Arik Air Plane Stowaway Boy Daniel Released From SSS Detention, Returns To Benin

Arik Air star boy Daniel has been released from SSS detention after 9 days of thorough investigation.
The 13-year-old boy who became a star after flying Arik domestic flight on tyre from Benin to Lagos on August 24th, 2013 has returned to Benin city.
His release was confirmed by his mother, Evelyn Ohikhena on Tuesday evening.
Daniel Ohikhena’s release was facilitated by De Rauf group who vowed to sponsor his education to University level following his risky ordeal of traveling abroad on airplane tyre.
Daniel’s mum, Mrs Ohikhena has become a star too, she got a special invitation on Tuesday morning to Edo state Ministry of Women Affairs in Benin.
After 35 minutes journey on Arik plane tyre, Daniel was disappointed when he suddenly found himself in Lagos.
He told SSS officials he thought the plane was heading to America.
What a funny boy!

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