Justin Bieber’s strip show

Justin Bieber is a documented fan of public shirtlessness and <a href='http://www.mtv.com/news/1712168/justin-bieber-sings-naked-grandmother/' target='_blank'>singing songs to his grandmother in the nude</a>. We can now also call the "Baby" singer a fan of the public striptease. At the charity event "Fashion Rocks," Bieber removed everything but his underwear right on stage with co-presenter Lara Stone, explaining that he just didn't feel comfortable unless he was in his "Calvins."

Most people need encouragement to remove their clothing. For Justin Bieber, boos from the crowd will do just fine.

The 20-year-old singer stripped down to his skivvies at 2014’s “Fashion Rocks” event on Tuesday night in Brooklyn, where he was greeted with a negative reaction from some in the New York audience.

As Bieber took the stage with model Lara Stone to introduce singer Rita Ora, there were some noticeable jeers mixed in with cheers.


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