Deeper Life Pastor Kumuyi Disowns Heaven Vs Hell Video By Sister Linda Ngaujah

Do you guys remember the story of one Linda Ngaujah who claimed to have died and saw vision before coming back to life!
The popular video testimony is now selling like hot cake in Nigeria when Alaba boys laid their hands on it.
According to PM News, Pastor William Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry has disowned the controversial video and that of others who claimed to have died, gone to heaven and came back to narrate their extra-terrestrial experience.
In the controversial videos being sold all over Nigeria, two women and a boy claimed they died, went to heaven and came back to narrate what they said God showed them.
One of such CDs is that of a Sierra Leonean woman, simply called Sister Linda Ngaujah. Linda said she died and was shown happenings in heaven and hell and that many of the members of a large church on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway are on their way to hell and that the founder of a leading church in Lagos should repent as he allegedly acquired his powers from the devil, saying that a Bishop of another large congregation and his members are not even recognised in heaven.
She added that women who used rubber and wool to plait their hair will go to hell as it is a sin and that the only way for people to be prepared for heaven is to go back to the old Deeper Life Bible Church’s method of dressing.
The video CDs released by Linda is causing serious controversy in the church of God as some women in Deeper Life, who plait rubber hair have vowed never to do so again as they want to get
to heaven.
Some female worshippers have even shaved their hair in one Christian Assembly in Ikorodu, saying that they don’t want to have anything to do with attachment as they want to get to heaven.
Another person who claimed to have gone to heaven said she saw the late wife of Kumuyi, Biodun, in heaven and narrated her encounter there.
Other CDs were released by Margaret Amure from Church of God Mission, who also claimed to have gone to heaven and another 10-year old boy from Edo, named Samuel.
Reacting to this development on Sunday during the church service, Pastor Kumuyi warned members of his church not to have anything to do with such CDs as these are the last days where many people would come up with different things to deceive the church of God.
Kumuyi urged members of the church not to waste their money on such CDs, saying that the church should not rely on purported CDs of people who claimed to have gone to heaven to come back to produce CDs to sell to people narrating their
He referred to Linda’s CD which said people need to dress like Deeper Life to get to heaven, saying that “if you dress like Deeper Life without salvation and sanctification, will you get to heaven? These are the last days.”
The man of God emphasized that dressing like Deeper Life would not take anybody to heaven but that righteousness and holiness of heart are the keys to getting to the kingdom of God and warned members to desist from lwatching such CDs.
Kumuyi further said that one of the people who claimed to have gone to heaven said they saw Mummy Kumuyi in the kingdom of God, saying that he did not need such CD to know that his
wife was in heaven and that the word of God has told us the criteria for getting to His kingdom.
According to him, such people were merely deceiving the people, saying that when Apostle Paul was translated to heaven and came back, he did not produce CDs about what he saw in heaven and began to sell them.
“When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus did not go about telling people that this was what he saw in heaven. We should rest on the word of God to tell us what we need to know about heaven and how to get there. How do you know that they have actually gone to heaven? These are the last days. Don’t waste your money on buying these CDs,” he stated.

2 comments on “Deeper Life Pastor Kumuyi Disowns Heaven Vs Hell Video By Sister Linda Ngaujah

  1. I m very happy that many people understand the truth,in the isure of sister linda’s testimony,because word of God said that my sheep heareth my voice and follow me, In proverb 23:23 says that u should buy the truth & sell it not,get wisdom, discipline and understanding. If u see truth u will know sister linda’s testimony is of God, is among of de truth that u don’t sell, dont mind people, ulese any body repent he/she will perish, pls read 1cor 6:9-10, jer 4: 30 1timothy 2:9&10 , Exo 22:5, 1saiah 3:16-end, No demon wil tell u de truth about how u can be save, way the words.

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