Dog Arrested In Lagos Nigeria For Biting Banker’s Penis

Lagos State police command have arrested a dog for biting a banker’s penis in Ikotun. The incident happened at Idowu Anisere street.
The dog’s owner, 31-year-old Adebowale Gabriel has been charged at Ejigbo Magistrate court for neglecting his pet.
The dog was specifically charged with assault, while Gabriel was charged with negligence under the Criminal Code.
The arrest of the dog and Gabriel followed a complaint by the victim, Mr. Simon Anwam, to the police in Ikotun division that when he was walking on the street, the dog pounced on him and inflicted deep injury on his penis.
Narrating what happened, Anwam who hails from Akwa Ibom State, southsouth Nigeria, said when he was returning home from work and he had almost reached his house, he met Gabriel on the way holding his dog with chain.
He said he was surprised when the dog jumped on him and bit his penis before he could be rescued from it.
Anwam narrated that when he discovered that his trousers was stained with blood, he quickly rushed home to check his penis and discovered that he had been severely injured.
He complained that after the incident, he could not urinate easily.
He explained that when he attempted to urinate, blood flowed from his penis and he had to urinate with the aid of a pipe.
Anwam said when he went to a private hospital for treatment he was referred to the General Hospital on Lagos Island.
Following the incident, the police in Ikotun division arrested the dog Gabriel.
Confirming the incident, Gabriel said he was surprised the way his dog attacked Anwam.
He said he was holding the dog with chain when the dog suddenly attacked the bank worker who was passing by.
Gabriel said he had pleaded with Anwam and his wife about the Incident and he has also offered to pay for his medical treatment before the police charged him to court.
When the dog and Gabriel were about to be arraigned, their plea was not taken.
The prosecutor, Mr Nicholas Atumonye, told the court that the parties involved in the matter wanted to settle out of court.
He told the court that the complainant had written a letter of withdrawal.
This dog is very wicked. So he can’t bite any other part except his manhood.
I pity this man’s condition ooo.

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