Miley Cyrus Shirtless In Elle UK Makes Us Realize How Liberally Star Defines ‘Shirt’ (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus has successfully made the transition from Disney child star to… tabloid catnip. In addition to her ever-elusive relationship status, the 20-year-old seems to make eye-catching headlines for her decidedly bare sense of style — specifically, her broad definition of “shirt.”

Many of you may think that tops are a pretty straightforward concept, but Miley has demonstrated that one can call just about anything a shirt, whether it consists of only a fraction of the material required or iscompletely see-through. We’d even venture to say that the singer has managed to trademark her very own brand of shirtlessness: the blazer sans top.

Miley first debuted this look at last year’s Billboard Music Awards and then again in the March issue of Cosmopolitan. Now, it looks like Ms. Cyrus is covering the May issue of Elle UK in the same exact style. Which leads to ask:Giiiirl, where’s your top?

Our conclusion? Crop topsbra topssheer tops and the like, though questionable in most cases, are full-fledged cover-ups in Miley’s world.

Take a peek at the star’s Elle UK cover and click through the images below for a more in-depth analysis of the aforementioned theory.




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