“President Jonathan Looking Lonely & Sad At Nuclear Security Summit” Nigerians Poke Fun At GEJ

The above photo of President Goodluck Jonathan
looking very sad and lonely at the Nuclear Security summit 2014 that held in Hague, Netherlands yesterday is the subject of an ongoing viral joke.
Reuben Abati, the spokesman for President Jonathan shared this photo yesterday on Twitter and within 5 minutes, Nigerians have started poking fun at their ‘unpopular’ president.

Read some reactions from Nigerians to the above
photo of Jonathan looking sad in Hague yesterday:

See another photo from the summit below

What do you expect… He has so many things on his mind.

Madam and two kids dey for Abuja, aunty Patience dey for his neck….Boko Haram dey for his ya**h….everything is out of order in his home country….

Heya! Oga Jonathan take heart o….e no easy abeg.

Chei! Nigerians are funny people.

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