“Tiwa Savage’s Over-sized Vera Wang Wedding Dress Is For Pregnant Brides” – Critics

A day after her wedding ceremony in Dubai, experts have badmouthed the designer Vera Wang dress Tiwa Savage wore on her wedding day.
According to the light news, she must have spent a fortune, wasted days and hours for fitting and
amendments, but the expert jury we put together to access the wedding dress has given velvety voiced Savage a hard knock!
For the untrained eye the dress looks sensational, and that includes this reporter who described it as amazingly beautiful, but the Vera Wang dress
according to our team did not do justice to her size or her shape!
We are told that the ball, strapless gown could have been perfect if Tiwa Savage was a fuller figure woman but for her shape it was off the mark. In fact, one of the experts said jocularly that except she had become pregnant over night; it was not appropriate. “The gown looked over-sized at first glance and that is not a good sign at all”.
“Tiwa is svelte, with an hour-glass shape to die for, did you notice that with the dress? If you didn’t then that dress did not pass the first test of fitting. Maybe the gown minus the frills would have worked better” one of our experts noted.


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