El Paso City Hall Blown Up For New Stadium

The 10-storey building collapses in a few seconds, filling the air with dust as hundreds watch the controlled blast in Texas.

El Paso City Hall Demolition

A 10-storey city hall building in Texas has collapsed in just a few seconds after a controlled implosion to make way for a new baseball stadium.

The decision to demolish the 34-year-old property had sparked protests in the city of El Paso.

Authorities cordoned off a large section of the downtown area ahead of the blast, and hundreds gathered around the area to get a glimpse of the demolition.

It is part of a plan to revamp the city’s centre, including building a $50m (£32m) ballpark for the Tucson Padres.

The team is scheduled to relocate to El Paso.

Authorities hope the baseball stadium will attract pedestrians and businesses to the area.

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