Kim Kardashian Talks Possible Baby Names: Easton West Is Cute


Kim Kardashian is such a tease. The pregnant reality TV series kept people guessing about the gender of her baby and what name she picked for the bundle of joy when she talked about her upcoming little one during a visit to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.


“We have a list and some of them are ‘K names’ and some of them aren’t,” the girlfriend of Kanye West coyly said when asked by the host if she would follow the family’s tradition to pick a “K” name for the baby if it’s a girl.


She did, however, give one clue. She wouldn’t name the kid North West, contrary to the swirling rumor recently. “You know what name I do like but it probably won’t be on? I like Easton. Easton West? I think that’s cute,” she eventually gave away which her favorite name on the said list.


“Now Easton would be a boy’s name, correct?” Jay Leno wondered out loud to get the mom-to-be to spill the baby’s gender. “You never know. Boys names are good for girls. I think it’s cute,” she evaded the question.


Of whether her child will be following her footsteps in the showbiz, Kim said, “My momager will not be handling anything for the baby cause the baby is not hopefully gonna do anything to be in the business or have a show or do anything like that. If one day he or she wants to be…”


Davido was a guest on Rubbing Minds this
past Sunday, and the host, Ebuka Obi
Uchedu asked him about this photo of him
in bed with a babe. Below is how he
explained it:
“I was just sleeping and she probably
just slipped in. I don’t know where,
how anything happened. I don’t know
her. I was in an apartment then and
everything was just free. Maybe my
door was unlocked or something like
that and she slipped in and took the
picture. I moved out to my new house,
big house, you can’t try anything, the
security is tight.”
He said the girl later called his people to
apologize to him. Davido also answered
questions about Wizkid, his new song
Gobe, if he slapped his ex-manager Asa and
many more questions. Omo see gobe

Davido explains this photo of him in bed with a groupie

Justin Bieber murder plot ‘still on’

A man at the centre of a plot to murder Justin Bieber says his plan is “still on”.

Dana Martin – who is serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl – conspired with a hit man to kidnap and castrate the singer, but the star was spared after he let slip his intentions to a prison warden.

However, Dana has vowed to continue targeting the Never Say Never hitmaker, saying: “It’s still on. This isn’t going away. Do you really think that I would stop?”

Martin – who is currently in solitary confinement while his repeated threats against the star are investigated – says he targeted Justin because he “changed”.

‘I shaved it for you

He told Details magazine: “It’s because he changed, that made me angry.”

During the interview, the inmate showed off a tattoo he has of 19-year-old Justin on his calf.

He said: “I shaved it for you… I always tell people you need to have a shaved Bieber. Believe me, you do not want a hairy Bieber.”

Phone calls of Martin discussing details of the murder plot with his accomplices were recently made public.

The plan was to strike in New York when Justin was performing at Madison Square Garden venue and strangle the teen idol with a paisley tie, but only after removing his genitals with garden shears.

This guy is crazy

Yvonne Nelson dumps Ice Prince as “John Dumelo is my boyfriend”

yvonne nelson ice prince

Actress Yvonne Nelson has started this week

Yvonne who is currently on a movie location in New York with actor John Dumelo took her twitter page to tell her real boyfriend rapper Ice Prince.

In a twitte update, she posted “Aboki(i.e Ice Prince)….apparently John is my boyfriend.He is going to kill you…you don’t wanna see his aboki”

Girls are wicked, first of all it was Iyanya now Ice Prince,who is next?.

Sources claim Yvonne and Ice Prince are currently datingthough she denied it. It was just a cover up.

Ice Prince..Aboki, you know say you be my guy..ehn

Wole Soyinka blast Boko Haram

wole soyinka boko haram islamProfessor Wole Soyinka blasts Boko Haram terrorists while speaking during the opening ceremony of 2013′s Rivers state education summit in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

Below is what Wole Soyinka said;

“Boko Haram are not educated enough about their religion to know that some of the greatest philosophers came from the religion. They have been taught one track line (Monorail) about the religion. They need to be re educated about the religion”, he said.

The Best Tweets in History

In seven short years, Twitter has evolved from a place where people simply share random thoughts to the first place people go for breaking news and events.

In honor of Twitter’s seventh birthday, A list of epic tweets wass pulled together. Few of the tweets were pulled from post over at Quora with a ton of user-submitted epic tweets.

1. The first tweet ever.

2. When Oprah first joined Twitter back in 2009, she was excited, to say the least. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neil pointed this out to her.

3. This photo posted via Twitter shows the famous US Airways flight that landed in New York City’s Hudson river. Incredible.

4. Kanye West’s tweet apologizing for embarrassing Taylor Swift at the MTV music awards in 2010 has since been deleted, but it’s epic nonetheless.

5. Sohaib Athar live tweeted the raid that resulted in Osama Bin Laden’s death, by accident.

6. Rapper Drake tweeted about how difficult it was earning his first $1 million. Billionaire T. Boone Pickens responded that the first billion is even more difficult.

7. This is Michael Dell’s inspiring tweet on how he started his computer company with only $1,000.

8. Old Spice criticized Taco Bell because its famous Fire Sauce isn’t actually made with fire. Taco Bell accused Old Spice of not actually using “old spices” in its deodorant. It seems like Old Spice won this round with its last word.

9. NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover sent this epic tweet when it landed last summer.

10. This hilarious exchange between Tom Anderson, the founder of MySpace, and a random tweeter proves that Tom had the last laugh.

Dumbest Facebook Post Ever?

An Oregon teenager has landed himself in the county jail for what must be one of the dumbest Facebook gaffes ever: posting about his drunk-driving hit-and-run escapade.

“Drivin drunk … classsic 😉 but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P” was the early-morning post that quickly led to the at-home arrest of Jacob Cox-Brown in the Oregon-coast city of Astoria, reports the Daily Astorian.
Upon reading Cox-Brown’s post, two of the 18-year-old’s Facebook friends contacted the Astoria Police Department to report it; it became vital information after two officers responded to a 1am report of a hit-and-run, which left a white Scion plus an adjacent vehicle damaged in their parking spots.

Fugitive Tips Off Own Arrest with “Wanted” Shirt


And now, from Taiwan, a cautionary tale with the following lesson: Don’t wear T-shirts with writing that you can’t understand.

A fugitive in the town of Huwei, in the southern country of Yunlin, learned that the hard way when he was arrested earlier this month while wearing a shirt bearing the word “Wanted,” a police spokesperson told the French news agency AFP.

The criminal, identified in reports by only his surname Wu, didn’t know any English, and had no clue what his shirt, a gift from his son, meant.If na me i go beat the son

But as it turned out, a patrolling police officer did; he’d passed a proficiency test and was curious about the word on the tee.

That exchange led to Wu inspiring more questions—no doubt he appeared nervous—and to the cop checking his status on his police system. Which led to Wu being hauled in on drug charges.

End of lesson.


A statement from Jesse Jagz’s official facebook Page

To whom it may concern

I, Jesse Garba Abaga (also known as “Jesse Jagz”) an artist formerly signed to Chocolate City Music label hereby wishes to notify my fans and the general public about my voluntary exit from the label.
After my initial two year contractual agreement with Chocolate City, I do not wish to renew my contract with them and as such have proceeded to continue my music career with my new team at Jesse Jagz Nation. I still maintain a cordial relationship with the management of Chocolate City and my former label mates and I wish them the best in all their future endeavors. Any further information will be passed across through my publicist but until then, have a good day. Look out for my sophomore album JagZNation Vol. 1 coming out in July 2013.
All for the best,
Jesse Jagz

Embarassing/Famzing moments

I was astonished by the behaviour of some girls today. Today,when i went to the female hall and i was i a situation where i had to stand in the corridor of the hall;Then all of a sudden i heard a scream down the corridor then when i looked i saw a girl coming down the corridor with panties alone those are the girls that you see outside forming tush girls and i’m sure they are the ones who run around naked when they were kids. It felt kinda embarassing when other girls started coming out and making side comments;But like someone told me “when they start getting the D they will understand”.i was later not surprised that they were just FRESHERS so it’s understandable;So girls be careful what you do,you don’t know who is watching

Man or mirage? Dehydrated photographer stumbles across the ‘human tree’ in Nevada desert

When a photographer stumbled upon this human-like tree, dehydrated and sweating under the blistering sun in Nevada, he was certain it was a mirage.

But on closer inspection Tom Leeson, 62, realised the figure was in fact a large Joshua Tree, shaped with arms, legs and a bouffant hairstyle.

It even looks like the figure is striding through the arid desert.

The ‘human tree’ was spotted in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada, USA, when Mr Leeson went in search for a type of sheep known as ‘bighorn’ to photograph.

Mr Leeson, from Montana, was sweltering in the intense heat in the desert and was heading back to his car after realising he was running out of water.
It was then he discovered the oddly-shaped tree. Once he realised it was not a mirage he took a picture of the bizarre structure.

His wife, Pat, also 62, was also amazed by natural phenomenon.

She said: “You could hike in that desert all day without seeing any one else at all”. It’s very deserted and dry but is home to the bighorn sheep which is what Tom was looking for originally.

The appearance of this tree is a completely natural phenomenon and Tom saw the humour in it straight away and paused to grab a shot.

It was very hot and he had not taken enough water so was anxious to get back to his van .

It was certainly something he just happened to stumble across. It’s probably never been seen by anyone else before. It’s way off the usual path that’s for sure.

Give Us Light!!!

Sometimes i wonder who is behind this unavailability of light in University of ******.We all know students life ain’t easy being a student and with the current situation of things,’Boys are not smiling’.Not all fingers are equal,we know not everybody comes from a rich background,those who rely on cooking for sustainance are now becoming let me say less privileged unable to cope with these conditions.Even to iron clothes now is hard,what’s next?.During this time last year this was what caused the protest that lad to the strike.Well i don’t think they will wanna cause a protest this year(in other words they can’t).I hope the Oga at the top realises this before its too late


Gone are the days of “The way you dress is the way you will be adressed” or “he who laughs last laughs the best”.well we all know how the trend works. From the days of our Fathers (don’t let me say fore fathers,i didn’t know what happened then),all i wonder is what will the future of our children be like…Have you ever thought of that?..i only hope its like the saying-“Your future is bright”. Let me start from we the boys,*clears throat*we all know the trend started from baggy jeans to boot-cut now is Pencil and Skinnies,who knows what’s next maybe it will be leggings,let me stop there. Now to the girls which i know that’s what we all wanna hear .we know how the trend works. But what i’m seeing right now makes me wonder if the future is bright,but girls,what goes through you mind? Well i know you want to entice guys but sexiness equals decency not Peversion .Always keep that in mind.


Walking into the classroom and all you hear is ‘Is ASUU on strike?’ or ‘when will there be strike?’…Well that’s MOST Nigerian students for you.I can still remember the shouts and screams of the students in ***** Hall (i don’t want them to beat me),the boys who played football all night (The likes of,_______ in the middle of the park),wasting life as boys will say, just to be shocked that alas there was class the next day……I used to think that the prayers of students are always answered.what happened?. Well i wont say much, but i know deep down somewhere in my heart, i want strike……If you are writing exams and strike starts,don’t shout, its just students prayers that has been answered