Toolz Rocks Glo X-Factor In Marvee Sketch Dress

This is what popular OAP Tool Oniru aka Toolz wore to Glo X-Factor recently.
The beautiful lady proudly displayed her figure 8 on the red carpet of the event.
Her dress was made by Nigerian fashion designer Marvelous Chinwe Olugu aka Marvee Sketch.
Marvee Sketch is a brand that’s aimed at creating classy feminine pieces that flatter a woman’s physique. With designs inspired by a play of colors, prints, textures and a balance in shapes, cuts and structures.
Marvelous chinwe Olugu, generally known as Marvy is an upcoming fashion designer from Abia state, born on the 23th of February, 1992,
spent most of my childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, did all her schooling there and currently a sociology major at the University of Lagos state.

Marvelous chinwe Olugu

Marvelous chinwe Olugu

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