Boko Haram Leader Shekau On Hospital Death Bed: Is He Dead Or Alive?

In the past 8 weeks, Nigeria’s Joint Task Force operatives claim the leader of Boko Haram, an Islamic Jihadi sect, Ibrahim Shekau has been killed but they’re yet to provide any solid evidence confirming his death.
In this recent update, a new photo of Shekau on hospital death bed has emerged.
This is Ibrahim Shekau hospitalized at an undisclosed hospital after he was shot by JTF operatives.
As we speak, JTF now claims the new video of Shekau going viral online is fake because the real Shekau has died.
Security forces in Abuja claim the person who purported to be Shekau in the video is a clone. Why or how? Unlike the real Shekau who will launch into a long recitation of quranic verses
before delivering his message, that was absent here, as this new shekau just launched into a tirade without the usual sequence that shekau was known for.
The conclusion of the security agencies for now is that-lets wait and see, but the cautious optimism is that this picture you are seeing is that of Shekau on his death bed.

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