Mikel Obi & Olga Engaged: Nigerian Footballer Proposed To Russian Girlfriend Olga Diyachenko

Nigerian footballer Mikel Obi has taken his romance with the daughter of a Russian millionaire, Olga to another level.
He has pushed aside his family’s decision and has popped the question of a lifetime to Olga Diyachenko.
This was made known by Olga on IG few hours ago.
His papa and mama at home are heartbroken over his decision to marry an Oyinbo lady but Mikel Obi seems too determined not to let Olga go. Love is powerful!!.

Congrats to them.

Pictures coming soon

Kim Kardashian Battles Infertility Problem, Doctors Say She Can’t Get Pregnant Again

As the time of this report, controversial TV star and the wife of rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is a very sad woman.
According to TMZ, Kim K and Kanye have been trying to have another baby since April but all the fertility treatment they did failed.
Fertility doctors in the US reportedly told her having another baby may be impossible because her first child, North West is a miracle baby.
Recall that she told fans she was pregnant few months ago but she has lost the baby.
Before meeting Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has dated so many men in her short lifetime.

“Desmond Elliott Is A Sierra Leonean Not Yoruba Nigerian” – Fan Accuses Nollywood Actor Of Lying For Political Ambition

Desmond Elliot is of the Oku tribe of
Sierra Leone, he is not a Nigerian and that’s the reason the name Olusola suddenly surfaced from nowhere and started claiming to be Yoruba. The Oku tribes are the remnant of Yoruba migrants of Sierra Leone who today have reintegrated with the Sierra Leonean society and don’t regard themselves as Nigerians but accept they had their roots from Nigeria.
Today, most of them bare Yoruba names like Akilapa, Tokunbo, Bola Mosunro, (of BBC) Mopelola etc. but are not Nigerians. Lagos happens to be a hotbed of all sort of people who easily claim to be what they are
not. Desmond Elliot knows this and has exploited it to the maximum.
He cannot get away with such a deception in upland Yoruba State’s towns and villages because, there; everybody knows everyone’s roots and family leaniage, starts from family compound name, to grand parentage
names and the local family names of parents and where the origin of family names and how they came to be known by such names, how they came to be residents of the towns and villages they reside.
Desmond Elliot has been allowed to get away with lies without being properly grilled and verified of his true citizenship of Nigeria.
Claiming to be Nigerian should just not to be enough especially when one begins to nurse a political ambition like Desmond Elliot is doing otherwise, someday Nigerians will find a foreigner ruling Nigeria like it happened in Peru, where an unverified Japanese politician, Fuji Muri rose from nowhere to become president of Peru, he was only discovered after ruling Peru with iron fists for decades and was
later indicted and charged for criminal offences while in exile.
Worst still, anyone can get a Nigerian passport if they have money.. Na wao.

[Written by Koleosho in response to Desmond Elliot promotional pictures]

Charly Boy’s Virgins, Angels Dt Talk To The Dead Are His Wife’s Sales Girls In Abuja

When I read the latest interview Zizi and Zaza, the alleged virgin angels of Abuja area fada Charles Oputa granted to Tribune, I LOL.
These University Undergraduates have
suddenly turned into underworld agent for Charly, the show Boy.

A source told us exclusively few months ago that the ladies are Charly
Boy’s wife, Diana Oputa’s sales girls in Abuja.
So how did they become his virgin angels…
Chei! Oga Charly lie lie no good o.

Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from a recent interview the ladies had with Tribune:

They call you the Virgin Angels, who exactly are you two?
We help Charly Boy communicate with the other world.

What other world?
The world where his father has gone to. We help to get in touch and communicate anytime he feels like talking to his father. This is a place where not every one can get to except people like us.

People like you? You mean virgins

Yes, only the pure and the unsoiled.

They call you Zaza, where is Zaza

Yes, I am called Zaza and I am from
everywhere. Some of us come from the sky, some of us come from the air even from the water.

Will it be right to call you Fairies?
You can call us anything you want. The most important thing is that we know who we are and we do our work when we are needed.

You said you communicated with Charly Boy’s late father, what’s the mode of your communication?
We communicate spiritually. We also
communicate by trans. We help him connect emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

How long have you girls been around?
It has been long.

How did the two of you meet?
You know that sometimes, two powers attract each other and they find a common ground where they would meet. It is not about what I see in my partner or what she sees in me,
it is about what we see in Charly Boy.

So, what’s the special attraction to Charly Boy?
He’s special. He’s wonderful. He’s in touch with spiritual side that we don’t see often. I think that was what brought us to him.

How did you meet Charly Boy?
We found each other physically.

Where would you like it to be?

You should tell me since you know
where you met him. I was not there.

We just found each other. Location does not matter as long as we are here and we are doing our work. Don’t let’s spend much time on that because we won’t get anywhere with that.

After seeing Charly Boy, who else have you found?
Charly Boy is the first of his kind. We have not found another person like him.
When we get, we will let you know.
You seem to be curious and you really want to know more about us. Don’t worry, you will be notified when we find another pure soul like that of Charly.

How do you want to reach me if you
find it, apparently I don’t have a
pure heart like Charly Boy, do I?

We will find you. Don’t worry. Whether your heart is pure or not, we will get back to you.

Do you have human feelings? I mean you are human, aren’t you?
How are you sure we are humans?Take a look at us again, do we look human to you? If we look it, then your guess is good as ours.
But then, let’s say we are what we are.

You said you are virgins, how did you discover that and who actually carried out the test to confirm your

Our virginity is an ideology. It is not the physical virginity that we are talking about. We are untouched physically, mentally and spiritually because like she said, we are medium to communicate with people outside this world, like we are currently doing for Charly. He went through
a sad period in his life and we had come around to help him get over that period.

What other things do you do for Charly aside communicating with his father?
We comfort him and heal him in our own way.
Not physically. We are always there for him as much as we can.

How long will your healing take and what part of his body are you healing.
We will heal him as long as it takes.
Healing does not have a time frame. It is a gradual process. Talking about what part of his body we are healing, we won’t want to disclose that to you.

You are young virgins and beautiful, after this process, do you plan to get married?
If we find someone worthy of us, we will get married.

I learnt you guys are still in the
University, what could you possibly be doing in school if you possess the
power you claim to have?

Yes, I am studying Library and Information Science but that does not stop me from assisting Charly whenever he needs me. We try as much as possible to work round things so that we won’t have to worry about
this or that. Zaza, my partner is studying Law. Charly tells us what he needs and we do what we need to do. Hopefully, I will be called to the bar next year and I also hope to sue people for fun. It will be interesting.

Why do people like you need to be
educated, do spirits go to school?

A part of us needs law and documentation.
There are laws every where even if you can’t see them. I mean law exists in everything we do. Even the Bible and Holy Quran are books of laws. So, we need law to co-exist peacefully.

After all this is over, what is your next journey going be like that?
Like I said, we don’t know for now where we are heading to but we are surely going to a new place for another mission after the completion of work with Charly. We are happy to have been part of history in Imo
State, Owerri when Charly Boy buried his father.

You witnessed when his father’s
remains were lowered into the grave,
what do you make out of that; do you
believe that something like that would happen to you one day?

Death is inevitable. We all must die. How we die or when we die does not matter in this matter. What matters is where you go after you pass on.

So, where do you go after you are no more?
Let’s wait till we die. We can’t tell you where we are going to now when are still here.

What exactly do you people believe in?
We believe in peace. We believe in
happiness. Follow your plans. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled.

hehehehe wonders never cease in this
country o

Kim K Didn’t Forget Her Baby Daughter North West At The Hotel, Kanye West’s Wife Speaks

Yesterday, a fan sent us photos of a story that hit the web like wildfire yesterday that Kim Kardashian forgot her daughter at the hotel during a recent trip to Paris France.
We didn’t put it up because it hasn’t been verified.
The false report claimed that Kim K instead went to her car to pose for Paparazzi
The mother of one took to Twitter few hours ago to debunk the reports.

In the message, Kim K said she only went to the car to ensure that the car seat was properly installed.

In her own words:

“Hear on the radio today some story I
forgot my daughter at our hotel as I’m leaving for the airport. Are you kidding me??? LOL
I went to the car to make sure the car seat was in because the day before we had a car seat issue.
Do u guys really think a 1 year old would be inside the lobby by herself! Oh wait she was waiting to check out lol” – Kim K laughed off the report via her Twitter handle @kimkardashian

No sane mother will ever leave her daughter alone in the hotel, fake stories travel faster than the speed of light.

Justin Bieber’s strip show

Justin Bieber is a documented fan of public shirtlessness and <a href='http://www.mtv.com/news/1712168/justin-bieber-sings-naked-grandmother/' target='_blank'>singing songs to his grandmother in the nude</a>. We can now also call the "Baby" singer a fan of the public striptease. At the charity event "Fashion Rocks," Bieber removed everything but his underwear right on stage with co-presenter Lara Stone, explaining that he just didn't feel comfortable unless he was in his "Calvins."

Most people need encouragement to remove their clothing. For Justin Bieber, boos from the crowd will do just fine.

The 20-year-old singer stripped down to his skivvies at 2014’s “Fashion Rocks” event on Tuesday night in Brooklyn, where he was greeted with a negative reaction from some in the New York audience.

As Bieber took the stage with model Lara Stone to introduce singer Rita Ora, there were some noticeable jeers mixed in with cheers.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ sets course for 2017

Johnny Depp has starred in all of the

The last we saw of Captain Jack Sparrow, he was on a beach with ol’ scallywag Gibbs, reflecting on his decision to deny himself the Fountain of Youth. “Who’s to say I won’t live forever [anyway], eh?,” he says. Indeed.

Despite some delays—and a Lone Ranger-sized hiccup—the long-awaited next chapter in the “Pirates” franchise, following 2011′s “On Stranger Tides,” has a new official release date: July 7, 2017.

Common sen$e dictated that there needed to be another film, even though the fourth film was hardly the best-regarded of Capt. Jack’s adventures. Still, it grossed more than $1 billion around the world. A fifth film, at one point titled “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” was initially targeted for a 2015 release, with Kon-Tiki directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg taking over for Rob Marshall (who in turn had taken over for Gore Verbinski.)

But last summer, shortly after “The Lone Ranger” had put a $190 million dent in Disney’s bottom line, the project was delayed, due to budgetary concerns and an unfinished script. Now, Disney is recalibrating Sparrow’s course for 2017.

“Tiwa Savage’s Over-sized Vera Wang Wedding Dress Is For Pregnant Brides” – Critics

A day after her wedding ceremony in Dubai, experts have badmouthed the designer Vera Wang dress Tiwa Savage wore on her wedding day.
According to the light news, she must have spent a fortune, wasted days and hours for fitting and
amendments, but the expert jury we put together to access the wedding dress has given velvety voiced Savage a hard knock!
For the untrained eye the dress looks sensational, and that includes this reporter who described it as amazingly beautiful, but the Vera Wang dress
according to our team did not do justice to her size or her shape!
We are told that the ball, strapless gown could have been perfect if Tiwa Savage was a fuller figure woman but for her shape it was off the mark. In fact, one of the experts said jocularly that except she had become pregnant over night; it was not appropriate. “The gown looked over-sized at first glance and that is not a good sign at all”.
“Tiwa is svelte, with an hour-glass shape to die for, did you notice that with the dress? If you didn’t then that dress did not pass the first test of fitting. Maybe the gown minus the frills would have worked better” one of our experts noted.

Beyism Cult, Religion: American Church Now Worships Beyonce; Beyists Published Beyonce Bible, Beyble

A group of 12 friends have created a new religion
based on a mortal being called Beyonce.
According to sources from Atlanta Georgia, the 12 friends created the religion one afternoon while they were high on Marijuana.
The religion named Beyism worships Beyonce
Knowles and has opened its first church in Atlanta, Georgia.
They regularly gathered each Sunday to sing Beyonce’s songs, and decided to form Beyism while smoking marijuana one day.

“We are very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine Deity walking among them,” Andrews stated. “We ask that you consider what is more real: an invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing Goddess who shows you her true form daily?”

According to the church of Beyonce‘s members,
Beyonce was sent to Earth to spread love, joy and
peace. They don’t believe the star singer is a human being, they claim he is a creator who sits among the “throne of Gods”.
The church of Beyonce has also published their own version of the the bible called Beyble which is currently in print.
The congregation also hopes to build a temple and further expand its reach outside the Atlanta area.
Dedicated Beyists live in Canada, America and the United Kingdom.

This is madness! Chei pls God no vex o.

“Oprah Winfrey & Gayle King Likely Lesbian Lovers” Step mum Barbara Exposes Oprah’s Dirty Secrets

In this latest interview with Daily Mail UK, the former wife of Oprah Winfrey’s father, Barbara Winfrey has revealed some unpleasant secrets about the media mogul and it is so messy.
According to Barbara, the Oprah Winfrey we see on TV is a different personality from her real self.
She described Oprah as a very controlling, arrogant and manupulative woman.
Barbara is very bitter after Oprah destroyed her
relationship with her hubby and kicked her out of the home she bought for them 14 years ago leaving her homeless.
She also said Oprah Winfrey’s relationship with
Stedman Graham is a contract, calling it a pragmatic cocktail of shared secrets, convenience and money.
Barbara further said the relationship between 60 year old Oprah and her best friend, Gayle King is very unhealthy because the two are unmarried (she promised to expose them tomorrow).

Read what Barbara told Daily Mail below:

‘You find out quickly where your place is with Oprah and you get in that place and you stay in that place. My crime, I think, was to talk to her like a normal person and she didn’t like that one bit. My husband once told me that just because someone gives you something does not mean they love you. He was talking about Oprah.
Her brand is that she’s a nice, caring, generous, giving person. That’s not how it is. She’s controlling – it’s all about control. She has confidentiality agreements with pretty much everybody in her life. She has them sign their life away and she has them in her pocket.
Everything comes with stipulations but she doesn’t tell you that and she doesn’t tell you what they are. Some people can have money and be mentally rich – secure in what they have I guess. But others, how can I put it…some people you can’t take the ghetto out of. That’s Oprah, it’s who she is and where she’s from. She had
money, everybody was going to know it and see it. But she had to be in control.’

About Oprah throwing her out of her matrimonial
home, according to Barbara, she wedded Vernon
Winfrey, Oprah’s father, 15 years after first meeting him – 17 June 2000. But their marriage fell apart when she discovered Vernon cheated on her with a prostitute named ‘One Tooth.’
By her own admission Barbara struggled to cope with Vernon’s infidelity. She moved out of the marital bedroom but she was not, she insisted, looking to end her marriage.
Evicted: Barbara was first ordered by the court to
vacate her home by March 31. Oprah purchased the house in the name of her company, Overground Railroad LLC, the plaintiff in the case.

Barbara said:
‘Oprah is a woman who empowers women to be all they can be, to stand up against men who mistreat them. If she was a more decent person she would realize that what her dad did was very wrong instead of plotting against me and pushing me out of the scene.
Barbara has till the 29th of May to pack her belongings from the house.
I have lost everything. It’s not just a house, this is my home. All my memories are here. I’m trying to keep it together but there are some days I just don’t understand how I could have made her so angry that she would kick me out on the street and think nothing about it. But that’s Oprah – she’s judge and jury.
“I know people have read about this and thought,
“Who does she think she is? Why should she get a
million dollar home? But can you see it’s not about that? It’s about everything that went before. Look at how she has treated me. I laid my head next to her father for 14 years and she never thought me worthy of talking to.
Meanwhile, Barbaba promises to grant part 2 of the explosive interview to Daily Mail tomorrow.

Chei! this woman sounds very bitter.

Do you think Oprah Winfrey should have released the mansion to Barbara?

“If P-Square Breakup, We’ll Terminate Their Contract” – Globacom

The viral breakup story of P-Square musical duo has reached Nigerian Telecommunication giant, Globacom who signed them up for a major endorsement deal recently.
A source from the telecommunication operator said the contract was signed with P-Square as a group and not with Peter or Paul and if they breakup, their contract will be terminated.

“Since Glo has a contract with P-Square, and not with Peter or Paul, their breakup will definitely lead to the termination of the contract,” the source said.

Hope these Nigerian superstars are working to put things in order.

“Lola Okoye Not The Cause Of P- Square Split” – 9ice’s Ex, Toni Payne Defends Peter’s Wife

The former wife of Nigerian singer Abolore Akande aka 9ice, Toni Payne has stepped in to defend Lola Omotayo over the ongoing problem currently generating tension in P-Square camp.

The mother of 9ice’ first child asked fans to stop
blaming Lola for Peter and Paul’s fight if they don’t want the wrath of God.
Toni Payne said she has gone through the same thing.
She came hard on a fan who called Lola a bad luck for the Okoye family.

Check out her tweets below:

Psquare Split Latest: Peter Okoye Moves Out Of Family House Over Jude’s Disrespect Of Wife, Lola Omotayo

Do you guys remember what happened between Peter and Paul Okoye during a rehearsal this past

Just a recap, the musical duo got involved in a physical fight after a heated argument..If not for the timely intervention of their dancers, it would have become another thing.

Another issue that is currently generating tension in the Okoye’s family is the issue of Lola Omotayo, a lady from another tribe whom Peter Okoye married last year.

As we speak, the Okoye’s family do not like her…. I hear the issue started with their late mother…. My source told me that Mrs Josephine Okoye doesn’t approve Peter and Lola Omotayo’s relationship but because they already have a son at that time, Peter Okoye stood by Lola.

Their union became official when Lola delivered Peter Okoye’s second born, Aliona Okoye last year.
To cut the long story short, I hear Peter Okoye has packed out of the Okoye’s family house after accusing his brother Jude Okoye of disrespecting his wife who is currently pregnant with the couple’s third child.

Peter Okoye also accused Paul and Jude of sidelining him meaning they always limit him to the dance part of their project.

The major issue in the Okoye’s family right now is the issue between Jude Okoye and Lola Omotayo.
Before their marriage last year, Jude allegedly
confronted Peter and asked him why he didn’t marry Lola when their mother was alive knowing fully well that their late mother wasn’t in support of the relationship.

To cut the long story short, last week Thursday, a day after the twins exchanged blows during rehearsal, commissioner of Police paid a visit to their mansion for settlement but nothing is coming forth.
As we speak, Peter Okoye has contacted their family lawyer in order to divide their properties for his own share.

My source further said the issue between Peter Okoye and his elder brother Jude Okoye came open when he attended his twin brother, Paul Okoye’s wedding in Port Harcourt last month.

Recall that Jude Okoye shunned Lola Omotayo and Peter’s wedding last year despite the fact that he was in Nigeria.

Peter Okoye has moved out of Squareville mansion in Omole estate. He is now living with his wife and children in Lekki Phase 1.

I hope Jude Okoye will resolve any differences he has with Lola in order to preserve the dignity and protect the future of P-Square group.

PSquare Fighting: Peter & Paul Okoye Exchange Blows During Rehearsals Over Lola Omotayo

When NaijaGists.com first broke the news of the
ongoing brawl between Jude Okoye and his brother (Peter Okoye) few weeks ago, critics said I’m poke-nosing into their family affair.
I can authoritatively confirm that Jude Okoye’s issue with Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo has led to a major fight between the musical twins.

A source who wrote NaijaGists.com late last night said the twins are at loggerheads.
The source further said that the duo exchanged blows during a recent rehearsal and were separated by their dancers.

While planning to get married in Dubai, they have hit a major stumbling block which involves forcing their elder brother, Jude Okoye to attend their white wedding in Dubai.

Entertainment insiders said Jude Okoye, a popular
tribalist can’t sit in the same room with Lola.Omotayo, the wife of his brother, Peter Okoye talk less of attending her wedding.

Recall that Jude Okoye was absent at Peter Okoye & Lola Omotayo’s traditional wedding in Lagos last year but he came to Paul Okoye and Anita Isama’s wedding in Port Harcourt last month…..So can you guys see where the fight is coming from?

As we speak, Jude Okoye, the number one cause of the ongoing fight between Psquare said he has quit as their manager after 10 years.
Tribalism is everywhere in this country and it is the major source of family wahala.

May God help P-Square.

Funke Akindele Finds New Lover: Boyfriend Moves Jenifa To Duplex In Chevron Estate

After a season of sadness that almost ended her
career, Nollywood star actress Funke Akindele has found joy again.
Fondly called Jenifa, she parted with her ex-husband Kehinde Oloyede Almaroof last year after a messy scandal.
As we speak, Funke Akindele has found herself in the hand of an older lover who is currently spoiling her silly.
Though my source didn’t tell me where the guy live but from what I hear he is not based in Nigeria.
My source further told me that a friend introduced Funke Akindele to him in November last year.
Jenifa has moved from her rented flat to a beautiful duplex inside Chevron Estate in Lekki.

Hope she makes it right this time around.

Congrats to Funke.

“Nigerian Guys Force Girls Into Lesbianism” – Nollywood Actress Happiness Effiong

Popular Nigerian actress Happiness Effiong aka Shakira in this recent interview talked about her bad experience dating Nigerian men and how Nigerians guys are game players.
She also shared her good and bad experience in

Interview excerpt:

Why didn’t you play lead roles in any of these movies?
The reason is simple. I don’t want to go to the extent of sleeping with movie directors and marketers because I want to play lead roles.

Some of your colleagues have also said the same thing. Are you saying that sex for role exists in Nollywood?

How were you able to handle this challenge?
I define my stand from the onset. I’m not desperate for roles and I don’t put myself on the shelf to be priced. A lot of women in the movie industry can do anything for roles; not even lead roles only, but also any role, and I’m not ready to go that far. I am contented. That’s how I was brought up. My relationship with directors, producers and marketers is cordial, but no strings
attached except I decide to go out with you because I like you, but not because of a role.

Have you been in love?
I found my first love at the age of 22 and we broke up.
So, I’m not in love with any guy now, because Nigerian guys are not worth falling love with. They are game players. I have been heartbroken thrice and I wouldn’t want to suffer another one.

Don’t you think it may be your fault to have been jilted thrice?
I don’t think it was my fault. It was the guys. That’s why some girls choose to be lesbians.

Did you consider being a lesbian after several heart breaks?
God forbid. I never thought about being a lesbian when men disappointed me. There was a day a rich woman saw me at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos and she attempted to lure me into sleeping with her, but I refused and she slapped me and I retaliated. She promised to buy me a car, get me a good apartment, and also get me lead roles in movies. But I rejected her offer. The next time she saw me, she tried once again to convince me to sleep with her, but I warned her to stay away, so she slapped me and I did not waste time
to retaliate. That was how she gave me some space.
Unfortunately, the next time I saw her, she was with an upcoming actress.

Why do you think some women prefer to sleep with other women?
Greed and quest for money, and some are into it to acquire power, but they forget that all powers belong to God. The love of money is the root of all evils; though, money answers all things.

Can you compare Nigerian movies with those of Ghana?
Nigerian movies are better than those of Ghana in
terms of content and talent. But when you compare the Ghanaian movie industry with Nollywood, Ghana is better, because in Ghana no producer or director will ask you to come to his hotel room before he can give you a role. That is what most film producers and directors do in Nigeria. In Ghana, roles are given on merit. But in Nigeria, sex for role is the order of the day.

[Interview by Dickson Okafor]

Olamide Dropped Out Of School For Music “My Parents & I Are Not Close, I’m A Stupid Boy”

Naija rapper Olamide Adedeji recently had an interview with journalists at his Ikoyi office.
In the interactive question and answer session at his base in parkview estate, the rapper addressed a lot of issues surrounding his family, career and romance.

Read interview excerpt below:

On relationship with his parents, the rapper said:

“My mom and dad… I’ve never been that close to
them. I don’t stay at home often; I am just that
stupid boy, more of a black sheep. I can’t lie about it but the blood and love is strong. We love each other so much and we still keep in touch but my brother and my sister are closer to my parent. I am the middle child — between my sister and my brother.”

On his education:

“I dropped out of school for music but I intend goin back. I will be doing a professional course in South Africa to study Music Business and I’m certain about it.
Hopefully in 2015.

On relationship with D’banj, the Eledami crooner said:

“D’banj is just my big brother. He calls me to advise me, he hides nothing from me, tells me about the industry, and he respects me for my hard work and puts me through business wise. We were just planning to do business; people hear things and get it twisted.
Baba and I are still doing business low key and we have a lot of surprises coming very soon. “

On relationship with fans and girlfriend, the rapper said:

“My female fans, I treat them like my girlfriend. My girlfriend knows I show them love, but I keep it low key.
I don’t go too far. I don’t want to take anybody for
granted. I don’t want it to seem like God gave me
private part so I should be getting laid with every lady. I appreciate my fans, I show them love….God will decide when we’ll get married”

Olamide the baddest boy in the universe.

Justin Bieber’s Obese Fan Loses Half Body Weight To Get Noticed(Bryanna Debinder)

Meet 20-year-old Bryanna Debinder, a super fan of music star Justin Bieber who recently embarked on a serious weight loss journey in order to get him to notice her.
Within a year, Bryanna who used to weight 120kg has lost 53kg.
She got her motivation when she noticed Justin Bieber pulling skinny girls to dance with him on the stage.
Every time I saw him pull up a pretty, slim girl on stage, I just thought: ‘that should be me’,’ Everyone deserves a chance to be noticed by the person they love, and I’m his biggest fan. I just wanted to be the girl he sang to.’ – said Bryanna
Pennsylvania-based Bryanna Debinder said she had spent several hours messaging Justin Bieber on Twitter with no response.
So, Bryanna cut out all of the junk foods from her diet, and instead filled her fridge with fruit and vegetables. She also watched YouTube exercise videos and did sit-ups at home. In just 12 months, she
lost an impressive 53kg and has dropped seven dress sizes to a UK size 8.
What an amazing transformation….Hope she can maintain it.

Majid Michel Has A Crush On Genevieve Nnaji, Are They Dating?

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel is so in love with Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji.
The two movie stars were spotted together at the recently concluded Africa Magic Viewer’s choice award posing for camera.
Days after the event, Genevieve Nnaji shared a couple of pictures of herself and the actor together.
Majid Michel immediately told Genevieve how he felt about her in a form of comment.

Read what he wrote on Instragram:

“The photo above was taken at the #AMVCA’s…. Red lipstick, rose petals, heartbreaks, she (Genevieve) was my Marilyn Monroe! Her Brown eyes, tuxedos, red carpet, fast cars…I was her James Dean on the Low… Never seen such Magnificence in a Black Princess… Felt like Love struck me on that Night… I pray that Love doesn’t strike Twice.”

Who wouldn’t love a single and hot mama like
Here are some photos of the dream couple together Majid Michel’s wife Virna should please take heart because this man is going out of control……. hehehe
check out his right hand smashing Genevieve’s b**bs in the below picture.