Nelson Mandela ‘Seriously Ill’ In Hospital

The 94-year-old anti-apartheid leader is said to be in a “serious, but stable condition” at a Pretoria hospital.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela has been readmitted to hospital with the recurrence of a lung infection.
The 94-year-old’s health deteriorated at about 1.30am local time and he was taken to a hospital in Pretoria, where he is said to be in a “serious,but stable condition”.
Government spokesman Mac Maharaj told South Africa’s Enca Television that Mr Mandela’s condition was “serious this time”.
“The situation is serious this time, but doctors have assured us he is comfortable,” he said.
It is the second time in recent months Mr Mandela has been in hospital – and the fourth health scare in six months for the anti-apartheid hero.
The last time was in May/April earlier this year when he was kept in hospital for 10 days to receive treatment for pneumonia.
Mr Maharaj told Sky News: “Some members of his family have been there with him all the time.
“It is a condition he has had over a long period of time … and we hope this time it will also be treated successfully.”
He said Mr Mandela was receiving expert medical care and doctors were doing “everything possible to make him better and comfortable”.
“President Jacob Zuma, on behalf of government and the nation, wishes Madiba a speedy recovery,” he added.
Speaking from South Africa, Sky’s Alex Crawford said the public was “very concerned” about Mr Mandela’s ailing health.
“It doesn’t matter how much the President’s office tries to reassure the South African public,you have to say the public around the world who love Nelson Mandela, those words of reassurance don’t really do very much because they know this is a very frail, old man,” she said.
“He is due to be 95 on July 18, he is a good, old age, and he has suffered terrible health, particularly in the past few months.
“Each time one imagines a stay in a hospital really does take its toll, particularly on an old man.
“I just put out a tweet announcing that he was back in hospital, and again, I was inundated with return tweets of people very concerned about him, who wish him a speedy recovery, but very,very concerned.
“Last time, shortly after he was released from hospital, President Zuma visited him at his home with members of the ANC hierarchy and those were the last pictures we saw of Nelson Mandela in public.
“There are a lot of good wishes coming from the general public, but also an appeal … to let him be,to let him recover in peace.”
Mr Mandela has a history of lung problems dating from when he contracted tuberculosis as a political prisoner.
He spent 27 years on Robben Island and in other jails for his attempts to overthrow the white-minority government.
The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, who became South Africa’s first black President in 1994, is a global symbol of tolerance and the struggle for equality.
He stepped down as President in 1999 and has not been politically active for a decade.

The last time Mr Mandela was seen in public was in April this year

The last time Mr Mandela was seen in public was in April this year

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