OneAfricanChild #Backtoschool Project

OneAfricanChild (OAC) is a NGO that helps children all over Africa. Over the past year,they have reached out to over 2000 children across Nigeria and many more in 7 other African countries. Their mission is to empower young leaders to be independent and active contributors in the community they belong by providing the necessary resources they’ll need to achieve this goal. Their vision is to showcase the beauty of the African heritage through their activities. The #BackToSchool Project is to achieve this vision..They plan to use this as a means to empowers our future leaders who go to schools without books,who are willing to learn but don’t have the means to, these kids are our future leaders and this is to give them a brighter future.. They can’t do it alone….if you are willing to lend a hand just view and fill the link below,its simple and easy. Here is the link to donate and share with your contacts:

Thank you.