Is It Safe For Americans To Travel To Nigeria? I Plan To Visit But I’m Afraid Please Advise

I would love to visit Nigeria, as a black american, i would love to come but many nigerians here living in America do not speak well of Nigeria, and if they speak bad, it makes blacks like me fearful to come. I’ve been told if i come to nigeria don’t take a taxi at night the driver will rob me, don’t eat the women will poison me, don’t marry one,they will be unfaithful and cheat on you. I know many
Nigerians do bad things here in the US for they are on the news nightly, i want to know if it is the same do black Americans come there and commit crimes, i have no way of knowing if you don’t tell me.
I have met many Nigerians at the university and they all seem very nice and polite to me, i can’t understand why Nigerians living here give their own continent and people such bad names.
I’m sorry to enquire and please forgive my ignorance, many Nigerians here say they would never go back not even for a visit. So i am wondering why? every country has its draw backs
including the US, there are guns here, killing people with guns here, but we are not fleeing our country, so what is it that make nigerians leave and not go back.
I want to get into Nigeria and they want to get out please don’t be mad at me and write me
bad reply, try to enlighten me, not condemn me.
As a black American i would love to see your beautiful continent because the people I met are kind.

[Article by Barbara Lane]

One comment on “Is It Safe For Americans To Travel To Nigeria? I Plan To Visit But I’m Afraid Please Advise

  1. Yes please come to Nigeria, it is lovely, when you hear us speak ill it is because we know we can do better, but it is still possible to enjoy what we have. Come see for yourself 🙂

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