Man Finds Dark Pit, Deep Well Inside House In 500-Year-Old Building In England

A new home owner has been left with a shock of a
lifetime after the discovery of a glass trap door in the middle of his kitchen.
The man recently bought the house in England only to discover the mystery hole in the kitchen.
It opened to reveal what seemed like a deep well,
though no one knows for sure why it was there.
Many people have commented that it is indeed very scary to make such a discovery in your own house, as you never know what could be hiding in the dark pit.

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Photos: ‘World’s Largest Kitchen Rat’ Caught Inside Swedish Family Home

A Swedish family suffered the shock of a lifetime when they discovered that the ‘kitchen mouse’ that had their cat running around in circles was in fact a gigantic monster rat.
The Bengtsson-Korsås family first noticed something was wrong when their cat Enok refused to enter the kitchen in their flat in Solna, north-west Stockholm.
The rat measured 15 inches, without its tail, and had made it into the family’s flat by gnawing a tunnel between a wooden panel and concrete.
The family did not discover their gigantic guest until it was time to take out the bins.
‘I was terrified. It was so huge that I barely saw what it was and I jumped up on the kitchen table,’ Signe Bengtsson-Korsås told Aftonbladet.
The rat had made itself comfortable behind the
family’s dishwasher and even caused a leak by
chewing its way through the waterpipes.
Despite attempts from Mrs Bengtsson-Korsås and her two children to scare the rodent, the ‘Viking rat’ only grew bolder and eventually dared to venture out on the kitchen floor.
Exterminators were called in and placed industry-sized traps to catch the rat, and less than a day later one of them snapped.
However, when the family checked, the trap was gone.
The rat was so powerful that it had carried the trap with it, snapped around its neck.
‘It didn’t die when it went into the trap, but scurried away. It went underneath a wooden plant, where it got stuck and choked itself to death,’ Mr Bengtsson-Korsås said.
‘It was the biggest rat I have ever seen, and it looked like itwas in good shape as the fur was nice,’ he added.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Stabbing Wife Who Missed Church Service In Ogun State

Doctors at the federal Medical Centre(FMC), Idi – Abba, Abeokuta, are battling to revive 42 years old Mrs Patience Samuel who had slipped into coma following severe cut inflicted on her at the neck.
Patience, wood and charcoal vendor at Redemption Camp, was attacked with matchet by her Pastor husband, Daniel Samuel, for shunning fasting, prayer and other programmes going on at
the Apostolic Church, Ode – Remo area of the state, where he is a pastor.
The Consultant of Orthopaedics and Trauma, FMC, Dr Ojeblenu, who is attending to Patience’s case, said the woman would still be on close observation because of the degree of injury inflicted as well as the likely psychological trauma on account of shock from the attack.
The Nation learnt that Daniel Samuel had cause to complain severally to his in-laws over his wife’s attitude of placing high premium on her business at the expense of spiritual development, threatening to make his wife rue terribly, her nonchalant disposition to church matters.
The husband who could not put up any longer with his wife attitude was said to have left the church Sunday and hurried to where the wife carries out her business, and argument ensued
while demanding explanation for shunning church.
In a fit of anger, the pastor allegedly dashed to a closet, pulled a cutlass and struck her at the neck.
The Pastor on sensing that his wife had passed out, alerted neighbours, shouting that his wife has been attacked by unknown persons and that they should help in rushing her to the hospital.
Upon getting to FMC, he was asked to obtain police covering note because of the severity of the injury, but while trying to obtain Police report deceptively, he was arrested and detained at the Owode-Egaba Divisional Police headquarters.
The Ogun State Command Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Olumuyiwa Adejobi confirmed the arrest of the pastor, told reporters that he would be charged for false information and wounding.
Adejobi said: “the Pastor is with us, he initially lied to the Police that the wife was attacked by some men but later confessed after interrogation. As such he will soon be charged to court for false
information and wounding.”

[Report by Ernest Nwakolo, The Nation Abeokuta]

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Video: Woman Cries & Sweats Blood Through Skin

A one of a kind anxiety disorder case has been discovered in the Dominican Republic.
The woman pictured above is 19-year-old Delfina Cedeno who is currently suffering from a rare anxiety disorder called hematidrosis, meaning she has 20 times the level of adrenaline of a normal person.
The panic attacks give her a very high BP. The blood pressure is so severe that whenever she sweats, blood comes out of her body.
The disorder also causes her blood vessels to rupture and the blood seep out of her eyes and skin.
As her condition deteriorated 4 years ago, she started crying the red fluid, having nosebleeds and suffering hair loss. At her worst, she has bled for up to 15 days and was once left in such a critical condition that she needed a blood transfusion.
According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, the many blood vessels which surround the sweat gland constrict, or narrow, under the pressure of stress. As the anxiety increases, the blood vessels dilate to the point of rupture.
The blood goes into the sweat glands, which push it along with sweat to the surface, presenting as droplets of blood mixed with sweat.
Delfina has been placed on a medication to keep her anxiety in check so as to reduce the bleeding.

Watch her video below:

Watch Here

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Primary School Student Stabbed Classmate To Death In Kogi State Over Earphone

The police in Kogi have arrested a 13-year-old boy, Yinusa Halilu, for allegedly killing his friend and classmate, Mustapha Kazeem, 12, over a damaged earpiece.
ACP Austin Evakhabokun, the Acting Commissioner of Police in Kogi, made this known to journalists on Monday in Lokoja.
Evakhabokun said that a scuffle ensued between the suspect and the deceased, both primary school pupils, when the suspect demanded the return of the earpiece he lent to the deceased.
He disclosed that the late Kazeem said that the earpiece was damaged and Halilu demanded monetary compensation for the damaged earphone.
He said that the demand enraged the deceased who reportedly called the suspect a thief, adding that this resulted in an exchange of hot words, as Halilu insisted on collecting the money by force.
Evakhabokun said that Kazeem became furious and rushed into the house, brought out a sharp cutlass and inflicted cuts on the suspect’s head.
He said that the suspect reportedly rushed to a nearby restaurant with his machete cuts and picked a sharp knife, with which he stabbed the deceased in the chest, leading to his death.
In an interview with newsmen, the suspect said that he borrowed the telephone earpiece from someone, saying that he insisted on replacing it since he did not know what to tell the owner.
He said that Kazeem was his friend and that they were both in Primary Five.
Halilu said that the deceased hit him on his head with a machete,adding that in retaliation, he stabbed him in the chest, which led to his death.
The police also paraded 14 armed robbery suspects, including an 85-year-old man, whose nephew was involved in car robbery, and a homicide suspect.


Man Marries A Tree In Argentina: Peruvian Actor Richard Torres Makes History

Have you read the story of a woman who married a bridge and a man who married his pet goat? Well another bizarre story has surfaced from the capital city of Argentina.
Richard Torres, a Peruvian star actor and an environmental activist made history on Sunday November 10th, 2013 when he married a tree in front of family and friends.
The popular environmental activist came to the wedding dressed in a white suit and a blue hat as he carried a flower to give his tree bride in one of the popular parks in Buenos Aires,Argentina yesterday.
The tree husband read vows and gave a ring to his tree bride just like a normal wedding.
He even gave the tree a kiss and a big hug to keep the wedding ceremony real.
Richard Torres said the wedding was intended to draw international attention to environmental problems.
While this is the actor’s first ecological event outside of Peru, he said it’s the start of his championing of the environment and plans to take his unique style of activism to countries throughout Latin America.

Life full of wonders…. what a weird wedding!

Richard Torres kissing his bride

Richard Torres kissing his bride

Indonesian Snakes Massage: Spa Uses Pythons To Massage Customers Body

One of the creepiest body massage spa in the history of mankind has been discovered in the capital and the largest city of Indonesia.
A Jakarta-based spa named Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa is now offering Indonesian Snakes Massage therapy where three huge pythons named Jasmine, Muscle and Brown are used to provide special body service to customers.
The operator basically orders customers to lie down on their back and allow 3 powerful snakes to crawl on them for the duration of the scary massage.
Check out more photos of Python body massage solution below:
Snake lovers, would you ever allow this kind massage to be done on you?

Vampire Father Killed, Ate Daughter’s Flesh & Sucked Her Blood In Papua New Guinea

A Papua New Guinea man described as a vampire has been arrested after allegedly murdering his young daughter by biting her neck, eating her flesh and drinking her blood, a report said
Police called the grisly incident that occurred on Wednesday at a settlement near Lae “an act of cannibalism”.
The PNG Post Courier cited local councillor John Kenny, who was one of the first on the scene, as saying the three-year-old child and her mother were visiting the father when he grabbed the girl and ran off into nearby bushes.
Kenny said the man allegedly held the toddler close to him, bit deep into her neck, ate the flesh and sucked her blood.
Two boys who were climbing a coconut tree nearby saw him and ran quickly to raise the alarm.
“He was just laughing at the boys and continued eating the flesh and sucking the blood,” Kenny told the newspaper.
“The boys were scared and ran quickly to alert the people.”
When people arrived to investigate the man reportedly dumped the body in the bushes and ran away before being caught and turned over to police.
PNG is a sprawling nation where black magic, sorcery and cannibalism sometimes occur.
Last year police arrested dozens of people linked to an alleged cannibal cult accused of killing at least seven people, eating their brains raw and making soup from their penises.
There have been several other recent cases linked to cults,witchcraft and cannibalism, with a man in 2011 reportedly found eating his screaming, newborn son during a sorcery initiation ceremony.

[Post Courier]

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Nigerian Gay Men Arrested In Osogbo For Having Sex Inside Church

2 suspected gay men, Mr Samuel Friday and Oni Oluwatobi have been arraigned in an Osogbo Magistrate Court for allegedly having sexual intercourse inside the auditorium of a church in Osogbo, the capital city of Osun State Nigeria.
The suspected homosexuals, who were facing trial before Magistrate Olusola Aluko over allegation of indecent sexual practice, were arrested at the Peace of Jesus Apostolic Church,Asubiaro,Osogbo, where they allegedly committed the crime.
The police prosecutor, Mr. Solomon Oladele, told the court that they conducted themselves in a manner likely to cause breach of peace by unlawfully engaged in homosexual at the said church.
The charge sheet read out in court read in part:

“That you,Samuel Friday, and Oni Oluwatobi at Peace of Jesus Apostolic Asubiaro Osogbo in Osogbo Magisterial District did conspire together to commit felony wit indecent sexual practice between yourselves.”

The police prosecutor said the two accused persons had through their action committed an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 516 of the Criminal Code Cap 34 Vol. II laws of Osun State of Nigeria, 2003.
The accused persons however pleaded not guilty to the charges and their counsel, Mrs. Nenna Ugwu urged the court to grant them bail with assurance that they would not jump bail if granted.
In his ruling, Magistrate Aluko granted the accused persons bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties each in the like sum and adjourned the case till November 14, 2013 for hearing.

[Daily Sun]

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Video: Pregnant 2-Year-Old Boy Gives Birth To Parasitic Twin During Surgery

This story sounds strange but it is very true.
A 2-year-old Chinese boy named Xiao Feng who hails from Huaxi recently underwent a surgical operation to deliver his parasitic twin brother.
Xiao Feng was transported to the hospital after he suffered severe breathing difficulties after his stomach had become swollen due to pressure from inside.
After his admission, doctors discovered that Feng was pregnant with an undeveloped fetus of his own parasitic twin brother. He was immediately rushed for emergency surgery.
The surgeons removed a fetus measured 20 cm in width and had a fully formed spine and limbs, including fingers and toes.
The parasitic twin would have developed into a boy and had grown so large that almost 2/3rds of his affected twin’s stomach was taken up.

Click here to view video

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95-Year-Old Gay Man Marries 65-Year Old Partner; WW2 Veteran Soldiers Marry At Senior Home

On Friday the 13th of September, a one of a kind gay wedding took place at a Senior home in San Diego, California.
In the event that marks the home’s first gay marriage, a 95-year-old World War 2 veteran named John Banvard married his gay lover, 67-year-old Gerard Nadeau.
The gay couple dated for 20 years before their wedding on Friday.
They couldn’t marry all this while because of gay marriage’s illegality in the state.
Recently the Supreme court made gay marriage legal in California.
The man-to-man wedding ceremony took place at their home with few friends in attendance. They sealed it with a kiss after exchanging vows. Those who kicked against their marriage simply did not attend.
‘It was something we wanted to do for a long time’, Mr Banvard said.
Many of the residents at the senior home were against their union.
They protested in a bid to stop it but the building management insisted the couple had a right to get married.

This is very odd.

Prostitute Mother Killed Her Baby With Rat Poison In Katsina

A 4-day-old baby boy has been gruesomely murdered by his own mother who fed him with a N40 rat poison. Binta Shuaibu,20, conspired with her friend, Hindatu Umar, 27, to commit the
dastardly act in Dan Amarya village, Danja Local Government Area of Katsina State.

The mother and her co-conspirator are now answering to the wicked act in police custody.

What could make a mother willfully kill her own baby?

The suspect, Binta tells her story to Sunday Sun: “I was born in Layin-Ruwa, Kafur Local Government Area of Katsina State. I got married 11years ago and my husband, Inusa later forced me to divorce him. I have only one son, Aminu for him.
“After the divorce, I decided to go into prostitution. The money I got from prostitution is what I use to feed my father in the village. My father had divorced my mother because my mother
begged him to allow me to return to my former husband, but my father rejected the advice. My father divorced my mother because of that.
“While engaged in prostitution, I suddenly had an unwanted pregnancy, which I did not terminate. I was able to conceal the pregnancy and successfully had the baby boy delivered in my room.
“The ward head, Maiunguwa in the village where I was doing prostitution had warned all prostitutes not to have unwanted pregnancy, and that anyone who got pregnant must relocate to any nearby village to deliver and care for the baby there.
“But because of the warning by village head, I was at a loss to what to do with the baby and my calling as a prostitute.
“My good friend, Hindatu Umar suggested that since we do not want to stop prostitution, we should kill the baby. We both went into the street and bought rat poison for N40 and used it to kill
the baby.”

Asked how the baby was actually killed, Binta said, “It was about midnight that the act was carried out. I told my friend,Hindatu that I would not want to witness the killing of my own
“Hindatu was the one who fed my baby with the poison. She forced him to drink the poison. When she wanted to do it, I went into the other room and took a drug, Valium 5 and slept off. I woke up to see that my baby was dead. We wrapped the dead body with clothes.”

News of the heinous crime soon filtered out and the partners in crime were apprehended.

Binta spoke further, “Unknown to us, the ward head had heard about the news that my baby was killed. He quickly went to Danja Police Station, reported the incident and we were arrested by the police.”
In her own confession, Hindatu Umar said, “I am a prostitute.
My friend, Binta delivered a baby boy and we have a law by the ward head in the village of Danja that he doesn’t want any unwanted pregnancy and that any of us prostitutes who gets pregnant should leave the village and deliver the baby in the next village.
“We still enjoy our job as prostitutes and so, we both decided to kill the baby. I suggested to her to kill the baby. We went into the street and bought local rat killer and by midnight I gave the baby the poison and he drank the poison and died instantly. I took the container and dropped it in the toilet. Later the news spread and policemen from Danja Police Station arrested us.”

Katsina State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Hurdi told Sunday Sun that “it was when the news spread the following morning that the ward head reported the incident to Danja Police Station and this led to the arrest of the two
suspects, Binta Shuaibu and Hindatu Umar who are currently at the State CID under investigation.”

CP Hurdi added that the baby had been buried, while the mother of the baby, Binta and her partner, both of whom conspired to commit the murder, would face the wrath of the law.

The commissioner said after investigation had been concluded,the suspects would be charged to court.

[Report By Ngozi Uwujare, Sunday Sun]

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Egyptian Thief Cuts Off His Own Hands To Stop Stealing Addiction

In what sources called self-imposed Sharia Law, an Egyptian man, a popular stealing addict has chopped off both of his hands in a bid to stop his addictive stealing habit.
28-year-old Ali Afifi lost his first hand in 2008 by holding it under the wheels of a fast-moving train.
Afifi, who posed for the above picture few weeks ago reportedly asked an Imam to cut off his second hand because he couldn’t stop stealing.

Afifi said: “But the Sheikh refused my request, saying he is not a ruler or in a decision-making position to take such a decision… he advised me to repent and seek God’s help… I then decided to cut my hands off.”

Will this decision ever stop him from stealing?

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Nigerian Man Rapes His Mother In Ekiti State; Akintunde Omotehinde Arrested In Ado Ekiti

Exactly 21 days after Akintunde Omotehinde, a 21-year-old man reportedly raped his 60-year-old mother at Ajebamidele area of Ado Ekiti, the capital city of Ekiti State, residents of the area are still in shock over the incident.
Although the Omotehinde family kept mute over the issue, some people in the neighbourhood said they heard about the incident.
Speaking to our correspondent on condition of anonymity, some residents, said rape was not a common occurrence in the locality.
The residents spoke with our correspondent in separate interviews on Thursday.
One of the residents said, “The news was shocking. Not many of us believed the story at first but the truth cannot be hidden for too long. The woman, a petty trader, was said to have been raped by her son. She was badly injured and was rushed to the hospital for medical attention.
“I can tell you that the family is presently living in shame. We hear that the family members are planning to move out of the house but we cannot confirm that.”
It will be recalled that the matter was heard by a Magistrate Court in Ado-Ekiti on Tuesday.
The accused has been remanded in prison custody pending the determination of the case by the court.
The Prosecutor told the court that the accused person raped his mother on the August 23, 2013 at their residence at Ajebamidele Area of Ado-Ekiti.
When our correspondent visited, the victim was said to be unavailable.
A petty trader in the area, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, described the news as incredible, saying, “I don’t even know the name of the boy and I don’t know what he does for a living but I always see him on the street. I know him as an easy-going young man.”
An artisan, who pleaded anonymity, said that the accused person used to smoke and drink. He said, “I am sure that what he did was not as a result of drunkenness. It must have been premeditated.”
A clergy in the area said, “What happened between the boy and his mother is evil. They allowed themselves to be used as instruments in the hands of Satan. How can one explain a
situation where a son has canal knowledge of his own mother?
It is evil. The boy has attracted a curse upon himself and his generation.”
The Prosecution told the court that the offence contravened Section 358 of the Criminal Code Laws of Ekiti State, 2012.
The Magistrate, Mrs. Patricia Ajibade, has ordered that the accused be remanded in prison custody, pending the legal advice by the Director of Public Prosecution.
The Magistrate adjourned the case till October 16, 2013.

[Culled from Saturday Punch]

Mother Keeps Dead Son’s Corpse In Family House For 18 Years (Photos)

This story is pathetic but true.

A woman who lost her 22-year-old son in 1995 has kept his corpse in their family house for the past 18 years.
Kvaratskhelia from the city of Georgia in Eastern Europe kept Joni Bakaradze’s corpse in a wooden casket in the basement of their home since his death in 1995.
Despite his death, Joni Bakaradze’s body has remained perfectly mummified due the constant care, love and attention given to him by his mother. Every year on his birthday, Kvaratskhelia
gives Joni a change of cloth.
As we speak, Joni’s body has started decomposing due to his mother’s failing health.
Seriously ill Mrs Kvaratskhelia could no longer keep to her daily routine as the cause of her son’s death remains unknown.

Is this love or a form of ritual?

Man To Marry His Pet Goat In Church Of Satan; Satanic Wedding Ritual Holds In Brazil

Satanic Wedding Ritual Holds In Sao Paolo Brazil Next Month
In a bizarre twist to love story, a 74-year-old retired man from Jundiai in Brazil who recently developed an intimate feeling for his pet goat will be getting married to the animal on October
13th, 2013.
Aparecido Castaldo, a retired stone cutter reportedly fell in love with his goat 2 years ago.
The goat named Carmelita has been accepted as a step-mum by Aparecido’s 7 grown children who lost their biological mother few years back.
Due to the controversial nature of the wedding, animal rights activists are vowing to disrupt the wedding but to appease them,the goat husband-to-be said he has no plan to have intimacy with the goat.
He just needs a life companion and Carmelita is just perfect.
“Whenever someone says I am doing something wrong I reply the goat does not speak, ask for money to go shopping and doesn’t get pregnant – and she can’t talk,” the groom-to-be praised his future wife. She does have one fault, though – she
tries to eat everything, including the first wedding dress Aparecido got for her. Luckily, he was able to find another“.
On the 13th of October, Aparecido Castaldo plans to hold a wedding reception party with no goat meat on the menu.
Because Christian ministers found the idea disturbing, no church in Brazil could accept his proposal.
The rejection led him to a popular Satanic leader, Toninho do Diabo popularly called Tom the Devil. He is the founder of Devil’s church in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
”Only our church accepted this love between man and animal because we have no prejudice,” Toninho said.

Lord have mercy.

Which type of satanic idea is this? Man to marry a goat!!

Pastor Raped Church Member During Deliverance Water Bath; Olamide Sobowale Arrested

A white garment Pastor is cooling in police detention after allegedly raping a church member while having her bath in the church‘s backyard.
Pastor Olamide Sobowale, a 46-year-old founder of Glory Church of Christ Aladura in Oke Itoku area of Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun state allegedly raped one Dupe Makinde during a spiritual bath he recommended for her.
30-year-old Dupe who lives in Isaje area of the city claims Pastor Sobowale grabbed her from the back while she was taking a spiritual bath meant for deliverance.
Pastor Sobowale, who was arraigned before a Magistrate Court sitting in Isabo, Abeokuta, yesterday, was accused of raping the woman while taking a spiritual bath allegedly recommended by
During his arraignment at a Magistrate court in Isabo Abeokuta,the prosecuting counsel, Paul Etusi, told the court that the accused grabbed the complainant while she was in a bathroom within the church premises and raped her.
Etusi said the complainant had already put the soap on her face as she began bathing when the pastor suddenly entered the bathroom, grabbed and raped her with soap on her face.
According to Etusi, the accused had told Mrs. Makinde that he had a vision about the her and asked her to come for deliverance in his church.
He said: “He asked the woman to come to the church to take a spiritual bath for her deliverance, but, while the complainant was taking her bath, the accused barged into the bathroom, grabbed
the woman and raped her.
“The accused has committed an offence contrary to section 357 and punishable under section 358 of criminal code of law of Ogun State, Nigeria, 2006.”
Magistrate A. Araba after listening to the prosecuting counsel, ordered that the accused be remanded in prison till he gets advice from the Director of Public Prosecution and adjourned
the case till September 16,2013.

Na wa o things dey happen for this world o.

Woman To Marry Her Own Son In Zimbabwe; Mother Pregnant With Son’s Baby

Betty Mbereko, a 40-year-old widow who has been living under the same roof with her own son, 23-year-old Farai Mbereko is set to marry him.
The mother and son who are madly in love with each other plan to take their romance to a new level considering they’re expecting a child together.
Betty from Mwenezi in Maswingo who is now 6-month-pregnant for her son confirms that she has decided to marry him because she does not want to marry her late husband’s younger brothers, whom she says are coveting her.
Betty stunned a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier.
She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it.
Lord have mercy.
What is going on in this world.

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Woman Claims Evil Snake Lives Inside Her Stomach, Maria Tsotetsi Blames Ex-Boyfriend For Putting Reptile In Her Tummy

Meet Maria Tsotetsi, a 49-year-old South African woman who lives in Johannesburg.
Though she resembles a pregnant woman, Maria is not pregnant.
Her stomach is currently housing a live snake.
The woman said several prophets and herbalists told her she has an evil snake living in her stomach.
In 2011, Maria visited the hospital where doctors told her she had a form of growth in her belly. After an operation, nothing happened

“They told me I had lost blood and they wanted to operate on me but nothing happened after that. The nurses put me on drips but a few days later, they released me.”

Maria Tsotetsi said after she battled constant stomach pain, she complained to her boyfriend who later took her to one bishop.
The bishop told her to remove her clothes and gave her a muthi herbs to steam.

“The muthi was covered in a white and brown snake skin. The bishop said it would cure me,”Maria said.

Few days later, she realised there was something in her body and her teeth started falling out.

“I believe the muthi made me lose my teeth. My boyfriend then dumped me after 14 years and I’ve been single ever since.
“I want him to come and remove the snake he put in my stomach.I believe he’s responsible for this.”

She said she sometimes has her period for two weeks and it’s so heavy she has to use nappies.

An herbalist named Ntisimbi Ngema told Maria she is a victim of jealous lover.
She was told there is no way she could have a new boyfriend because her ex-lover has planted an evil snake inside her stomach.
Doctors said Maria Tsotetsi is currently suffering from all sorts of medical conditions like kidney stones, severe indigestion and others.

OMG may the Lord heal this woman.

Now it’s time to run to God, she needs to stop going from one herbalist to the other.

Whale Found On Alpha Beach In Lagos Nigeria As Residents Battle Ocean Surge

A gigantic sea creature was spotted by residents of Alpha Beach in Lagos yesterday.
The dead whale hit the sea shores due to the dangerous impact of Ocean surge on sea creatures.
Lagos State Government earlier in the month announced the upcoming ocean surge that might likely hit residents of popular beach areas in the state.
Residents of Lekki, Alpha and Elegushi beaches were told to vacate their homes in order to escape death.
Some residents left their houses while others didn’t.
The dead whale was an evident of the dangerous ocean surge that hit the area.
The Aftermath Of Lagos Ocean Surge
Here are some impact Lagos ocean surge made in the affected areas;
Overpopulation is gradually becoming a major problem in Lagos today.
This explains why many Nigerians chose to live in other states.