Man Survives Saw In Stomach – Shocking Image

A farmer had to travel 30 miles with the power tool embedded in his stomach to get to the nearest hospital.
A farmer has survived after being taken to
hospital with a circular power saw lodged 10cm into his stomach.
Gregory Steinmedc was sawing wood at his home in Campina Mission, Brazil, when the tool slipped and sliced through his abdomen.
His wife, Frida, carried out first aid to stop the bleeding before taking the 56-year-old to the nearest hospital 30 miles away.
The blade apparently missed all Mr Steinmedc’s vital organs and doctors took two-and-a-half hours to remove the tool.
Surgery was complicated by the fact that he had a previously transplanted kidney.
Doctors said Mrs Steinmedc had saved her husband’s life by not removing the saw.
Dr. Mauricio Romano said: “Coming to hospital was the correct thing to do because one should never remove an object like this before surgery due to the risk of bleeding.”
Mrs Steinmedc said her husband had “seven lives” and thanked doctors for saving him.

The tool lodged inside Mr Steinmedc's stomach

The tool lodged inside Mr Steinmedc’s stomach

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