Wyclef Jean Arrives Lagos Nigeria For Rhythm Unplugged 2013

American rapper and the lead singer of the Fugees group in the 90s, Wyclef Jean is currently in Lagos State Nigeria.
The American-Haitian rapper arrived Lagos today, making his second visit to Nigeria.
The last time Wyclef Jean visited Nigeria, he came to host MTV Africa Music Awards.
This time around, the rapper will be hosting Harp Rhythm Unplugged 2013. The event is slated for Sunday the 15th of December
The 3-time Grammy Award-winning rapper and song producer was sponsored by Flytime TV.
Flytime made his arrival announcement on Twitter today:

“Wyclef is in Lagos @wyclef Harp Rhythm Unplugged, December 15th”

Hours before his departure from the US, the singer informed his Twitter fans of his plan to visit Nigeria.

Check out his tweets:

“I am on my way to Africa today !”Nigeria” “Ghana” We all love Nelson Mandela! Then i will be in Jamaica my second home performing at “sting””

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