollywood camp is that ex-Nigerian footballer Austin Jay Jay Okocha has delved into movie production business.
The ace footballer is currently making a movie about the life of Nigerian Raggae Icon Majekodunmi Fasheke popularly called
Majek Fashek.
The yet untitled movie was written by top Nollywood critic Charles Novia.
The movie cast include Francis Duru who acts as Majek Fasek,Stella Damasus, Sam Dede and other big names in Nollywood.
According to the movie writer, Charles Novia, the highly anticipated movie is currently at pre-production stage.
Charles said the crew will travel to New York in October to shoot some scene in the United States of America.
Francis Duru is currently taking some guitar lessons in order to perfectly fit into the role.
“Whatever his travails and the public perception of him, Majek still remain a world class material, who has promoted so much interest world wide with his type of genre of music, So a movie
of his life and career has to meet a world class,” – said Francis Duru
Can’t wait to watch the movie ‘cos Charles Novia is a very talented movie writer.
His movies always make sense no wonder he was nominated for Africa Oscars Awards 2013.
Charles Novia’s latest movie Alan Poza’ has been nominated for Best Comedy, Best Cinematography and Best Editing at NAFCA 2013 in Washington DC.

Arik Air Tyre Boy, Daniel Ohikhena Gets Scholarship To University Level – De Raufs To Sponsor His Education

Daniel Ohikhena, a 15-year-old boy who flew Arik Air on tyre from Benin to Lagos last Saturday has been greatly rewarded.
Apart from the controversy his story generated, a volunteer group named De Raufs has vowed to sponsor Daniel’s education until his dream becomes a reality.
The DG of De Raufs group, Comrade Amitolu Shittu in an official statement said they will sponsor Daniel’s study until he finished his University education so he can fulfill his dream of
traveling by air the right way.
Comrade Shittu said Daniel Ohikhena‘s ambition must be well nurtured through the right education channel.
De Raufs is a volunteer group of wealthy Nigerians extolling the virtues of Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola.
OMG this boy has suddenly become a star.
If he can focus on his education, his dream of traveling abroad will be realised within a short period of time.
Congrats to Daniel.

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BBA Angelo Endorses Beverly Osu On Twitter, Begs Nigerians To Respect Her

It seems Nigeria‘s BBA rep, Beverly Osu is currently doing some damage control to her battered image after a series of terrible sex scene on the recently concluded Big Brother Africa,
The Chase.
After all she did in order to win the show, she eventually ended up a loser.
Since her arrival in Nigeria, Beverly Osu has done several interviews to current her negative perception from Nigerians due to her waywardness on the Africa’s most popular entertainment
Her former housemate, Angelo recently took to twitter to appeal to Naija people on her behalf.

Check out his tweets below;

“Its hard to find genuine people, bev is one in a million Bev she taught me so many things inspired me to read the bible,she really blvd in me, pls show her some respect SA loves her so should Naija
Bev is perfect so are none of us we all imperfect in our own wya, please my naija people bev is a really great person with a good heart.”
Medicine after death… Can Beverly Osu ever undo those scenes that will forever linger in the memory of her Naija folks?
It would have been a different story if she emerged the winner.

Samuel Eto’o Signs £7million 1-Year Deal To Join Chelsea

Chelsea are to sign Samuel Eto’o on a stunning £7million one-year deal on Thursday after admitting defeat in their pursuit of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney.
According to Daily Mail, Eto’o, the 32-year-old Cameroon forward, is taking a huge pay cut from the £17m a year that made him the world’s best paid footballer at Anzhi Makhachkala and will sign on a free transfer.
However, Anzhi are understood to have sweetened the deal by giving Eto’o a multi-million-pound lump sum to get him off their wage bill.
Eto’o arrived at London’s St Pancras station on Wednesday night, where he was pictured with super-agent Pini Zahavi, and is due to have a medical at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground
before finalising terms after his advisers held talks on Wednesday.
Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho, a confirmed Eto’o admirer,turned to his Plan B after United steadfastly refused to sell Rooney.
There is a kinship between the Chelsea coach and his new signing.
Eto’o has never been short of an opinion. At Barcelona he took a microphone on live television and called his former club Real Madrid to celebrate Barcelona’s 2005 Spanish title; he dared to publicly attack Ronaldinho’s work-rate and justifiably threatened to leave the field when racially abused from the stands in Zaragoza.
It is no surprise that his first exchange with Mourinho was a heated one.
In the tunnel at Stamford Bridge in 2005 when Chelsea beat Barcelona in the Champions League, a melee followed between players, and Eto’o was vocal in his opinion of Chelsea’s tactics.
Mourinho liked the striker’s feistiness. “I liked the fact he was worked up after a defeat,” recalled Mourinho.
That fire was put to good use when the two joined forces at Inter Milan where Eto’o was the spearhead for Mourinho’s Treble-winning side. During that time, the four-time African Player of the Year scored a winner at Stamford Bridge to end Chelsea’s Champions League hopes.
Silky of touch, dedicated and clinical, Eto’o is also one to nurture the young players around him, a factor that will not be lost on his coach.
Questions will be asked whether he has the pace which made him such a feared opponent in Italy and Spain and there was evidence in Russia and the Europa League last year that his power is dwindling with age.
However, his speed of thought and relationship with Chelsea’s other Anzhi recruit, the Brazilian Willian, still spawned a goal ratio of one every two games. It is a gamble Mourinho is prepared to take and one appreciated by Eto’o.

[Daily Mail]

Whale Found On Alpha Beach In Lagos Nigeria As Residents Battle Ocean Surge

A gigantic sea creature was spotted by residents of Alpha Beach in Lagos yesterday.
The dead whale hit the sea shores due to the dangerous impact of Ocean surge on sea creatures.
Lagos State Government earlier in the month announced the upcoming ocean surge that might likely hit residents of popular beach areas in the state.
Residents of Lekki, Alpha and Elegushi beaches were told to vacate their homes in order to escape death.
Some residents left their houses while others didn’t.
The dead whale was an evident of the dangerous ocean surge that hit the area.
The Aftermath Of Lagos Ocean Surge
Here are some impact Lagos ocean surge made in the affected areas;
Overpopulation is gradually becoming a major problem in Lagos today.
This explains why many Nigerians chose to live in other states.

Nigerian Students, NANS Vow To Riot Until ASUU Calls Off Strike “We’ll Begin Occupy Nigeria In 7 Days”

Nigerian Students, NANS Vow To Go On Riot & Occupy Nigeria Until ASUU Strike Ends …….We’ll Begin Occupy Nigeria In 7 Days Peeved by almost two-month old strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), yesterday issued a one-week ultimatum to the Federal Government and the union’s leadership to resolve their differences or face serious consequences.
The students said if the impasse was not resolved within the next seven days, it will mobilise students on a nation-wide riot in what it described as ‘operation occupy Nigeria’.
The students’ body appealed to ASUU to return to the classroom and continue negotiation with the Federal Government since the latter claimed to have released over N100 billion for infrastructural development and another N30 billion for allowances.
This was the highpoint of a protest by the students who blocked the Asaba end of the River Niger Bridge to press home their demands. The protest caused traffic snarl for several hours as the students stalled movements to the eastern part of the country even as those returning were barred.
NANS coordinator in the South-South and South-East,Comrade Chinonso Obasi, stated that students were at the receiving end of the strike and vowed that they would take their destinies in their own hands if the parties failed to reconcile within a week.
“We are appealing to ASUU that since the Federal Government has been able to release N100 billion for infrastructural development and N30 billion for allowance, they should go back to classroom and continue their negotiation or agitation.
This is our prayer and wish.
“We are giving them one week to open the schools or be ready to face corrosive consequences in form of nation-wide demonstration and riots. We are ready to mobilise for that and it will be operation occupy Nigeria,” he said.
Lamenting the effect of the strike, Obasi said students have become prone to accidents on the highways and the female students have been reduced to sex hawkers on the streets.

His words: “I stand to tell you that a lot of accidents have been recorded and 99.9% of the victims are Nigerian students. If they were in classrooms, they would not have fallen victims of road crashes.
“Our female students have become commercial sex hawkers on the streets in order to make ends meet. This colossal effect is more than what ASUU is agitating for. Hence, we can no longer fold our arms and watch things go wrong.”

[From PAUL OSUYI, Asaba, Daily Sun]

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Imo State Nigeria’s New Pro Abortion Law: Catholic Doctors & Governor Okorocha At War

Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, and Catholic Medical Practitioners Association are at daggers-drawn over the abortion bill the former just signed into law.
The law, among others, permits women to procure abortion at will. Sponsored by the Majority Leader and member representing Ahiazu Mbaise state constituency, Mrs. Adekunle Ihuoma, the law is to be cited as “Imo State of Nigeria, Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Law Number 12 of 2012”.
According to the new law, every woman shall have the right to enjoy reproductive rights, including rights to medical abortion in cases of sexual assault, rape, incest and where the continued
pregnancy endangers the life or the physical, mental,psychological or emotional health of the mother.
The law also stipulates that “every woman shall have the right to take decisions about her health needs and requirements.”
The law was very specific that a woman “shall have the right to determine the processes concerning reproduction in her body.”
Okorocha also approved that every woman should have a right to health, which should be understood to mean enjoyment of the highest level of physical, mental and social well-being and
healthcare services.
These provisions include everything relating to family planning.
Chairman, Catholic Medical Practitioners Association, Dr. Phillip Njemanze, has reacted angrily to the law, arguing that “the law is anti-God, dehumanizing and totally unacceptable to
the association.
“The law is devastating. With its signing into law by Governor Okorocha, abortion has been legalized in the state and anybody,just anybody can now ask for abortion as a right in the state.”
While recalling that the National Assembly had earlier rejected the bill, especially as it was against humanity, Njemanze reasoned that the law would encourage human egg trafficking.


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