Funmi Aragbaiye Speaks: Nigeria’s Problem Today Is Man Made, I Pity My Country

This is what popular gospel evangelist Funmi Aragbaiye said in a latest interview.
The gospel star who just returned from a trip to London said the majority of the problem Nigeria is facing today are man-made.
Hear her in her own words below;
The more I travel, the more I pity my country. God does not make mistake. Nigeria is our Jerusalem. As a matter of fact,when I started, that was the message God gave me to preach the gospel of Christ. If you have listened to my song critically, I
usually have different messages. I was caught up in the studio when June 12 crises started. The Lord said I should preach to them with Psalm 53.
I sang the song over 20 years ago and all these songs have won one award or the other. This was at a time when other artistes were are willing to play free of charge. I didn’t sing to suit the
people there despite the fact that shakers of the society were there. In Nigeria, God’s message for us is to continue to be hopeful. When I see the way people scramble for visa, I feel sad.
During the Abacha regime, everyone was praying and God solved the problem. Now, we are relaxed again. People should continue to pray. Particularly what God is saying is that most of
the problems we have today are man-made but His judgment will come upon people who are ruling us badly.
People at the helms of affairs are in Abuja. They are not plying bad roads. It is the masses that are at the receiving end. They only white -wash the roads the President wants to ply. I want to tell our politicians that government needs to work out low
profile tenure.
Before I retired from the Ministry of Works and Transport in Ibadan, I Km road cost N8-10million and you even dualise it with at least a bridge. Now, we hear billions when they award such roads too.

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