Kenneth Okonkwo Denies Affair With Mercy Johnson “I’m The Sexiest Actor In Nollywood”

Veteran Nigerian actor Kenneth Okonkwo who recently revealed the face of the beautiful woman in his life has set the record straight.
In a recent interview, the actor who was rumoured to be in an intimate affair with star actress Mercy Johnson has denied the rumour.
Kenneth Okonkwo claims he can never have intimacy with Mercy Johnson because she is like a younger sister to him.

Hear what the actor told E-Express in the interview;
“I am strong sexually for 24 hours. My wife knows that. Each time I have an affair with any lady, she goes out to tell her friends, and her friend will end up developing interest in me. So when I married my wife, I told her if she know what’s best for
her she should not tell any of her female friends what we do behind closed doors or else she will lose me”
Kenneth Okonkwo reveals shocking secrets about himself;
“When I was growing up, women older than me were coming for me, right in front of my mother. These women taught me a lot of things. I started kissing at a very tender age because it was part of the things they were doing to me, and I loved it. Maybe that is why my lips are red. They taught me how to be with women. They would give me their body to play with.
“So I grew up knowing a lot about what women want. Till today, when I am sleeping with a lady she has to cum before me. I enjoy sex more when the women have enjoyed themselves”

OMG Kenneth Okonkwo just opened a can of worms on himself.
Why talk about naughty stuffs like this in an open interview.
Some folks need to learn how to speak properly in the public.
His wife will not find this funny at all.

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