“BBA 2013 Organizers Cheat Nigeria;Melvin or Beverly Osu Should Have Won” – Susan Peters

Hours after Namibian Dillish Matthews was announced as the winner of The Chase, BBA 2013, Nollywood actress Susan Peters has expressed her disappointment.
The actress claims Big Brother Africa organizers allegedly cheated Nigerians out of their votes.
She also said Dillish Matthews might have bribed them behind the scene.

Check out her tweets below;
“So even if you are not intelligent or smart, just be beautiful to win any contest in Naija! or do they do same every where else?
Abi our internet and network speek no gree deliver on time, chai it’s possible ooo
So one has to be very poor ot win Big brother, what hapnd to the merit?
So how did the countries vote?
Melvin stayed faithful too, is it about been faithful that made her win?
Abeg dem don bribe someone behind Jare!
See Famzing people wey no even know the babe don change dp.
Chaii una fall my hand peeps
They just used this as a ploy to keep viewership and paying subscriptions, if Naija COMOT who go watch?
Melvin and his personality, too good for the show! I reserve my comment

From day one of the show, I know that talkative Beverly Osu may not win with her hyperactive personality.
I think Melvin Oduah’s character deserves some merit.
Do you agree with Susan Peters?

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